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Apparently This is How Low the Bar Is Set for Republicans

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The 31 Worst People On the Planet Just go over there and see what passes for acceptable commentary by thse folks on Twitter in response to the President’s win on Tuesday. Just click on the link — I won’t replicate any of that here.

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2014 Prediction – More big money flowing to the GOP’s better liars

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Booman makes a good point. Big money kept Obama from running up the score and Dems from winning more house seats. The next election we’ll see Republicans at every level trained to be better at lying, more able to disguise their views on women’s healthcare. I disagree with him that wingnut billionaires might be less inclined to spend their money on politics in the future. (What other investment provides the stratospheric ROI that owning two or three branches of government could provide?)

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Saturday Open Thread [11.10.12]

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Scott Farris. author of Almost President, a history of failed presidential candidates, told the Washington Post that Mitt Romney’s concession speech didn’t reflect the urgency of healing a divided nation: “While he congratulated Obama, he never really validated the result by saying ‘the people have spoken’ … Praying for the president is nice, but it is not the same as validating the election. [...] It was a speech that sounded as if he did not emerge from the election with much respect, let alone affection, for the president. He sounded as if he really expected to win and was immensely disappointed in the result — even more so than usual.”

Oh well, the feeling is mutual.

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QOTD — What Story Do These Maps Tell You?

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QOTD — What Story Do These Maps Tell You?

Just look.

Some more self evident maps inside.

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Idiotic Sussex GOP Still Doesn’t Get it

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This email was sent from the Sussex County GOP’s Executive Committee to their fellow angry nutbags.




“Come and vent!” Indeed, because how could the black guy have won again? Why couldn’t the unpopulated, angry racists parts of the country get even a few votes for the vulture capitalist and the Grover Norquist hand puppet, and his “victory through inflicting pain on the middle class economics?”

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Saturday Daily Delawhere [11.10.12]

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Saturday Daily Delawhere [11.10.12]

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