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Today I want to have all the conservatives who derided the projections I posted all year long in the daily Polling Reports, that denied the polls, that denied reality, that called Nate Silver an effeminate wimp and other more horrible names…. I want them all to line up in the comments and apologize, admit they were wrong, and that they will never do it again.

That map above is precisely the map the final polling report projected. And that map looked nearly the same during the entire campaign.

We were right. You were wrong. It is time to “man” and “woman” up and admit it.

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  1. Jason330 says:

    If you thought Mitt was being a dick for not conceding, you aint seen nothing yet.

  2. Jason330 says:

    BTW. The GOP is going to nominate Rubio for 2016. You heard it here first.

  3. Steve Newton says:

    I guess this means you will finally admit I’m not a conservative, since I agreed with you. I said Obama by 60-70 because I thought he would pull out either Florida or Virginia, but that’s the only difference.

    Congratulations to the Democrats. You had one hell of a night.

  4. Dorian Gray says:

    I don’t care what they say; Dr Newton is cool.

  5. socialistic ben says:

    also a big “you suck” to all the nervous democrats who kept questioning the polling, questioning the map, and expressing overall irrational fear for the last year……….. (hehe)

  6. pandora says:

    Feeling better, Ben? 😉

  7. Delaware Dem says:

    Steve, you are a libertarian, I always knew that. 😉

  8. puck says:

    Good that we kept a Republican out of the White House. Now the hard work begins – keeping Republican economic policies out from under Obama’s signature.

  9. Delaware Dem says:

    Hear hear Ben! We had a number of them too. Sometimes even Jason, our illustrious founder, got weak kneed. LOL, just kidding J.

  10. Delaware Dem says:

    Dave, I moved your comment to a new thread I just started on the local results.

  11. pandora says:

    May I just say how happy I am that “We can’t run an election” Florida doesn’t matter – Not one little bit.

  12. cassandra m says:

    Any word on when Joe Scarborough will be apologizing to Nate Silver?

  13. Steve Newton says:

    @cassandra–does “When hell freezes over” come to mind?

  14. cassandra m says:

    You are likely right, Steve. But I’d bet money that all of these networks are looking for their own Math Guys for the next cycle.

  15. puck says:

    The pro-Republican polls from FOX, Ras et al weren’t an attempt to produce an honest poll; they were an attempt to influence the election. The viewers who ate those polls up aren’t going to hold FOX accountable for being wrong right up to the end. They’d rather think it was some kind of witchcraft that shifted the vote at the last minute.

  16. Geezer says:

    So where’s Rusty?

  17. Delaware Dem says:

    He stopped by last night to say “Congradulations.”

  18. pandora says:

    As far as a math guy… Josh Marshall is saying that:

    Hearing from little bird that President’s pollsters final battleground polling was 1/10th of one percentage point off from the final aggregated battleground results.

    If true, that’s impressive and explains Team Obama’s confidence.

  19. Liberal Elite says:

    “BREAKING: Numbers continue to be best tool for determining which of two things is larger.”

    Nate Silver at NYTimes is riding high… But Sam Wang at the Princeton Election Consortium did even better, amazingly well, and with an even simpler model. He even got the MT and ND senate races!

    Nate may want to rethink some of the crap he’s factored into his complex model.

    And all those pro-GOP wishful thinking models. Utter crap, and they knew it. That makes them lying scum. But that’s OK. The average GOP voter thinks it’s OK to suppress, lie, and cheat to achieve political victory.

  20. Rustydils says:

    I’ M devastated geezer, i have had one brother pass away when I was young, my mom passes away a few weeks ago, yet I have never felt worse in my life than I do tonight. People said Romney was not good enough for the country, I think the reverse is true, the country is not good enough for a Romney Presidency. As far as polling goes, you guys, del dem, were right and I was wrong

  21. Delaware Dem says:

    I give you credit for saying that, Rusty. Thank you. And I am very sorry to hear that your mom has recently passed away. You have my sincere sympathy, and I hope you are doing ok. Losing an election is nothing compared to a loss like that.

  22. geezer says:

    Rusty: Sorry about your mom. From experience, that’s a much tougher loss than the election.

  23. Pencadermom says:

    Rusty, my prayers for comfort are with you. The loss of our mom is a pain of its own kind.

  24. Liberal Elite says:

    @Rustydils “As far as polling goes, you guys, del dem, were right and I was wrong”

    I don’t think so. You were not simply wrong… You were deceived. There was a deliberate and concerted effort to make you believe that Romney was doing far better than he really was. Instead of feeling badly, think about those who told you lies and why they did. They are the ones who played with your emotional state by telling tall tales and offering you false hope. This is not something you do to friends… They are NOT your friend.

    What we offered here in our polling assessments were basic truths supported by simple numbers.

    My sincere condolences for your losses. I hope you feel better soon. Look for a something good that comes to you and yours from all of this…

  25. skeptic says:

    The last few comments in this exchange are why I will continue to come back to this site and read and comment again. In the end, we are all human and if we are to move forward as the intelligent species, we must never forget to give others the due respect and compassion that we would hope to receive ourselves. Lets hope the future holds more respectful disagreements and less bomb throwing. Thanks guys and gals, thanks.

  26. Truth Teller says:

    Jason I hope they do run Rubio for the post first he was co sponsor of Blunt Rubio bill which would of allowed Sharia law on Christians and non Christians when it came to their health care if they happened to work for a Muslim owned company.Also Rubio has some problems in his past in Florida and he is not all that liked by the Latino community.

  27. Jason330 says:

    I think the knee-jerk reaction the GOP will have to this loss will be to say, “We need some browns and blacks.” They will not think much about their unpopular policies, (because they never do) but will try to find someone who gives them the feeling that they are being inclusive.

    A national level Senora Valenzuela probably. Perhaps Senora Valenzuela herself?

  28. Jason330 says:

    DD – No offense taken. I got very week-kneed. My knee joints are jello until we have a Democratic message that we are as stridently consistent on as Republicans are on the “Cut taxes, Government is the problem.” message.

    The notion that “the debt” is the worst problem EVER is pervasive and is hobbling Democrats. The Republicans will figure out how to cover up their feelings about women and Reproductive rights, and we’ll be back to “tax cuts work” in the next election cycle. Democrats at every level need to be ready for that.

  29. puck says:

    We’ll be back to “tax cuts work” before Christmas.

  30. pandora says:

    Liberal Elite is correct. Mitt Romney and the GOP deliberately deceived their most ardent supporters.

    On a personal note… I’m very sorry for your loss, Rusty.

  31. Rustydils says:

    Thank you everyone.