Apparently This is How Low the Bar Is Set for Republicans

Filed in National by on November 10, 2012

The 31 Worst People On the Planet Just go over there and see what passes for acceptable commentary by these folks on Twitter in response to the President’s win on Tuesday. Just click on the link — I won’t replicate any of that here.

The only good news is that Buzzfeed has preserved these (and the user names) forever.

And how about this one? She doesn’t think that what she did was wrong. Got her fired from the local Cold Stone, though. And a visit from the local Secret Service.

As an aside, Mitt Romney is losing Facebook friends at a rate of 847 per hour. Perhaps Eric Dondero started a worthy trend.


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  1. Aoine says:

    I didn’t have to go to Twitter for that…… My neighbor said #1 today to me- straight up
    When I asked him to please not use that word his comment was ” well I am a racist”
    Hmmmmm …. Then ensued a rather interesting conversation about race and politics

    End result….. He apologized for offending me and said he would not use that word in my presence again

    Damn skippy- I won’t be in his presence again

    Nope. Don’t need Twitter down here in the land that time and appropriate behavior forgot.;…..

  2. jason330 says:

    Oh My. ”well I am a racist” I’ve seen this weird thinking on the blog over the years. “Hey Liberal you are supposed to be tolerant. How come you’re not tolerant of my stupidity? Hypocrite!”

    It doesn’t work that way dumb ass.

  3. Delaware Dem says:

    Finally, these racists admit that they are racist. I find that actually refreshing, Aoine. For four years they attacked us for calling them racist, when it was obvious they were. Now they admit it.

  4. cassandra_m says:

    When people ask where their “post-racial” America is — send them the link above.

    And awesome thumbnail for this post!

  5. Dave says:

    Well, if the definition of “post-racial” means that there are no racists, welcome to never. There will always be folks that are racists (and not limited to just white people).

    Post-racial America is theoretical, a utopia, and not a real environment. While we might theoretically eliminate racial prefence and discrimination, we will never eliminate prejudice based on ethnicity, religion, nationality, and other common interests, desires, cultures, etc.

    “Like me” or “Not like me” is a human condition shared by every human.

  6. cassandra_m says:

    The definition of “post-racial” would be that the current prejudices no longer have the power to drive civic choices.

    It is rare to find anyone — at least those at the receiving end of the racism and prejudice — who thinks that “post-racial” means that racism and prejudices are completely eliminated.

  7. Liberal Elite says:

    @A “My neighbor said #1 today to me- straight up”

    Just tell him that racism is like his soiled underwear. It stinks, It’s ugly, and even though we know it’s there, we don’t want to see it!

  8. Dave says:

    I got the definition from Wikipedia. Not an absolute authoritative source but the Urban dictionary had a similar definition. I’ve never heard your definition before “current prejudices no longer have the power to drive civic choices” In fact, I would suggest that definition also describes an imaginary world. Of course, one could also suggest that “current prejudices did not have the power to drive (the) civic choice” for President. Consequently, by your definition, at least as regardes the White House, we are indeed post-racial. Or does you definition have to every civic situation? If that is the case, I’ll go back to my original statement that it is an imaginary world.

    Every systematic development of any subject ought to begin with a definition, so that everyone may understand what the discussion is about.
    Marcus Tulius Cicero. De Officiis, Book 1, Moral Goodness

  9. cassandra_m says:

    I’m working from a RL definition. I do know that racism and prejudice won’t ever be eliminated. I just want it to stop being a factor in how the American world deals with me and mine.

    A somewhat more practical definition, I think.

  10. Dave says:

    “Or does you definition have to every civic situation?”

    Should have read “Or does your definition have to encompass every civic situation”

  11. cassandra_m says:

    So what should be exempt?

  12. Dave says:

    Nothing should be exempt.

    Language is often imprecise. I always seek clarity in definition in order to reach a common understanding. Too often we bandy about phrases with each individual having their own definition of what a phrase means. So when I suspect that there are differences in definition, I seek out authoritative and expert sources so that I can adopt those definitions when having discussions.

    Your definition is, for example, is not intuitive and I don’t know know how you define “civic situation.” I would define it as as pertaining to interaction between citizens and government, whether federal, state, or local. However, your definition might encompass citizen to citizen interaction.

    So by my definition any interaction with and between government and citizens should be as Lady Justice, blind in relation to any discriminator by which people could be categorized.

  13. V says:

    I can’t wait until reality sets in for these (many seemingly teenage) people when they realize that employers will google their real names and find their twitter accounts and these buzzfeed posts.

    I feel bad for people in their mid-late 20s sometimes when old facebook etc. posts (from when facebook was for college kids only and people didn’t realize how huge it would be come) come back to haunt them.

    No excuses for these idiots. Everyone knows this is a thing now.

  14. Joe Cass says:

    Too often we bandy about phrases like “personal responsibility”. Take note, Dave.

  15. Your definition is, for example, is not intuitive… I would define it as as pertaining to interaction between citizens and government…

    Dave speaks about “imprecise” language & goes so far as to give us a couple of “is is as as pertaining to” examples.


  16. Dave says:


    Good example. I could tell you what “personal responsibility” means to me, but unless you and had the same definition or understood each others definition we could discuss it all day and miss each others point.

    And Roland, I did not give an example. I stated how I would define “civic situation” If someone has a better definition, I’m all ears.

  17. Aoine says:

    Back to my neighbor ….. U all might find this interesting…

    I asked him how he felt about Hispanics, as he self declared as a racist. He told me some of them were ok…. I asked him as we have Hispanics in our neighborhood AND he had a Lopez sign in his yard. THAT made him pause.

    While I ABHOR racial slurs and behavior like that…. I wondered if I could get this otherwise decent guy ( I know I know) to back off his statement and THINK about what he had said and more so….. Why he had said it

    It came down to his finances are tight and he was looking for a target to blame – out presidents race has NOTHING. To do with that- a fact I pointed out and then asked him why use that very ugly word. If u don’t like his policies. Bitch about his policies…. Not his ethnicity.

    I don’t often engage when slurs are thrown around – I simply call the individual out on it and walk away. I won’t have that crap around me. But I wanted to explore this ugliness because leaving it there will never change it. But maybe this guy might think before using that word or any slur again… Maybe I am naieve But if I can get one person to not act like that maybe others wont.

  18. bamboozer says:

    Wow! Great assortment of racists, nice to see Latinos getting in on the game as well. What did you expect? Underneath the much of the Tea Party vote is racism, no N word in public and tons of it in private.

  19. Marcy says:

    Maybe because I don’t want to think that people are that rotten and hateful, but doesn’t it seem weird that all those tweets are time- and date-stamped exactly the same time and date? Admittedly, I know nothing of twitter but that seems odd.

  20. @Dave–

    I was just being a dick & making a joke about YOUR imprecise language. Reread your post carefully & you’ll find the imprecise language.