The Winners Last Night, besides all of America, are…..

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I thought Markell would win with 62-65%, down from his 72% from 2008. He got 69%. Much better than expected. Lt. Governor Matt Denn did have a much closer race with Sher Valenzeula than Markell had with Cragg, winning 61%. I predicted high 50’s, so he did better than I expected, so that is something. Sher had some cross over appeal. I guess we might have to deal with her in the future. Denn v. Sher again in 16?

Senator Carper did much better than I expected and deluded documentarian Alex Pires did much much much worse. Carper won 66%. Pires 4%. If Pires was employed by Pires and wasted untold tens of thousands on 4% of the vote in a quixotic, insulting and assine campaign, Pires would fire Pires. The biggest little secret in all this is that Pires was not actually running to get elected Senator, but to film a documentary. The ultimate revenge on Pires and his poisoning of Delaware’s politics is to not watch it when it comes out next year.

Congressman Carney also won handily. Have we heard the last of Tom Kovach?

Karen Weldin Stewart won. I bumped into her last night, literally, after returning from the bathroom, which I escaped to when she took the stage to give her victory speech. I said “Excuse me” and got a blank stare back in return. Delaware Democrats deserve what they get with her. You are all responsible for what she does.

Tom Gordon also won. The only thing I have to say on that is newly defeated Tom Kovach should prepare himself to run in a special election to replace the newly indicted Tom Gordon sometime in early 2014. Democrats own his re-election too. Hopefully Gordon is seeking redemption and not revenge. If it is the latter, we are screwed and so is he.

Chris Bullock is the wild card. I voted for him, and am interested to see how he governs, and how he works with Gordon and the Council.

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  1. Dave says:

    On a local level:

    KEVIN WADE – 29 . 0 %
    THOMAS H. KOVACH – 33 . 4 %
    JEFFREY E. CRAGG – 28 . 6 %
    CHERYL VALENZUELA – 37 . 1 %
    EVAN QUEITSCH -21 . 6 %
    ERNESTO B. LOPEZ -56 . 1 %
    DONALD R. AYOTTE – 44 . 6 %

    This should communicate that serious responsible candidates from the GOP can win. But the people are not buying Agenda 21, George Soros, federal tryanny, and alien pod people. I hope that there is a period of introspection for the GOP which will result in a more sane party. I doubt it, but it is a hope. More likely they will engage in intercine warfare to exterminate the last vestiges of any neural activity.

  2. Dana Garrett says:

    The big question is what upcoming race is Protack planning on losing next.

  3. Dana Garrett says:

    I would ask Evan Q if his crushing defeat at the polls means God didn’t want him to win elected office, but I am afraid that he might shove me.

  4. meatball says:

    Don Ayotte is a pro-sheriff, Agenda 21, 9-12 patriot, we need more prayer in school kinda guy. He garnered 44.6%? I have scary neighbors.

  5. Dave omitted Greg Lavelle on the GOP winner’s list.

    DelDEM – so you got a blank stare after bumping into someone you loathe. You can’t contain your hatred when you type so it stands to reason that it was written all over your face. What did you expect? Karen was probably wondering WTF is wrong with this twisted son of a bitch 🙂

  6. Delaware Dem says:

    LOL. It’s not like I bumped into her on purpose. Or did I? LOL

  7. Delaware Dem says:

    Dana, if Evan shoves you, you beat the ever living crap out of him. Punch him directly in the face. Evan is a bully, and sometimes bullies need the shit beat out of them.

  8. geezer says:

    “Karen was probably wondering WTF is wrong with this twisted son of a bitch”

    To be fair, she always looks like a deer in the headlights.

    “You can’t contain your hatred when you type”

    Horseshit. Pointing out that she has no job skills is a far cry from “hating” her. I’m starting to realize that for some people it’s impossible not to take politics personally.

  9. Dave says:


    Yeah you do have scary neighbors. I was confident that Deaver was going to do well but I admit I am surprised about how many votes Ayotte got, especially considering his associates. I came from a metropolitan area so I expected some cultural differences but these folks are honestly whacked out. I also forgot Collins (49%) of the Progressive Growth Alliance (my land, I’ll build what I want and the hell with the rest of you). There some serious scary people here!

