The President gives his emotional heartfelt thanks to his staff

Filed in National by on November 8, 2012

Before heading back to the White House on Wednesday, President Obama made a stop at campaign headquarters in Chicago to address his campaign staff after Tuesday night’s big victory. The president teared up as he expressed his gratitude for their support and dedication to the reelection effort. This is a powerful video. Made me tear up.

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  1. V says:

    When I watch this (paired with him getting teary at his last campaign stump earlier this week), it gives me the distinct impression that Obama thought he was going to lose.

    Not that he didn’t think the campaign didn’t work hard ehough, but that he really thought all the money and the lying and the bullshit and the dogwhistling was going to take it. And he’s just so damn proud that all their hard work paid off and the voters actually GOT IT that he can’t contain it.