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Another late Open Thread! There is too much Thanksgiving preparation going on here.

Buzzfeed reports that Obama campaign manager Jim Messina is expecting the Obama political organization will stay alive this round, rather than be put into mothballs as he did the first term. And that organization’s first job might be to organize around the fiscal cliff discussions:

Messina said the campaign will not immediately turn over the operation to the Democratic National Committee, but he also suggested Obama will not repeat what is widely seen as a mistake of his first term: switching off his grassroots operation at the behest of Congressional Democrats, who bridled at its organizing in their districts.
This time, Messina suggested that the campaign’s vaunted “Dashboard” social media system would be helpful during the fiscal cliff, allowing Obama supporters to call members of Congress.
“People just spent five years winning two presidential elections together, now they’re not just walking away,” he said.

This is good news.

This is horrific news — and of course this is from one these “family values” types: A lawyer associated with the Alliance Defending Freedom is facing child pornography charges. This bastion of the American Taliban was part of a group sending high profile letters to the county clerks in MD, Maine, and Washington, asking them to NOT issues marriage licences for same sex couples. What is it with these people?

Happy Dance Time! Allan West concedes! Finally. What a sore loser that guy is. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. With some luck the UCMJ will find a way to catch up to this guy to put him out of commission for a LONG time.

What interests you today?

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  1. bamboozer says:

    Although West was perhaps the sourest grape in the bunch he has plenty of company in the GOP, at this point thier admitting nothing about thier defeat. A few have even gone with the famed “we weren’t conservative enough” line. Pathetic considering thier goals were the destruction of Medicare and Social Security, a massive tax cut and another ton of money for the military Industrial Complex.

  2. Jason330 says:

    If Christie played a part in Romney’s defeat it might have been the RNC Keynote in which he talked about how great Chris Christie is for 35 minutes while neglecting to mention the nominee.

  3. Jason330 says:

    Dems need to pick up 17 seats to retake the House. It would be historic, but considering how bad the GOP brand is damaged and now this…. “Obama will not repeat what is widely seen as a mistake of his first term: switching off his grassroots operation at the behest of Congressional Democrats, ”

    I’d say 17 is possible.

  4. socialistic ben says:


    too little too late, d-bag. Still never eating your grease-slathered cardboard ever again.

  5. Jason330 says:

    The old, “I didn’t know I was talking to a report” trick.

  6. mediawatch says:

    You’d think these guys would have figured out by now that whenever they’re speaking, one of the 47 percent is in the audience.

  7. Liberal Elite says:

    @J “I’d say 17 is possible.”

    I’d say it is not…. At least not until you can get minorities to actually show up for a mid-term election.