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Over the course of the next three days, I will be doing several Final Prediction posts. First up, we will have the statewide races for Governor, Lt. Governor, U.S. Senator and U.S. Representative and Insurance Commissioner, with the New County County Executive and Council President races thrown in for good measure. Tomorrow I will cover the General Assembly, both the Delaware Senate and Delaware House. Monday, we will make our final predictions in the U.S. Senate races, and then finally on Tuesday morning, we will have our final polling report, with the final prediction as to who will win the Presidency. I will also, where applicable, let you know who I am voting for.

The only real question in the Statewide races is a question of margin. All the Democrats above will win, even though I will not be voting for all them.

In 2008, Jack Markell won the Governor’s Mansion with 72% of the vote. Will he reach that milestone again? I tend to doubt it. Markell was riding the Democratic tide with a home state senator on the national ticket, and he also pulled in some Hockessin-Greenville Republicans too. This year, while I think President Obama will match the 62% of the vote he got in Delaware in 2008, I think Markell will get around 65%. Not a bad drop off.

I think El Som is right in that Matt Denn will be in a much closer race that Markell. 58-42 sticks out to me to be the margin. Maybe 60-40. Sher, or Cheryl, can go back to building her own business without any government help whatsoever. Or maybe, she will be the future of the Party. She seemed to lie with the ease required of Republicans these days in her debate with Matt Denn.

I will be voting for both Markell and Denn with enthusiasm. I think they have done well and deserve another term. And on the flip side, Jeff Cragg and Sher Valenzeula have inspired no confidence that they would do anything but repeat tired and false Republican talking points. And it should also be pointed out that both of these Republican candidates were retrieved from the very back of the bench. Every other single credible Republican leader in this state demurred. Not that there are many Republican leaders in Delaware anymore. But still, Charlie Copeland, Gerald Hocker, and Greg Lavelle stayed on the sidelines. That speaks volumes.

In the U.S. Senate race, a truly remarkable thing has happened. Senator Carper has become a sympathetic figure that I will be voting for with enthusiasm as well. That is what happens when an asshole like Alex Pires decides to film a documentary, er ah.. run for the Senate. If Pires had not run, I might have been intent voting for Green Party candidate Andrew Groff as a protest vote. But with Pires in the race, I cannot take that chance. But I still think Carper will win easily, with something like 55% for Carper, 25% for Pires, 18% for Wade and 2% for Groff.

Congressman Carney should garner the same percentage of the vote (mid to high 50’s) against the dumbest man in Delaware politics, Tom Kovach. Indeed, this race has turned out to be a dud, but when it first began, it looked like the Republicans were fielding their strongest candidate against the first term Congressman. But, Kovach will once again lose an election in November. Hopefully someone will resign somewhere in New Castle County, giving Kovach another shot at a low turnout special election win. Perhaps Tom Gordon will revert to his old corrupt ways… but more on him in a moment.

And yes, I will also be voting for John Carney. On my car there are three bumper stickers (though they are not on the bumper but on the bottom of the rear window (easier to get off that way)), one for Obama, one for Markell-Denn and one for Carney.

Now we reach the part of the ballot where I will be going against type. My name is Delaware Dem here at DL. But I will be voting for two Republicans. Ben Mobley and Mark Blake.

The reason why incompetents like the incumbent Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart win elections is because low information voters who know nothing about the office or the person just vote for the party. And that is how KWS won after many tries in 2008. She got swept in thanks to the Obama wave. I am not a low information voter who is just going to vote party line. Is there a difference between Karen Weldin Stewart and a Republican? Aside from her 11th hour transparent move to forbid insurance companies from imposing hurricane deductibles during the recent storm, I cannot think of a single pro-consumer action she has taken. Now, it is clear that Ben Mobley will also not be pro-consumer, for he is a Republican. But I simply cannot vote for KWS. Can’t do it. For if she gets a high enough reelect vote margin, she, in her mind and in her supporters’ mind, will be validated and vindicated. So my goal is to make sure she does not ride a wave this time. Let her sweat a little in the Queen on election night. While everyone else on the ballot is declared and celebrating, let her be hovering over a computer, nervous. Sure, she will still win, but let’s not make it easy for her.

So that is why I am voting for Ben Mobley. Not because Ben Mobley is anything but a nefarious Republican intent on fellating insurance companies the minute he gets into office. But because he is not KWS.

In the same vein, I cannot vote for Tom Gordon for New Castle County Executive. I would be a fool to, and so will you. He abused his office once (or ten times) before, and displayed arrogance and pettiness in doing it. So no, he will not get my vote. Maybe he and his supporters are right that he is changed. Well, it is a near certainty that Gordon will win so he will have a chance to prove to me and everyone that he has changed. And if he is a good Executive, that does not abuse power or enrich his cronies or use county employees for political purposes all the while being arrogant and petty, then maybe he will be redeemed. So we will see.

