Republicans finally get a scandal they can love

Filed in National by on November 16, 2012

A TPM reader nailed the reason why the GOP has fallen in love with this pitiful excuse for a scandal. Unlike birth certificate claims, or college transcript nuttiness that can be easily debunked and laughed off, this scandal comes complete with shoals of red herrings and over a half-dozen movable goalposts. It is perfect for wingnut Senators who are addicted to being interviewed on TV.

It’s kind of a scandal that means whatever its proponents want it to mean: failure to secure the consulate, attempts to cover up nature of attack, attempts to downplay its significance, failure to call it terror. Related but distinct charges that get refreshed each day by people who know there’s no there there. Frankly it makes me nervous. The made-up scandals are hardest to resolve and most likely to expand in scope.

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  1. Tom McKenney says:

    Sen. Chambliss said it was a terrible failure because we always have intelligence on terrorist attacks. If so the Bush administration is responsible for 9/11.

    By the way I’m sick of hearing what a hero McCain is. Kerry and Cleland were real heroes and were vilified by conservatives. McCain would never made it to or flight school if not for family connections.

    Walking point or going into a tunnel with a 45 and a flashlight take real courage. Look at the Wall and find 58,195 who gave more than he did.

  2. Geezer says:

    Hey, Tom: Flying a fighter jet while knowing you have a propensity to crash takes a certain amount of … well, if not courage, at least a kind of reckless optimism, doesn’t it?

  3. Dave says:

    Nero fiddles…

    And when January 1 rolls around the Bush tax cuts will expire and then they will have a new scandal to deal with. If the objective is to retain a middle class tax cut and institute a more responsible tax policy for the extremely wealthy then this scandal is heaven sent.

  4. auntie dem says:

    The good news about this scandal is that nobody cares. We’re all getting ready for turkey day.

  5. pandora says:

    Oooh, that reminds me, Auntie Dem! I’ll have to put up a foodie thread. I’ve been running around all week – My son comes home from college on Tuesday! Who knew I’d miss him this much? 😉

    See… even I can’t get worked up over this “scandal”

  6. Delaware Dem says:

    John McCain is not a hero. He is a cranky old man who is so bitter than lemon tastes sweet to him.

  7. Tom McKenney says:

    It takes a certain amount of nerve but so does riding in a chopper on going on convoy. At least he had the safety of the ship, no mortar or rocket fire where he ate and slept.

  8. Dave says:

    McCain’s best days are behind him. Still, during his best days, he served and suffered privation. My opinion is that he deserves some measure of respect from even when I disagree with what he is and does today. I lucked out during Vietnam. I was in the Air Force flying satellites and the most I had to worry about in sunny Caflifornia were earthquakes. I cannot really know or understand what he went through or how it affected him for the rest of his life. So, I’ll keep my own counsel regarding McCain.

  9. Liberal Elite says:

    What bothers me is the lack of honesty in the reporting, especially Fox News.

    WaPo has a nice expose on this in today’s paper.

    “Fox News mangled huge Benghazi story”

    A news organization that lacks integrity can do real damage.

  10. Truth Teller says:

    John McCain I only got into Naval Air because my daddy and Grand Pop were admiral’s crashed 3 planes during training then got my ass shot down which some how made me a hero. Now i want a special committee set up so I can chair it because according to senate rules I Lose my committee chairman and I become insignificant so its the committee seat I am After not the truth. If i were seeking the truth I would have attended the briefing the other Day instead of appearing on TV and blasting MS Rice.John is a bitter old man and it’s time for him to go to the back of the class before he makes a bigger ass of himself than he already has.As a Naval vet myself i fine him to be an embarrassment.