Monday Open Thread [11.19.12]

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YIKES! No Open Thread! Sorry about that, gang. Apparently we are all on holiday or trying to get on holiday already.

Wonkette provides us with A Children’s Treasury of CEOs Throwing Very Grownup Tantrums Over ObamaCare. I think that most of these have been discussed here and I think that most of us don’t eat in these places, anyway. Which I expect is the point — these CEOs are working on their own Mitt Romney strategy by lying to their core customers. Who will all sally out to tell the world that food at these places is more expensive due to ObamaCare. It won’t matter that it isn’t true, it just matters that it gets repeated.

Last week, Matt Taibbi over at the Rolling Stone asked his readers to submit their own best Friedman-like writing. The results of The Grenade of Understanding are just choice:

In order to salvage Syria, which is and isn’t falling apart, we need to follow and not follow the path we did and didn’t follow in Iraq. That requires a hand grenade, both post-explosion and pre-explosion, and a pregnant woman who has and hasn’t had a pottery baby. We should allow our enemy, the lawyer Russia, who is our friend, to get and not get involved in the non/crisis.

Did you see Chris Christie on SNL this weekend? He was a very good sport:

Dick Polman over at Newsworks sees this as Christie moving towards a Presidential bid.

What interests you today?

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  1. Joe Cass says:

    I survived one week without internet. I’m lost on 2014. What did I miss?

  2. cassandra m says:

    One week! Lucky you. I think that we are going to push you to run for Senate as the One True Progressive Candidate in Delaware OR we are going to send you in as a replacement for Andy Reid. I forgot which.

  3. cassandra m says:

    And it looks like Hostess isn’t quite dead yet — they’ve agreed to mediation per the bankruptcy judge’s request.

  4. Joe Cass says:

    I was away from the internet, not free from the grasps of corporate or union interests. Get yourselves some Stove Top Stuffing and a Jello dessert and WOW the crowd! Really. Good food.

  5. cassandra_m says:

    I sorta like Stove Top stuffing. But this year cornbread sausage dressing is on the menu. Jello, however, is really only meant to be one of the main ingredients of jello shots.