  10. Geezer, I know how protective you like to be of the extremists at DL.


    The entire ‘ooh scary’ – ‘ you get what you deserve’ meme as boiled down from – ‘having bumped into KWS and *gasp* gotten a blank stare in return – does not wash as “pointing out job skills”.

    Horseshit right back atcha, dude.

  11. geezer says:

    I was referring to the months of negative posts that you called “hatred.” You have no idea what look he had on his face, so you have no idea what she was reacting to.

    Look, if you want to champion politicians who are incompetent and/or ethically challenged and pretend they’re great, that’s your right. But we don’t have to play along.

  12. Charlotte says:

    Saw Gallagher last night at the Queen and asked him about the state Auditor rumor. He just said that he had been approached but will not consider anything until after the holidays. Just tending to his insurance biz for now.

  13. Jconnor says:

    Karen owes you nothing and Tom owes you less. The influence of this blog is no better demonstrated than by their overwhelming victories . Karen ran as strong as Markel, Carper and Denn, you lot and the idiot Daniello are the folks that need a little introspection , but instead I expect you will annoint Mitch for AG in 14 😉

  14. puck says:

    “Karen owes you nothing and Tom owes you less. ”

    True but irrelevant, except for people who see politics as a game of influence-peddling and favor-currying.

  15. Jconnor says:

    More like those here who can not even consider reconciliation and acceptance of the voters voice. You all will go to any length to justify your message of hate. As a group this blog is putrid .

  16. I call em as I read em here, Geez. For example, I called him out and he did a one eighty the other day when DD front-paged that KWS exploited for — nefarious political ends — the NWS determination that Sandy was not a hurricane when it hit DE shores.

    That was borne of hate and incredibly stupid. ad nausuem.

    Then the troll tried to chime in and pile on lies about what KWS did or did not do in the aftermath of Irene – a storm the NWS did determine WAS a hurricane when it hit DE shores.

    Lying about her performance is as natural on DL as breathing. And DD front-paging some ridiculous statement about bumping into the IC and her ‘scary zombie stare’ is a style of blogging borne of hate.

    By the way, the story Charlotte heard about Mitch is true with bells on and it won’t take long for that one to emerge from sources far more palatable to this crowd than from the anonys or from me.

  17. geezer says:

    “More like those here who can not even consider reconciliation and acceptance of the voters voice.”

    I think you simply misunderstand the concept of good government. You have your version of the reality surrounding these two people; it does not align well with the reality experienced by others.

    It is not hatred to want someone in the IC’s office who would have protected the BC/BS pot o’ dough for the company’s customers. It is not hatred to want someone in the county exec’s office who will not use the office as a power base to reward friends and punish enemies.

    Why should I reconcile with these people? Because voters either don’t know or don’t care about what I consider these shortcomings? Because they’re DEMOCRATS?

    Sorry, but I don’t play for Team Blue or Team Red. There are people in office trying to do a good job, and there are people in office for self-aggrandizing reasons. I consider the two you support to be in the latter group.

    It’s that simple, and it’s cheap and lazy for you to dismiss these concerns as “hatred.” If you’re looking for an emotion to attach to it, I’d go with “disgust.”

    You both have your reasons for your loyalties, and I understand that. You might return the favor by trying to understand the reasons I don’t agree with you about these individuals.

  18. capesdelaware says:

    Hey, Nancy .Got a bet for you .I bet you Karen is locked up before her term ends. You win I donate to non-profit of your choice . I win you have to smile …just once . Please,please .

  19. Jconnor says:

    Actually geezer there are those with reasons and those who hate for hates sake . I count you as the former.

  20. metoo says:


    Your last comment to geezer looks like you either don’t know the difference between “latter” and “former”, or this was the only time you actually told the truth since you’ve been gracing this blog with your obnoxious presence. I suspect it’s the former. You’ve just proven you’re almost as stupid as your precious KWS.

  21. metoo says:

    @capesdelaware: I bet you’ll win.