Ernie Lopez Engaged in Deceiving Voters about their Polling Place?

Filed in National by on November 6, 2012

A Democratic voter in the 6th Senate District received a mailer from Ernie Lopez’s campaign, directing him to a false polling place. While we have redacted the name, you can easily confirm that the address is supposed to vote at the Lewes Fire Hall, not the Cape High School. Here is the mailer:

Hopefully this is a one time mistake, and not a coordinated campaign of fraud and deception on the part of Lopez. I find it particularly evil for any campaign or any party to try to suppress the vote or to mislead the voter as to when the election is or where the voter’s polling place is. You hear of Republicans doing this often, from across the country. Is Ernie Lopez, who we were told was a good guy and not an extremist, is one of them?

So voters everywhere, but especially in the 6th Senate District, please confirm where you are suppose to vote here the the Delaware Department of Elections. If you find out that someone is purposefully trying to suppress your vote by deceiving you, please punch them directly in the face.

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  1. Jason330 says:

    How many times do Republicans get to say, “It was just an honest mistake” before it isn’t an honest mistake?

    It seems like they have an endless supply of honest mistakes.

  2. Delaware Dem says:

    I am of the opinion that anyone engaging in this deception is a traitor to America.

  3. Linda says:

    I don’t know if this will make sense but here goes . . . my ex husband lives in Pike Creek and I live in Newark. Clearly he votes in Pike Creek and Katz and Lavelle know that because they have his name. HOWEVER, they mailed all of their literature to him at my address in Newark and I mean ALL OF THEIR literature and there was a huge amount!!!! Been divorced 15 years so some screw up there too — that might be considered a mistake – – but nothing like this.

    Flyers like this should not be allowed that puts anyone’s polling place on them.

  4. Tom McKenney says:

    Why would any candidate try to suppress the vote if they really believed in their own ideas.

  5. skeptic says:

    I doubt this is deliberate suppression. Some districts were changed in Sussex Co. over this last year. Before going to vote this morning, I checked the Sussex website to find my poling location. I entered in my name and zip code and was given a location. After showing up, I realized that I was in fact not in the right place and had to look at the most recent district map posted there to see that I had to go to another location. If the Lopez campaign used one of these current (sarcasm intended) websites or databases, then it may be an honest mistake.

    I really don’t think this method would work all that well unless you sent people to a completely wrong location that was not a polling place. After all once you are at the wrong one, there are people there to help you get to the right one.

  6. Jason330 says:

    That clip made me nauseous.

  7. anon says:

    The Fire Hall is a mile away from the High School and the people at the polls in Lewes are very good at directing people to the correct polling location. If this is disenfranchisement, it’s the lamest disenfranchisement attempt I’ve ever seen.

  8. Sussex Transplant says:

    Why would a mailer, asking you to vote for a particular candidate, then send you to the wrong place so to make it harder for you to vote. There is great confusion over the three Lewes polling locations. I for instance, always voted before at Lewes Fire Hall. This year, after the redistricting, I was told Cape HS. This was also my general election location sent to me with my voter card. When I went there to vote this afternoon, they did not have me down on their lists. My spouse and I had to sign affidavits. We were not at the other two either. In so many words, it’s all screwed up in this new district and I doubt very sincerely that this was an intentional error. I hear tell in the 19tn and 37th district a husband and wife living in the same house vote in two different locations!!! I checked Lopez’s websites and FB page and Twitter account and they have been sharing the DOE voter location website for people to verify. And like Anon says, the three locations are within a mile of each other.

  9. Sussex Transplant says:

    I should add I got the same mailer and mine had the correct CHHS location although records there didn’t have me down to vote there. Nobody had my name!

  10. pandora says:

    Until there’s a penalty for all of these “Oops! My bad. Sorry” this nonsense will deliberately continue. Bet if you started fining the candidates and making them contact every voter they sent this stuff to it would stop pretty damn quick.

  11. Jason330 says:

    Nate Solver has Obama re-election at 90.9%, so I feel a little better.

  12. puck says:

    I’m sweating the pro-GOP voting irregularities that have been popping up all day in OH, PA, FL. Vote flipping, late poll opening, ballots not delivered, long long lines in Dem districts, unauthorized photo ID demands, excessive provisional voting. Enough of that could make Nate Silver irrelevant.

    The requests for an injunction to stop using machines in 39 OH counties loaded with mysterious software at the last minute was DENIED in both Federal and State court. The Ohio Greens are on top of that story and others in OH:

  13. geezer says:

    Puck: Calm down. He can win even losing all three provided he carries New Hampshire.

    If you want to worry about something, try this: Say Ohio and Pennsylvania both go for Romney. If exit polling reflects the pre-election polling showing significant Obama leads, we’ll be staring at a public loss of confidence in the election process, or at least the data it produces. That can’t be good for our experiment in self-governance.

  14. puck says:

    Thanks, Geezer. But I’m still starting drinking early. Remember, most of the country yesterday thought the race was tied, and doesn’t know Nate Silver from Hi-Ho Silver. If you tell them Obama was 4 points ahead yesterday they will think you are nuts.