So Mark Blake gets my vote. Gordon gets my patience.

Finally, the Rev. Chris Bullock will win by default and be the next County Council President. And he will have my vote. Why do I say default? His opponent is pilot Mike Pornstache Protack. That is all.

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  1. metoo says:

    KWS was almost a sure thing because of straight-ticket voting by uninformed voters. As of today she will definitely win and Mobley may as well give up all hope and stop campaigning.

    When you’re incompetent and corrupt, it helps to have smart cronies who’ll tell you what to do and get you elected by whatever means necessary. She announced yesterday that insurers will be barred from charging hurricane deductibles for Sandy-related damages. After last year’s hurricane, commissioners in surrounding states did the same thing but she refused because she wanted to continue to receive the campaign contributions from insurers they’ve been giving her via their lawyers since before the 2008 election. This year she does it. Surprise surprise. She probably plans to retire before the 2016 election when she’ll be 69 years old.

    Mitch Crane is an honest person and took the high road. The same goes for Ben Mobley. Honesty will lose every time against the likes of KWS and McDowell who will sink to any depths it takes to win, including rigging the primary with sham candidates.

  2. uhm, KWS is doing her job and you complain.

    The issue of hurricane deductibles is tied to whether or not the event was couched as a storm or a hurricane when it hit land. Why would you believe the IC Dept. should not forward this National Weather Service determination along to DE Insurance companies and their customers to head off possible rate fraud?


  3. metoo says:

    @Del Dem: “… if she gets a high enough reelect vote margin, she, in her mind and in her supporters’ mind, will be validated and vindicated”.

    That already happened after the fake primary. She started going around right after she “won” claiming she had a mandate and the people of Delaware had spoken. The woman is delusional. But hey, she’s still the once and future IC. Pity the people of Delaware.

  4. metoo says:

    Nancy, put a sock in it. Nobody is buying your pandering crap.

  5. Jason330 says:

    Has anyone else heard theradio ads for the R’s placed by the family values PAC? A) what a load of horeshit b). You can’t make up for picking shitty candidates with radio ads.

  6. geezer says:

    Yes, those ads are pathetic. But what’s interesting about them is that Kovach is NOT included while Wade, Cragg, Valenzuela and Mobley are. Meanwhile Valenzuela is backing Pires and not Wade.

    Splitting an inferior force in half only works if you’re Robert E. Lee, and even then only if you have Stonewall Jackson at your side.

  7. Jason330 says:

    Kovach must be soft on home invasion.

  8. duty says:

    Elliot Jacobson’s salary @Insurance Comm Office for 2010 was $95,000. If the voters knew there tax dollars were paying that ridiculous salary for her campaign manager(?) they might be inclined to vote Mobley.

  9. metoo says:


    Jacobson’s salary is chump change compared to the $160-200K each per year that KWS paid her three cronies who ran the money-losing Captives office. Its no-show director Steve Kinion got paid the most while at the same time running a successful law practice in Illinois.

    Jacobson was the one who always hid and covered up all evidence of this woman’s corruption so well that people were afraid to expose her and get sued. They forgot or didn’t know that truth is an absolute defense. Of course that would have been determined after KWS’s crony lawyers buried the complainant in a mountain of expensive paperwork. She knows all that, which is why there will be another four years of the same thing.

  10. Dana Garrett says:

    The ad I find most nauseating is Protack’s in which he insinuates that Bullock can’t be trusted to act with integrity because he’s a Democrat. Protack dwells in the gutter.

  11. Delaware Dem says:

    Nancy, you know what, you are right. I should congratulate the Insurance Commissioner on her action. It was the right decision. I only wish she had been a consumer advocate her entire term, and I hope she takes her new found love of consumer advocacy into her second term. I just feel if this storm had happened in November of 2011 or 2010 or 2009, she would not have taken this action.

  12. Delaware Dem says:

    Metoo, winning only a third of the Democratic primary vote, made possible only by having your mentor prop up two additional challengers, is not a mandate or a vindication at all. If she feels it is, then she is more far gone than I ever realized.

  13. metoo says:

    Del Dem, look at my earlier comment, the first one in this thread.

    There was a storm with hurricane strength winds last year. As I wrote earlier, other states around us made insurers waive the hurricane deductible for the same reason as KWS did this year. Last year, KWS refused to do it because it did not suit her selfish purposes. As you pointed out, she has never taken any consumer oriented action in her entire tenure until yesterday. As far as her doing it next term, I wouldn’t hold my breath, especially if she plans to retire at the end of it.

