The Polling Report [11.3.12]

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We have two conflicting polls out of Florida. One has Obama leading 49-47. The other has Romney winning 51-45. That is a pretty wide disparity. One of the pollsters is wrong. Regardless, the average of the two gives Romney a slim 2 point lead, and so the state moves back to the pink zone. Meanwhile, Obama’s lead in Ohio is growing ever larger.

(ABC/WaPo Tracking): Romney 49, Obama 48
(Ipsos/Reuters Tracking): Obama 46, Romney 46 (LV); Obama 47, Romney 44 (RV)
(PPP Tracking): Obama 49, Romney 48
(Purple Strategies): Obama 47, Romney 46
(Rasmussen Tracking): Obama 48, Romney 48
(UPI/CVoter): Obama 48, Romney 48
(Zogby for the Washington Times): Obama 49, Romney 49

CALIFORNIA–STRONG OBAMA—(Field Poll): Obama 54, Romney 39

COLORADO–The average is Obama 47.67, Romney 45.67, or SLIM OBAMA—(Ipsos-Reuters Tracking): Obama 46, Romney 46; (PPP for LCV): Obama 50, Romney 46; (SurveyUSA): Obama 47, Romney 45


FLORIDA–The average is Romney 49, Obama 47, or SLIM ROMNEY—(NBC/Marist/Wall Street Journal)d: Obama 49, Romney 47; (Mason Dixon): Romney 51, Obama 45

GEORGIA–LEAN ROMNEY—(20/20 Insight for a Better Georgia): Romney 52, Obama 46

HAWAII–STRONG OBAMA—(Merriman River for Civil Beat): Obama 61, Romney 34

INDIANA–The average is Romney 52, Obama 41, or STRONG ROMNEY—(Bellwether/Garin-Hart-Yang for the Howey Report): Romney 50, Obama 41; (McLaughlin and Associates for the Mourdock campaign): Romney 54, Obama 41

IOWA–The average is Obama 47.5, Romney 44.5, or SLIM OBAMA—(Gravis Marketing–R): Obama 49, Romney 45; (Mellman Group for Americans United for Change): Obama 46, Romney 44

MAINE–STRONG OBAMA—(PPP): Obama 55, Romney 42

MAINE 2ND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT–The average is Obama 50.5, Romney 46.5, or SLIM OBAMA—(Gravis Marketing–R): Obama 50, Romney 47; (PPP): Obama 51, Romney 46

MASSACHUSETTS–The average is Obama 55.5, Romney 41.5, or STRONG OBAMA—(Kimball Consulting–R): Obama 54, Romney 41; (PPP): Obama 57, Romney 42

MICHIGAN–The average is Obama 50, Romney 43.5, or LEAN OBAMA—(Grove Insight for Project New America/USAction): Obama 48, Romney 41; (PPP for LCV): Obama 52, Romney 46

MINNESOTA–LEAN OBAMA—(PPP for LCV): Obama 53, Romney 44

NEBRASKA–STRONG ROMNEY—(We Ask America–R): Romney 54, Obama 41

NEVADA–LEAN OBAMA—(Mellman Group for Americans United for Change): Obama 50, Romney 44

NEW HAMPSHIRE–The average is Obama 50, Romney 46.5, or SLIM OBAMA—(Gravis Marketing–R): Obama 50, Romney 49; (New England College): Obama 50, Romney 44

OHIO–The average is Obama 50.75, Romney 45.75, or LEAN OBAMA—(NBC/Marist/Wall Street Journal): Obama 51, Romney 45; (CNN/ORC): Obama 50, Romney 47 (LV); Obama 52, Romney 45 (RV); (We Ask America–R): Obama 50, Romney 46

OREGON–LEAN OBAMA—(PPP): Obama 52, Romney 46

SOUTH DAKOTA–LEAN ROMNEY—(Nielson Brothers): Romney 50, Obama 42

UTAH–STRONG ROMNEY—(Dan Jones and Associates): Romney 69, Obama 26

VIRGINIA–The average is Obama 48.5, Romney 46.5, or SLIM OBAMA–(Ipsos-Reuters Tracking): Obama 48, Romney 45; (We Ask America–R): Obama 49, Romney 48

WISCONSIN–LEAN OBAMA–(We Ask America–R): Obama 52, Romney 45

CA-SEN (Field Poll): Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) 54, Elizabeth Emken (R) 33
CT-SEN (PPP): Chris Murphy (D) 52, Linda McMahon (R) 43
FL-SEN (Ipsos-Reuters): Sen. Bill Nelson (D) 53, Connie Mack IV (R) 41
IN-SEN (Bellwether/Garin-Hart-Yang for the Howey Report): Joe Donnelly (D) 47, Richard Mourdock (R) 36, Andy Horning (L) 6; IN-SEN (McLaughlin and Associates for the Mourdock campaign): Richard Mourdock (R) 46, Joe Donnelly (D) 44, Andy Horning (L) 3
ME-SEN (PPP): Angus King (I) 50, Charlie Summers (R) 36, Cynthia Dill (D) 12
MA-SEN (Kimball Consulting–R): Sen. Scott Brown (R) 49, Elizabeth Warren (D) 47; MA-SEN (PPP): Elizabeth Warren (D) 52, Sen. Scott Brown (R) 46
MI-SEN (PPP for LCV): Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D) 53, Pete Hoesktra (R) 40
NE-SEN (We Ask America–R): Deb Fischer (R) 54, Bob Kerrey (D) 41
OH-SEN (Ipsos-Reuters): Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) 50, Josh Mandel (R) 42
UT-SEN (Dan Jones and Associates): Sen. Orrin Hatch (R) 63, Scott Howell (D) 26
VA-SEN (Ipsos-Reuters): Tim Kaine (D) 47, George Allen (R) 44; VA-SEN (We Ask America–R): George Allen (R) 50, Tim Kaine (D) 50

WI-SEN (We Ask America–R): Tammy Baldwin (D) 49, Tommy Thompson (R) 46

IN-GOV (Bellwether/Garin-Hart-Yang for the Howey Report): Mike Pence (R) 47, John Gregg (D) 40, Rupert Boneham (L) 5; IN-GOV (McLaughlin and Associates for the Mourdock campaign): Mike Pence (R) 51, John Gregg (D) 39, Rupert Boneham (L) 3
MT-GOV (Mason Dixon): Rick Hill (R) 49, Steve Bullock (D) 46; MT-GOV (Mellman Group for the DGA): Steve Bullock (D) 47, Rick Hill (R) 40
UT-Gov (Dan Jones and Associates): Gov. Gary Herbert (R) 69, Peter Cooke (D) 24

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  1. Wen Chang says:

    It will take a heavenly incident -SANDY to nail the coffin of Romney’s political ambition that blends with hypocricy, disguise and lies.
    Does this man really have the heart to buy grocery to give away for those storm victim, if there is no photo ops?
    An out-of-the -box definition on a man who has something to hide by walking with hasty steps(smaller steps). Chinese fortune teller say so. Please observe how he walk.

    Neil Diamond is singing HELLO AGAIN Obama. Bye Bye Romney.

  2. Rusty Dils says:

    Two new polls out of Minnesota, the first shows Romney up by 1,the second used plus 5 Democrats, and only has Romney down by 3

  3. Ernie Lehman says:

    The final nail in the coffin…let’s hope!

  4. Jason330 says:

    New Poll out of my ass shows Dils 85% crazy & 15% sad.