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What are your predictions, nationally and locally? I’ve made my predictions over the last several days on the Presidency, the new Congress, our statewide and New Castle County races, and all 62 races in the State House of Representatives and State Senate. Make your predictions here in the comments, and in doing so, feel free to use the 270towin electoral college predictor map. And if you are so inclined, tell us how you are voting today. If you don’t want to, no pressure, you don’t have to. We have a secret ballot in this country. But if you want to let the rest of us in on the secret, please go ahead.

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  1. socialistic ben says:

    I dont want to make predictions, but i will give my personal best case scenario.

    KWS and Tom Gordon both win, but with less than 50% of the vote.

    The Rapey-bros… Todd and Rick both lose, as well as Scott “The Bod”.

    Marijuana is legalized in Colorado, Washington, and Oregon.

    Maine passes Question 1 (same sex marriage)

    Obama wins with more than 50% and Rush Limbaugh explodes.

  2. puck says:

    Voting straight Dem later today.

    Carper’s opponents will actually force me to vote for Carper, given the stakes for a Senate seat.

    The stakes are lower for the IC and NCC Executive positions though. So I’ve decided to decide in the voting booth whether to leave my vote blank, or to hold my nose and vote Dem. Where’s a Libertarian or a Green when you need one?

  3. Delaware Dem says:

    Here is how I voted:


  4. BL says:

    I can’t believe the number of Republicans, REPUBLICANS, mind you, that tell me they are so tired of Mr. Hocker acting like the 38th is his to pass on to R. Gray as if he owned the seat personally that they are voting for Rick Eakle. I am stunned.

  5. pandora says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Romney ended up with 47% of the vote?

  6. Bilbo says:

    My card exactly mirrors Del Dem. Could not bring myself to vote for Weldin or Gordon. Will be interesting to see how many Dems either don’t vote at all in those races or vote for their opponent. Gordon already acting like king of New Castle County again rubs me the wrong way.

  7. Idealist says:

    Same Ballot. 332 EV for Obama.

  8. The Straight Scoop says:

    Markell – 68%
    Denn – 64%
    Carper – 65%
    Carney – 58%
    Stewart – 52%
    House – 29-30 members
    Senate – 14 members

  9. socialistic ben says:

    Voted all Dem except for Blake and Mobley. now off to call people in Ohio

  10. Voted for Groff. I’m long past the point of voting for Carper.

    Voted for Gordon. I know, I know. I’m an easy target today.

    Voted for Mobley, although I almost didn’t vote for him after my wife got what looked like something official, but which turned out to be a “Christian Voting Guide” stuck in her windshield at work. In which God, or some wingnut who talks to God, calls for a vote for Mobley.

    BTW, I thought that reproducing the Great Seal of Delaware on something that is not from Delaware government is/was illegal. But there it is on this piece “Paid For By the Delaware Faith & Freedom Coalition”.

  11. mm2784 says:

    yeah, got the same flyers…not Mobley’s fault. I emailed him about how he would handle Obamacare as a Republican insurance commissioner, and he replied, personally and within a day, with a reasonable answer. Good enough for me. Wouldn’t vote for him for another office unless he proves to not be as nutty as the rest of the Republicans, but I think he is a better choice for IC. Went straight ticket when possible on other offices.

  12. bamboozer says:

    Voted straight Dem ticket, I’m no Carper fan but you work with what you have. I think the House will stay GOP and the senate stay Dem, but narrowly. I hope Obama wins but Romney is a distastful possibility. If the GOP takes the presidency and both houses I think it will be worse than Bush, perhaps much worse.

  13. duty says:

    “BTW, I thought that reproducing the Great Seal of Delaware on something that is not from Delaware government is/was illegal. But there it is on this piece “Paid For By the Delaware Faith & Freedom Coalition”.
    Written approval is needed from the Secretary of State to use the State Seal or Coat of Arms.

  14. Something tells me that the SOS did not give permission to this Delaware Faith & Freedom Coalition to use the seal on what looks like a bland official document entitled “FFCD Official Guide for 2012 Elections in the State of Delaware”.

    It’s time crap like this got sanctioned. In other words, real money in fines.

  15. JConnor says:

    You are aware that the guy’s mission is to destroy Obama care by impeding implementation… but hey He is a “good” guy cause good guys don’t rip signs from polling places and don’t uses Phoney Obama/Mobley sample ballots in the City…… He won’t win but some of you deserve to get what you vote for out of spite…..cya at the Queen:)

  16. metoo says:

    JConnor you are a liar and a low down digusting pig just like your corrupt moron pal KWS. And that’s putting it mildly. Strange you haven’t been kicked off of this blog yet.

  17. JConnor says:

    Coming from you I am flattered…… Doesn’t you facility have a curfew on internet use:)?