Shocking: GOP doubles down on obstruction

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Having failed to invalidate the Affordable Care Act at the Supreme Court, and having just lost big at the ballot box in their attempts to de-legitimize and hobble President Obama, Wingnut Republican Governors are now dedicating their efforts to botching the ACA’s implementation at the state level. Meanwhile, in congress, John Boehner initially declared Obamacare the “law of the land” and expressed a willingness to compromise on “revenue” but quickly walked those positions back and re-affirmed his party’s commitment obstruction and general mayhem.

Listen to Mitch McConnell, one of the main architects of the GOP’s comeback in 2010 through outright obstruction:

“One issue I’ve never been conflicted about is taxes,” McConnell said in a statement released to Breitbart News. “I wasn’t sent to Washington to raise anybody’s taxes to pay for more wasteful spending, and this election doesn’t change my principles.

“This election was a disappointment, without doubt, but let’s be clear about something: The House is still run by Republicans, and Republicans still maintain a robust minority in the Senate,” he added in the statement, released late Thursday. “I know some people out there think Tuesday’s results mean Republicans in Washington are now going to roll over and agree to Democrat demands that we hike tax rates before the end of the year. I’m here to tell them there is no truth to that notion whatsoever.

And this is what passes for a balanced approach as far as Boehner is concerned:

The president’s health care law adds a massive, expensive, unworkable government program at a time when our national debt already exceeds the size of our country’s entire economy. We can’t afford it, and we can’t afford to leave it intact. That’s why I’ve been clear that the law has to stay on the table as both parties discuss ways to solve our nation’s massive debt challenge.

That’s his negotiating chit – The elimination of Obamacare.

Meanwhile President Obama continues to seek the El Dorado of middle ground and a “balanced deal”, and misguided house Democrats like John Carney continue to believable that there is some, as yet undiscovered, reasonable person in the Republican caucus to will meet goodwill with goodwill. Carney needs to be excoriating these bastards often and loudly, not trying to befriend them.

It is long past time to accept the truth about the GOP. The only people looking for “bi-partisanship” right now are either pretending for media consumption, or they are fools.

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  1. kavips says:

    Ok, lets step back a bit. When the Eagles are down (as is frequently these days) do the Cheerleaders get pulled of the field, or do they continue their routines, trying to whip up the crowds up to roar and froth at the mouth a little bit?

    Same with these guys. The score is rather dauntingly tipped against them. and those appointed as “cheerleaders”, have their work cut out for them….

    As opponents who are beaten down well know, and we Eagle fans have been there many times, all it takes is 3 mistakes on the part of our opponents, to have victory suddenly materialize within our grasp, where defeat had been almost a forborne conclusion.

    We expected this doubling down. We have to do the same. When fighting a determined enemy, you continue ordering the broadsides without mercy, until their masts go down into the water, or they draw quarters….

    Their cheerleaders are telling them, they have not yet begun to fight…. It it then our duty as Americans, to overcome, overwhelm, and silence them forever. If we fail, we have failed all America….

  2. Truth Teller says:

    The Repuks lost give them no quarter. The Dem’s should treat them like Sana Anna treated the Texan’s at the Alamo.

  3. Truth Teller says:

    When Texas goes blue which isn’t very far away the Dem runner will have 270 before the first vote is cast.

  4. bamboozer says:

    The Republicans remain at war with all who do not bow down before them, I don’t see that changing with the numerous truckloads of sour grapes we’ve seen post election. Thier also scared, they don’t sell well outside the south and midwest and even thats deteriorating. And no one can really imagine they’ll do whats best for the country, many have not been held accountable for the last 4 years and see no reason to change. McConnell remains the poster child for obstruction, wattle and all.

  5. Historian says:

    Is “Truth Teller” really suggesting that Barack Obama (and Democrats generally) emulate Santa Ana by executing Republicans without trial? Sounds rather extreme to me. But then again, I guess that if one is interested in assuming dictatorial powers as one bankrupts the the nation, Santa Ana is as good an example as any to follow.

    BTW — did you know that this year Texas went MORE Republican than it did in the elections won by Dubya? And that this was true among Hispanics as well as the general population? Might that not indicate that the more Hispanics are assimilated into the mainstream of a society (as they are in Texas) the more likely they are to mirror the voting patterns of their non-Hispanic neighbors?

  6. cassandra_m says:

    BTW — did you know that this year Texas went MORE Republican than it did in the elections won by Dubya? And that this was true among Hispanics as well as the general population?

    Link to this data, please. And do be sure that your source provides data — not just wingnut spin.

  7. liberalgeek says:

    Let’s see…

    2000 Bush 59.3%
    2004 Bush 61.1%
    2008 McCain 55.4%
    2012 Romney 57.2%


  8. xstryker says:

    Any more lies for us to debunk “Historian”?

  9. puck says:

    “The problem with Internet statistics is so many of them are made up.” – Abraham Lincoln.

  10. xstryker says:

    Here’s the estimated totals for Texas Latinos:

    2000: Bush 43%
    2004: Bush 49%
    2008: McCain 35%
    2012: Romney 29%

    Another GOP myth exploded.

  11. Aoine says:

    actually Historian – Snata Ana was very very gracious to the Texans at the Alamo…………..
    considering they were traitors and deserters and tried to secede from the Mexican government – whom they had sworn allegiance to – swore oaths to, in exchange for their lands and livihoods…

    Death IS the accepted conseguence for TREASON….even now, even here in the US.

    Santat Ana offered them very acceptable terms – considering they were traitors.

    Col Travis wasa murder, Bowie a brawler and Crokett had nothing to go back to – hate to burst your bubble here but the texans were under the Mexican flag when they rebelled.

    unless you think folks at West Point are liars too……

    and considering that the Repoublican are destroying any attempt to restore the economy, just to make a black president look bad is tantamount to the same thing.

  12. Aoine says:

    and here is another “fact” debunked –

    Cubans – who Romney hailed as supporting him, make up only 3% of Latinos in the US

    of that 3% – 47% voted for OBAMA – the new generation of Cubans know what racism looks like, and are not loyal to the Republican party like their parente were.

    They know that being darker (some are, most are not) speaking Spanish and “looking illegal” immediately puts them at risk outside of Miami, in places like Georgia and Az to be singled out and profiled.

    SO, “HISTORIAN” looks like your “facts” need some serious checking.