  14. metoo says:

    This is the bottom line: If the Delaware political system weren’t so corrupt, the illegally fixed primary for insurance commissioner that KWS still only won by a measly 32% would have been invalidated and Mitch Crane would be the winner as he should be. Now we’ll be stuck with KWS another four years unless someone powerful enough gets wise to her and McDowell and has both of them removed and prosecuted.

  15. cassandra_m says:

    She seemed to lie with the ease required of Republicans these days in her debate with Matt Denn.
    Then Dana observes:
    Protack dwells in the gutter.

    A pattern, yes? And it seems like self-inflicted damage. Whatever the GOP did this year, the result was that they shrunk any audience they might have had in a year when credible alternatives could be remarkably competitive. If only they had focused on being competitive rather than being lying wingnuts. If I’m in the GOP looking at the Delaware map this evening, I’m kicking myself — because they left ALOT of opportunity on the table in favor of whatever bullshit it is that those guys are peddling. I’ve talked to a fair number of people since the primary who badly want other choices on the ballot (for NCCo Exec, NCCo Council President, IC, Wilmington Mayor, Wilmington City Council President) and where there are GOP choices, they aren’t especially credible.

    So the local GOP doubled down on the same stuff that most of the voters here DON’T vote for, rather than try to meet voters where they are.

  16. Charlotte says:

    I don’t think Gallagher was a sham candidate for Insurance Commissioner.
    He recieved 20% of the vote as a newcomer and has more insurance experience that all of the candidates combined. And he is honest!
    Not one negative was thrown at him throughout the entire campaign.

  17. reality check says:

    If the Gov. had publicly announced his endorsement of Crane (which he did privately and quietly to Mitch), Crane would have run away with the primary. This Gov. demanded maximum contributions and public endorsements of certain organizations (and received them) when he had a primary battle with Carney but he would not uphold his promise when asked politely and often to publicly support Mr. Crane. With friends like that you’ll be traveling under the bus most times.

  18. reality check–can you back that up?

    Markell has generally been a good governor, but he disappointed me w/ his support of that hack Tony D.

    I’m not sure how Markell would be in a position to demand max. contributions and endorsements from anyone. He has a 50%+ approval rating, his R opponent is virtually a no-show & DE has a huge Democratic voter registration advantage. Markell is a virtual shoo-in. No need for any organization to donate the max.

  19. geezer says:

    I agree with Charlotte. I was impressed with Gallagher, more so than most insurance agents who have tried, or thought about trying, for the office over the years.

  20. Dana Garrett says:

    City Slime, you are appropriately named. Only a slimeball would count gifts made to a church building projects as in fact bribes to maintain Bullocks loyalty to the GOP. If the GOP wanted to make a bribe, then they should haven side so. But giving donations to help build a church only to disguise that the gift is actually a payment for staying in the GOP is hardly any indictment of Bullock but of those bribing GOPers. Bullocks answer to the GOP is brilliant, “You got what CLAIMED your gift of was for; a new church building. But you didn’t get what you really wanted from Bullock: his loyalty to the GOP. You are mad at him for making a badvagreement, an agreement you never mentioned to him when you donated to his church. You GOPers are the reprehensible ones for trying to make a bribe while posing it as an act of charity. How corrupt you are.

  21. Try not to feed the meeto troll.

    Gallagher was a straight up candidate and it is ridiculous to keep impugning him as a scam.

    I would absolutely say the same for Jim Martin who stepped in to crowd the field against McDowell.

    It may not fit the DL meme but sometimes a candidate is just a candidate.

  22. geezer says:

    These attacks on Bullock are the same sort of attacks made over the years on everyone who has opposed Mike Protack in any sort of election. It’s pretty easy to do the math.

  23. Delaware Dem says:

    City Slime, do you realize how racist you sound? Even your name is racist.

  24. SED says:

    In all honesty barrie the hatchet, the Primary has been over since September 11, 2012. The Delaware State Democratic Party backed the wrong people yet again in the Primary. The voters decided the Primary, whether it was by 5 points, 10 points, or even 30 points. But the results still stand crystal clear: the endorsed candidates all lost. These posts sound like the sore losers of the Primary complaining over and over again.

    FYI: Paul Gallagher is stand up guy and has a future in politics. After the primary he came out and supported the Democratic nominee for Insurance Commissioner of KWS. That earned him more respect from people across the state. Delaware is a small state, people remember these kinds of things. That shows the primary is over and true Democrats stick together and support earn other. Not crawl under a rock and hind, give the impression they are sore losers like Mitch Crane, Paul Clark, and Renee Taschner some of the names that come to mind. Paul Gallagher is individual to keep an eye on for future.

