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Mitt Romney seems to be holding up okay

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Mitt Romney seems to be holding up okay

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Tuesday Open Thread [11.20.12]

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Another late Open Thread! There is too much Thanksgiving preparation going on here.

Buzzfeed reports that Obama campaign manager Jim Messina is expecting the Obama political organization will stay alive this round, rather than be put into mothballs as he did the first term. And that organization’s first job might be to organize around the fiscal cliff discussions:

Messina said the campaign will not immediately turn over the operation to the Democratic National Committee, but he also suggested Obama will not repeat what is widely seen as a mistake of his first term: switching off his grassroots operation at the behest of Congressional Democrats, who bridled at its organizing in their districts.
This time, Messina suggested that the campaign’s vaunted “Dashboard” social media system would be helpful during the fiscal cliff, allowing Obama supporters to call members of Congress.
“People just spent five years winning two presidential elections together, now they’re not just walking away,” he said.

This is good news.

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So. Who Will Be the Next Speaker of the House?

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Today’s bare-bones News-Journal story reports that both Pete Schwartzkopf and Helene Keeley are seeking the position. The News-Journal does not report that each candidate has a slate. If my sources are correct, and it’s not certain that they are, each slate has at least one major head-scratcher on it. Here they are:

Speaker: Pete Schwartzkopf
Majority Leader: Valerie Longhurst (??!!)
Majority Whip: Quin Johnson


Speaker: Helene Keeley
Majority Leader: Bryon Short
Majority Whip: John Viola (??!!)

I don’t know who will win, but I believe that this contest represents the first clear emergence of different factions within the Caucus.

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Happy 70th Birthday to the best Vice President ever!

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Who cares is Biden’s reputation “as the joyously unrefined counterpart to a professorial President” is a construct of SNL and ‘the Onion’…. it works!

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QOTD — Who Was the Worst Candidate of 2012?

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Chris Cilizza of WaPo put together his list and awarded the Worst Candidate in the World (actually, they call it the Fixy) to one of the GOP’s professional whakos — Rick Perry.

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Echoes of the left’s failure in the right’s failure to defeat Obama

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This McKay Coppins story in Buzzfeed is pretty interesting. Not so much because it unpacks the Obama hating wingnut craziness that we are all too familiar with, but because I couldn’t stop thinking about my own reaction to George W. Bush and the utter impossibility of his re-election when EVERYONE knew how terrible he was.

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Tuesday Daily Delawhere [11.20.12]

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Tuesday Daily Delawhere [11.20.12]

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