The Day After Open Thread [11.7.12]

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For now on, Republicans can no longer point to Rasmussen or any of the mini-Rasmussen polling outfits for proof that your candidate is winning. Why? Because as last night proved, Rasmussen was wildly wrong. Rasmussen was 10 points off the mark in Connecticut, 7 in Colorado, 7 in Iowa, 7 in New Hampshire, 7 in Wisconsin, 5 in Virginia, 4 in Nevada, 4 in Michigan, 3 in Florida, 3 in North Carolina, 3 in Minnesota and 2 in Ohio. That average bias to the Mitt Romney in these farse polls was 5.2% That is wholly unacceptable and Scott Rasmussen must be drummed out of the polling business today. But he won’t be because Republicans need their own alternate reality to live in, a reality punctured only every four years when the Democrats win elections. And then they cry voter fraud, which is fraud that usually Republicans commit.

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  1. V says:

    I’m just going to leave this here.

  2. heragain says:

    The News Journal’s banner. Honest to God. @@

  3. Delaware Dem says:

    How do you mean, Heragain?

  4. heragain says:

    Delaware winners… “Republican Lavelle (left) Democrats Carney, Markell, Carper prevail.”

    Because ONE state senate race is obviously more significant than a sweep of the statewides. @@

  5. Geezer says:

    @heragain: The statewide sweep was too expected to sell any newspapers, while the first question I heard from people last night was whether Katz or Lavelle won. News is what people don’t already know.

    Also, more total money was spent on that race than any other, with the possible exception of the Carper-Wade-Pires contest.

    If I had been on the city desk last night I would have argued for the same thing you see this morning.

  6. heragain says:

    Maybe you would have, geezer. Because I’m sure the stands were MOBBED with people who, but for the opportunity to see Greg Lavelle above the fold, would have skipped buying a paper about the presidential and local elections.

    If it’s all about giving the people what they want, the lead was “Alex Pires wasted his money, and his restaurants have flood damage.”

  7. cassandra m says:

    That GOP Tears site is very funny.

  8. Geezer says:

    Would you be bitching if Katz had won and it was above the fold? And if you were going to buy a paper about the presidential elections anyway, why would you need to see a teaser about a local race?

    There’s a reason they don’t hire people off the street to design the front page. Thank you for illustrating that for us.

  9. heragain says:

    LOL. Nice try geezer. I KNOW too many people who work in the newspaper business to be overawed by their amazing professionalism. 😀

  10. Geezer says:

    I’m not arguing for their “amazing professionalism.” I’m arguing for their basic competence vs. your petulant whining.

    I know lots of doctors. It doesn’t make me a medical expert.

  11. heragain says:

    Hey, I hold no brief for Katz. I think he’s annoying. And, as everyone likes to mention, Greg is a pleasant, pleasant-looking guy. But if you’d like to spin this as anything but the NJ trying to make the Republican party of the state of Delaware look like something other than the has-been mouth breathers that they’ve chosen to be, i’ll continue to laugh at both you, and them.

    I’m kinda cheerful today, anyway. Finally got some sleep.

  12. geezer says:

    So in brief you think that race is up there only because a Republican won. Could be, but I’d be surprised. I’d also wager that it was an upstate-only placement. I don’t know how they zone the paper these days, but downstate edition(s) would have a different story in that slot.

    But you go ahead and assign motives to people based on — what? Your spider-sense? Your finely honed sense of objectivity?