Delaware Results Thread

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Post your comments and results for any local Delaware races, from Governor to NCCo Executive to the 62 legislative races up and down the state!

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  1. Jason330 says:

    How is janet Rweizwiki doing?

  2. auntie dem says:

    The polls are closed. In case you’ve never seen the procedure it doesn’t happen fast. The machines are accessed with a special wrench that the DOE workers have. They remove the electronic box and the tapes with the paper recording. then the poll workers compare tallys and do whatever else and eventually a paper tape is signed by the various poll workers certifying the count. This all takes time. Eventually the results are taken away by DOE workers — in one case I’ve seen the State Police pick up the boxes and tapes — to be counted. The machines get folded down into a handy carrying size, well something like 3x5x5 and taken away by the DOE workers. The counts are posted on the door of the polling place. Turn out the lights they are done. As long as all the machines are working right the process is over in about an hour. If they need a mechanic to close the machine it will take longer. I’ve waited at one polling place until 10:30 while the mechanics worked on one machine. Come to think of it, that was the night the State Police picked up the results.

    So pour yourself a glass of wine. My choice tonight is Proseco and my first glass is delicious.

  3. chlorophil says:

    Kovach is under performing. he has 7 votes, and the libertarian has 5. lol

  4. Alone says:

    Hmmmm. Sussex is different. Get the tapes out
    Lock them up in the required bags
    Pick the poll worker wit the fastest car
    drive ur car to Georgetown DMV as fast as u can
    All done ……

    Slower lower. – what did you expect ?

  5. chlorophil says:

    sounds like an awesome way to do things actually.

  6. xstryker says:

    Looking good for John Brady so far, 63/33

  7. Miscreant says:

    Good on Brady.

  8. xstryker says:

    Ruth Briggs-King up 60/40

  9. heragain says:

    Poll greeted 13 hours, for some of which I was joined by the amazing El Som. Good, steady, turnout in my heavily D ED. Glad to see everyone out.
    Just warming up enough to shiver, now. :p

  10. xstryker says:

    Venables up 55/43

  11. xstryker says:

    Hovington down 42/57

  12. xstryker says:

    Atkins down 46/53

  13. xstryker says:

    Katz up 49.1 to 49.0 with the Libertarians taking 1.9%

  14. xstryker says:

    Cloutier up 57/42 50% reporting

  15. xstryker says:

    Townsend up 76/23 over Evan Q. Because of Agenda 21, of course.

  16. Jason330 says:

    Townsend win is a voter validation of agenda 21. I for one welcome our UN overlords

  17. Jason330 says:

    Carpet won., but how did he do vs a dem average baseline?

  18. chlorophil says:

    staton concedes.

  19. The Katz race has gone the other way. The Cloutier win just proves that some people are immune to public scrutiny. Depressing, but true.

  20. John Manifold says:

    Thanks, Tiny Tony. You’ve given us Sen. Lavelle for the next decade or more.

  21. Why no state results from Kent yet?

  22. John Manifold says:

    If I renew my vows, John Brady will be holding the Bible.

  23. Concerned says:

    Congratulations Dems! You get your boy John Atkins for another 2 years! Keep up the good work! You all should be proud of the character and integrity you continue to send to Dover!

  24. John Young says:

    BRYAN TOWNSEND 11832 321 12153 78 . 7 %
    EVAN QUEITSCH 3178 114 3292 21 . 3 %

    apparently, opposing Agenda 21 only gets you 21% of the vote

  25. John Young says:

    Is Pires up to 1 vote per sign yet?

  26. I’m just so happy that Bryan got elected. Makes the entire election year worth it for me.

  27. You Liberals are really stupid. You Bitch and complain about Blevins yet you reelect her???? What the fuck gives???

  28. heragain says:

    Nailbiter but Dennis E Williams won. ElSom, Chris Counihan won the 5th of the 7th. most of his trouble seemed to be in the historically R areas, who really turned out the vote. Deb Heffernan won, Dori Connor lost.

    Came home after going over when everyone was leaving for the Queen. I wish I knew how to get an invite for the statewide post mortem. I’m not happy with these numbers, at ALL, despite good turnout. We’d better step up our game, but damned if I know how.

  29. John Manifold says:

    A low-information electorate.

    KWS basically duplicates Matt Denn’s margin.

    Atkins wins for seventh time; Counihan loses for second time.

    On brigher side:

    Lynn Newlin, Baumbach, Deaver.

    Dennis E. survives again.

    And marryin’ John Brady. Sussex votes for Sallies.

  30. What’s going on in Kent? Got a text that made me think that Trey won. But nothing on the state site.

  31. I came over here to see if anyone knows why Kent is still silent. Weird.

    Lots of winners so far. Lavelle, Atkins and Deaver were the only actual close ones who pulled ahead.

  32. Dave says:


    And you think Collins was an acceptable alternative to Atkins?

  33. Trey Para-DEEEEE!

    Beats Linc Willis!!


  34. Jconnor says:

    Hey ES … KWS for 3 in ’16! Choke on it!!

  35. anon says:

    Disappointed that Townsend couldn’t keep Queitsch under 20%.

  36. Jconnor says:

    Sorry to report that Karen, Tom, and Chris all passed 60%. Karen got past moron Mobley even with his unique tactic of being on an evangelical Rebublicsn sample ballot in most of the state and the very creative picture ballot of Obama,Williams, Bullock Mobley ballot in the city.

  37. chlorophil says:

    I was led to believe that Marie Mayor was running a lot better than her results show?

  38. anon says:

    I thought the Mayor and Staton races would be much tighter.

  39. John Manifold says:

    Between Levinson and KWS, the last two Democratic IC’s have had an average IQ of 100.

  40. Jconnor says:

    All she does is win against all odds 😉 it’s great she will continue to have a fan club here!!!

  41. Idealist says:

    I’m not sure that a D winning statewide in Delaware in a Presidential election year is “against all odds” no matter how incompetent said Democrat is.

  42. Jconnor says:

    Can’t beat her just keep caling names, no way to get on the swearing in party list;)

  43. metoo says:

    @John Manifold:

    Assuming a combined IQ of 100 for Levinson and KWS is generous. Despite their stupidity, they were smart enough to figure out the IC’s office would make them both rich. And thanks to McDowell, KWS will now have another four years to make him and herself even richer.

    KWS was Levinson’s girlfriend during his last term in the late 80’s and early 90’s and would never have heard about insurance if he hadn’t given her a no-show job in the DOI, the only real job she ever had in her sorry life. He taught her everything she knows about the illicit money to be made as IC and helped her to make the right political connections. She has taken full advantage of what she learned and will continue to do so in her second term.

    How generous of the State of Delaware to provide the political environment that makes the rise to power and riches of vapid, uneducated, narcissistic and otherwise unemployable losers like KWS, Levinson, and too many others like them possible. One that comes to mind especially is the unlamented Ruth Anne Minner.

  44. Jconnor says:

    Metoo I can’t say I will miss ya but enjoy the rest big your delusional life. 😉

  45. city democrat says:

    Very generous comments above- Mobley- laments a lot of voters- ESPECIALLY IN WILMINGTON voted a straight ticket- those baaaad City Democrats- ha ha – kind of reminds me from the Primary results-
    and the impact the City has/had. Have a great day