Celia Cohen hints at Carper’s retirement

Filed in National by on November 12, 2012

Too cute by half, and buried at the bottom of a pile of typical Cohen blah, blah, blah… she hints that this might be Carper’s last term.

Who knows? Carper talks to Cohen, so maybe there is something there. Or maybe she threw it in knowing that her Returns Day blog post was lighter than a balsa wood box filled with helium.

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  1. Does anyone read Cohen’s crap anymore? She acts like she’s so inside & she’s just not. Maybe she was once, but she’s not now.

    Carper is getting old. Maybe he’s getting tired of the Beltway gig & the commute. Maybe he’s not. Bill Roth was nearly 80 and running for reelection when Carper defeated him, so who knows?

    BTW, Roth’s toupee will never die!

  2. hmmm says:

    HA. So you can’t stand Celia, and think she is washed up. But when one of her corny lines aligns with your desires, she is the gospel? Dude 2018 is 6 years from now, lets look one or two cycles ahead not three.

    Also, Carper is not as old as people think he is. He’s only 65. Same age as Hillary Clinton, who no one is saying is too old to be involved in the same period of time.

  3. geezer says:

    Where does it say the “corny line” is “gospel”? Instead of putting words in Jason’s mouth, howzabout you put an intelligent thought in your own head?

    If you’re trying to play Debbie Downer by calling Carper not-so-old, mission accomplished.

  4. hmmm says:

    I’m not putting words into his mouth. His attitude towards her is clear, as is his towards Carper. Yet he is using her silly way to end a post, to generate a whole post.

    Not sure where my post lacked intelligence, but we’re all entitled to our opinions.

    I’m not playing anything by stating his age, I’m just saying it’s an invalid argument.

  5. Jason330 says:

    Celia’s blog post got about as much attention here as it deserves.

  6. geezer says:

    “Maybe there is something there” is nobody’s idea of “gospel.”

    That’s why I said your post lacked intelligence.

    It’s only an invalid argument if it fails to convince anybody, and Jason has six years to make it a valid argument.