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More good news – Rove injured the golden goose, and killed his reputation

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Ignoring the ground game in favor of burning $390 million on TV ads may not have exhausted the resources of wingnut fat cats, but it has ruined the reputation of alleged genius, Karl Rove.

“The billionaire donors I hear are livid,” one Republican operative told The Huffington Post. “There is some holy hell to pay. Karl Rove has a lot of explaining to do … I don’t know how you tell your donors that we spent $390 million and got nothing.”

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The President gives his emotional heartfelt thanks to his staff

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Before heading back to the White House on Wednesday, President Obama made a stop at campaign headquarters in Chicago to address his campaign staff after Tuesday night’s big victory. The president teared up as he expressed his gratitude for their support and dedication to the reelection effort. This is a powerful video. Made me tear up.

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Late Night Video — Rachel Maddow Delivers the Beat Down on the Tea Party

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Most of you have probably seen this, but Rachel Maddow provides a tour de force of a summing up of the entire Tea Party dogma that was smacked back on Tuesday. This is about 16 minutes long.

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Unbelievable. They really did believe their own bullshit.

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At around 6:30 p.m., as I was driving down to the Queen in Wilmington to meet my fellow DL and Democratic compatriots to watch the results and hopefully celebrate our victory, I was listening to MSNBC on XM, and one of their reporters embedded with the Romney campaign said that Mr. Romney had only prepared one speech for the night, a victory speech, while President Obama had prepared both a victory and a concession speech. Now, when I heard that, I thought it was pure puffery on the part of the Romney campaign, yet another attempt to project strength and momentum in line with what they had done the entire campaign. Of course Mitt Romney, a prudent businessman, would prepare for any eventuality, and that meant that he and his family and his running mate and his running mate’s family, and of course his campaign… all of them… would be prepared for any eventuality. And that means preparing two speeches and being emotionally prepared for a result one way or the other.

But, as we learn from this stunning CBSNews article, that was not the case. They really believed their own bullshit.

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His ass good and truly kicked, Sigler strikes a belligerent tone for the party faithful

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GOPers get such boners for the tough talk, that this kind of thing could very well keep him out of hot water with the loons.

There can be no doubt that, compared to 2 years ago, the Delaware Republican Party is focused, unified, and committed to serving as an active opposition party, raising the red flag and sounding the alarm each time there is an attempt to tax, borrow, and spend away Delaware’s future. We are placing Governor Jack Markell and the Democrats in the legislature on notice, “You are being watched and the Republican Party will ensure that you are held accountable by the press and the people of Delaware.”

What a joke.

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It’s is finally over. Obama wins Florida.

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…. or, an alternative title would be, Romney concedes Florda. “Though votes are still being tallied, President Obama is all but assured a victory in Florida because the lion’s share of the outstanding ballots come from Democratic-heavy counties,” the Miami Herald reports.

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I agree with wingnuts on this: Romney wasn’t conservative enough

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“Conservative leaders are steaming that Republicans failed to make President Obama a one-term president and are criticizing Mitt Romney for not pursuing a conservative enough agenda in the presidential race.” …also, Romney didn’t talk about outlawing abortion enough, or scoff at climate change with enough Romanesque brio.

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The Dem’s Agenda 22

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1) Allow all the Bush tax cuts to expire.
2) Reinstate the middle class tax cuts separately as the “Obama tax cuts”
3) If blocked by GOP house, vote them out in 2014.
4) If not blocked by GOP house members, vote them out in 2014 anyway.

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Thursday Open Thread [11.8.12]

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I do kinda feel sorry for Mitt Romney, for you see I am a liberal and we liberals feel human emotions like sympathy. But this description from the Washington Post seemed sad, and I don’t know why.

Late Wednesday afternoon, as sleet fell in Boston’s North End, Romney visited his campaign headquarters for one final staff meeting. He thanked his aides and said goodbye. His Secret Service detail gone — and with it his code name, Javelin, after a car once made by his father’s company — Romney was spotted driving off in the backseat of his son Tagg’s car. His wife, Ann, was riding shotgun.

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Republicans Have A BIG Problem

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Right now Republicans are blaming Chris Christie, Hurricane Sandy, Mitt Romney, unreasonable gay people, slutty women, “biased” Hispanics, effeminate, urban, highly educated white guys, Evangelicals who didn’t show up, people who voted 3rd party and, of course, African Americans who should vote Republican, because, you know… Lincoln!

But the “Because I Said So!” party has a big problem, and I don’t see how they solve it.  Yes, there have been mumblings about how the GOP has to tap into the groups I’ve listed about, but the question is how? 

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Florida’s Incompetence Disenfranchised Its Voters In More Ways Than One

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I’m sticking with my opinion that the State of Florida should lose the right to run its own elections until they can prove they can do it right.  Their incompetence is stunning.

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When You’ve Lost Rowdy Roddy Piper…

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you’ve lost the rasslin’ universe.  Especially all the Little Hulksters who said their prayers and took their ‘vitamins’. I’m a proud subscriber to Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Weekly. Make of that what you will, armchair psychoanalysts.

Which is where I got this tidbit:

Roddy Piper was not happy about hearing about what Linda McMahon spent: “Can spend 90 million on losing elections but won’t give the people that earned that money for them medical or retirement help of any kind.” (You see, one way that Vince and Linda ‘built this’ was to designate their superstars as ‘independent contractors’, not employees. Hence, no pensions or health insurance. Oh, and WWE owns the monickers for the characters, so the wrestlers get screwed out of royalty money as well.)

The election was not even as close as it appeared last night.  As of a few hours ago, Chris Murphy was ahead 55% to 43% or more than any of the polls indicated.  A key difference according to analysts in Connecticut is that women voters did not trust her. Male voters were split on whether she was intentionally misleading people in advertising, while women voters overwhelmingly believed that to be the case. So, her own ads helped do her in.

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A Libertarian Republican Melt Down For The Ages

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When I read Eric Dondero’s screed and threats about Mitt Romney losing the election I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  What I do know is this guy has serious problems.

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