Uninspiring GOP candidates drive the party into statewide obscurity

Filed in Delaware, National by on November 7, 2012

Here’s my cartoon for Newsworks about this years uninspiring crop of candidates the Delaware GOP threw up on Election Night. State GOP chairman John Sigler laughably told my colleague Mark Eichmann, “We have a lot of work to do but we’ve accomplished an awful lot.” What exactly did they accomplish, and how long before they win back the trust of big donors in the party still miffed about Christine O’Donnell?

Read the rest of my column about Delaware’s election results here.

I was a busy cartoonist on election night. I drew cartoons live during Election Day for Digital First Media (owners of the Denver Post, Boulder Camera and a slew of newspapers across the country). If you’re interested, check out my blog post here about the experience. I drew 10 cartoons total on Election Night, including this one about Obama’s victory:

Here’s a cool video we put together on Election Night:

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  1. Jason330 says:

    Perhaps Sigler put the emphasis on “awful” when he said, “…we’ve accomplished an awful lot.”

    Awesome depiction of Kovach and very cool video.

  2. Three johns says:

    John Sigler. John Rollins. John Morton. GOP fools who should resign.
    The top tier candidates sucked in Ncc and cost the GOP a lot of local races any chance at all
    The worst is Rollins the last of the princelings who have positions and no brain Blake and Protack did way better in Ncc than wade Cragg Sher or mobley and Rollins never gave one ounce of help Sigler never came to Ncc

  3. AQC says:

    I’m down at Return Day watching Don Ayotte hold court. Freaking hysterical!!

  4. geezer says:

    Oh. My. God. I can’t believe Protack (or is it Mike’s Only Fan?) is going to go back to this well.

    Hey, Mikey: What’s with all this “help me!” nonsense? When are you going to learn that trashing the people whose help you now admit you need is no way to get that help?

    You have spent more than a decade trying to turn the rank and file against these people. As a result, those people despise you. They don’t owe you support just because you put an R after your name.

  5. Dave says:


    I’m tempted to drive down just to listen to Ayotte spit and sputter. Ask him a question if you can but preface it with “Truth be told Don, how do you feel….”

  6. pandora says:

    LOL! I love it, Dave.

    BTW, everyone be careful posting on Delaware Politics. They’ve been allowing commenters to “out” people. Also, their “moral” stance on rude, offensive language is out the window if you’re attacking Dems/Liberals. Kudos to Tennessee Walker for calling out this behavior, but he obviously doesn’t have the keys to the blog. Seriously? This is the house that David Anderson built, and he’s obviously fine with the behavior – especially since I emailed him several weeks ago about the outing behavior (that continues today) and he did nothing.

  7. liberalgeek says:

    True Pandora. Those guys have, as they say, “lost their shit”. It is going to be wall-to-wall craziness over there for weeks.

  8. puck says:

    Ooh, I have to go look.

  9. liberalgeek says:

    also, the mean person in me wants to remind people that another Dave handed the keys over to David Anderson. Never give the keys to a powerful machine to an irresponsible fool.

  10. pandora says:

    Too late. Today’s outing comments have been deleted… only after Don Ayotte outed himself – by forgetting to change back to his alias! Can’t. Make. This. Stuff. Up.

    Commenters Dave and Geezer should be able to confirm my claim.

  11. cassandra m says:

    Protack will never get that political parties function better helping those that help themselves. Like many of the losers in his party, he seems to think that parties can just hand you the job you are after. And nor can you dis your party and expect them to jump through hoops for you. They probably took note that he was spending more time blogging as a sockpuppet than actually asking people for votes.

    What seems clear to me is that there is — at least there was this year — room for a real alternatives to some of the Dem candidates. But if you are basically taking on the usual wingnut plumage, you’ve shot yourself before you’ve started.

  12. Jason330 says:

    Delaware Politics is blocked by my filter/firewall. I’d love to roll around in their as they lose their minds today though.

  13. puck says:

    I broke my mouse wheel trying to skip through Moseley’s comments.

  14. pandora says:

    LOL! I do the same thing with Moseley’s comments.

  15. Dave says:

    “Too late. Today’s outing comments have been deleted”

    Not before I saved the file. In your inbox pandora

  16. pandora says:

    It’s not there, Dave. Could you resend? pandora@delawareliberal.net

    BTW, I adore you! Thanks!

  17. Geezer says:

    Yes, a bit of outing went on there last night. It drives people crazy that they have to make ad hominem attacks against my screen name instead of my real name, and sometimes they slip up. For legal reasons I can neither confirm nor deny any speculation about my offline identity.

  18. pandora says:

    Thanks, Dave! Got it!

  19. pandora says:

    Okay, maybe I just missed them, but the comments are there/here