2012 MVP Award Nominations Are Now Open!

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Who will make the 4th Annual MVP (Most Valuable to the Progressive Cause) Awards List?

We’re open for any and all of your suggestions. Here are the criteria:

1. This list is Delaware-specific. Those who most helped the progressive cause in Delaware this year.

2. Nominees need not be progressives to qualify. Both Christine O’Donnell and Tony DeLuca previously made the list. I’m thinking that John Sigler is a shoo-in this year…

3. Nominees do not have to come solely from the political arena. In fact, I would love to recognize those who are doing great work away from the headlines.

4. Nominees will only be considered in the form of on-line responses to this thread. Those submitting nominations must have some supporting statement on behalf of the candidacy.

Deadline for nominations is Sunday, December 9.

Last year, three of those who made the final list came from you. I’m looking to at least more of the same this year.

Finally, the ultimate list will be determined by me, and me alone. I like to think of myself as a benevolent despot, but YMMV.

For inspiration, here are the three previous MVP Awards editions:




Nominate away!

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  1. Jason330 says:

    I’d like to nominate Paul Baumbach. I don’t feel like writing a whole post about it right now, though, so his nomination will have to remain an elusive dream for the time being.

  2. A single line in support of a nominee will suffice.

    In other words, anything but “Just because”.

  3. Jason330 says:

    In that case I also want to nominate Trey Paradee for calling out the entire corrupt GOP in his race against Willis.

  4. puck says:

    Bryan Townsend. Progressive policy chops still to be determined, but challenging and defeating DeLuca is enough for one year.

  5. John Young says:

    I would like to Nominate Matt Denn for the tireless work he does on behalf of the disabled citizens of Delaware, particularly in Special Education.

  6. anon says:

    Since I would nominate Todd Akin for the National title, he should be nominated for the Delaware title. No one during the 2012 election cycle drove Ds, Is and Rs to the progressive side of the ballot the way Akin did.

  7. liberalgeek says:

    I will nominate Erik Schramm. For the first time in years, the “coordinated campaign” here in Delaware wasn’t a dirty word.

    I will also tilt at a windmill here and say that Kowalko/Jaques should be considered for opening the discussion of single-payer here in Delaware, even if it is doomed in the short-term. But I know that the MVP is often like the baseball HoF. Kowalko is somehow the Pete Rose of this list.

  8. Liberal Elite says:

    Joe Biden for demonstrating a new presidential debating style, and maybe saving Obama from himself.

  9. AQC says:

    Agree on Erik Schramm and Bryan Townsend. Would also add Rebecca Young for all her hard work behind the scenes in getting progressives elected.

  10. ditto Kowalko/Jaques for the education reform legislation coming up in 2013. I understand that the Blue Ribbon Gov’s Commission on Charter Law reform isn’t planning on writing any legislation and it will be up to the Assembly to actually put this reform together. Ed Osienski is included in this group as well.

  11. John Manifold says:

    El: I also believe that there should be a 2013 Person of the Year, awarded at the beginning of the year, to pick up Ralph Moyed’s practice.

    My favorite: “Bill Murphy, a man who will be going places in 1981.”

  12. mediawatch says:

    Great memory, John.
    Perhaps we could have a three-way tie for the Bill Murphy of 2013: Atkins, Bodenweiser and Brad Bennett.

  13. JPconnorjr says:

    I believe ex Sen Murphy went to skid row Phoenix or Vegas ;)??????

  14. anonymous says:

    I’d like to nominate Delaware’s own Pete DuPont and Daivd Legates, for their years and years of climate nonsense extraordinaire.

    For their participation in maintaining the ‘debate’ and their endless years of work in denial, they should be remembered in 2012, for all they did for the progressive cause. Sandy also did her bit.

    Supporting statement:


  15. Phillip Bannowsky says:

    I would nominate John Kowalko, a progressive politician who overcomes the wish by party regulars that the left would dissappear by being the most well-informed and dogged advocate for the citizenry in Dover.
    For someone who is not a politician, I would nominate Jen Wallace, a stallwart and brilliant activist in Occupy Delaware. She is ODE’s media mavin and a model of activism.

  16. Thanks,Phil, and everybody for the nominations. Please keep them coming.

    BTW, I see that Occupy Delaware has a Green Friday event scheduled for tomorrow from noon to 12 at Rodney Square.

    According to the News-Journal story, the event:

    “…supports the practice of “regifting,” and is “a response to the consumerism and corporatism of Black Friday,” according to the group’s release. The goal, they say, is to encourage people to think about their shopping choices by supporting local and independent businesses, to think about the environmental impact of what they buy, consider where their gifts are manufactured, and consider “who really benefits from all that mass-consumerism.”

    I couldn’t agree more. If you’re not planning to stand in solidarity with Walmart workers, this event deserves your attention. Come to think of it, supporting this event is, in effect, standing in solidarity with Walmart workers. And local businesses and workers in our area.