    Can’t you see that the Democrat Party is going to stream roll through the top of the ticket all the down the bottle of ticket and win on Tuesday night. President Obama/Biden are going to be receiving 3 votes from Delaware. A very fitting send off to Delaware’s own Joe Biden. Republicans and crazy Tea Parties people are going to be crying all the way to Georgetown, Delaware for Returns Day on Thursday lol. Cheer up and remember 2 more days the Democrats are going to win!

    Next topic: Which Democrat is going to be running against the lone State-wide Republican Tom Wanger in two years ; )

  25. geezer says:

    “After the primary he came out and supported the Democratic nominee for Insurance Commissioner of KWS. That earned him more respect from people across the state.”

    No it didn’t. Most people neither know nor care. And if YOU support KWS, kindly go screw yourself — you know, the way she screwed all those BC/BS customers out of $80 million.

  26. SED says:


    Wow, you really do not believe in barrie the hatchet approach at all. I am sorry to hear that because unfortunately I am only stated what has been posted. You do not believe me, here is Paul Gallagher link to his website supporting KWS.

  27. geezer says:

    No, I don’t. I believed you about Gallagher. I just don’t support Stewart. I don’t believe incompetence should be rewarded.

  28. cassandra_m says:

    City Slime has been moderated.

    City Slime is a Protack sockpuppet who appears here almost daily to be an asshole. This is a remarkably stupid way to get votes, Mike. And way to let people know that so few people want to hear from you that you have time to do this BS here instead of real campaigning. Do us all a favor and just start collecting up your spinning signs from everyplace. Might as well get a jump on it since you’ve got nothing better to do.

  29. Charlotte says:

    I heard rumors at the Dems rally Friday that Gallagher may be a candidate for State Auditor in 2 years.
    Anyone else heard anything about this???

  30. Jason330 says:

    Looking down the road for Democrats is tough. I’d hate to see Tom Gordon become some kind of power broker through the success of his “ticket mates (?)” KWS and Bullock.

  31. metoo says:

    This needs to be made perfectly clear: KWS was NOT the Democratic Party’s nominee. Mitch Crane was. Only the Wilmington Democrats endorsed her, and she and her cronies made it look like it was the State’s Democratic Party. Apparently some commenters on here are confused about that.

    This was just another lie from an incompetent who has nothing to commend her, no accomplishments in office except ripping off the State, and not even an education. She got into office in 2008 strictly because she invented a whole new resume and persona for herself that the voters weren’t able to double check. She did the same thing this time around. Let’s not pretend she’s suddenly legitimate even though that’s what she and her sycophants would like us to believe.

  32. SED says:

    Charlotte: That’s what I am talking about for State Auditor’s conversation. There some chatter going about that now. I heard the samething from Friday night’s rally in Wilmington on Gallagher. Very interesting.

    Jason330: I agree it is going to be tough in two years for the local candidates (without a President’s race to energize the Democrat base to come out and vote). However, none of those candidates on the ballot in two years will have Gordon, Bullock, or KWS names on it. Plus, in four years the real talk will be about Governor’s seat in 2016. The writing on the wall is that Matt Denn wants to be Governor, but who are the other candidates in the mist will come out to stop Denn’s quest for the Governor’s seat. That is the true question. Food for some thought. We will see in 2 days how much Denn’s wins for Lt. Governor against her republican opponent.

  33. Mitch Crane says:

    I really wish people who post on blogs had the courage to use their real names. It is so easy to lob rocks while hiding behind walls.
    Those who really know me know that I did not “crawl under a rock” after the Primary. I have written checks to help Democratic candidates who supported me and needed financial help in their own races. I have been active working in Sussex County to help Democrats seeking office-and, in doing so, trying to rebuild the party in Sussex.
    While I respect others who ran and lost primaries when they endorsed the winner ( at least as posted by their personal bloggers who only appear on DL when they need to drop their candidate’s name ), I am a Democrat because of what I believe the party stands for. I ran for Insuance Commissioner because I believed I was the candidate who could best represent those values in that office. I lost that 4-person primary by 1100 votes. I do not suffer from “sour grapes”. I am grateful for a majority of the votes in Sussex County and a plurality in Kent-carrying every RD in both counties, as wells as much of western New Castle from Newark down. The voters in Wilmington and the areas around it went in another direction and the result is the result.
    However, I ran on issues. It was not personal. I am not one to just turn around and say to people: “forget what I said for 18 months, vote for the person I ran against”. I also do not have an ego so large that my “endorsement” of a candidate will do any more than cause some people who respect me to think about my position.
    I will cast my vote on Tuesday in the privacy of the booth and, in the race for IC, decide who to vote for, if anyone, based on who I feel will best serve the insurance consumers of Delaware. I hope every one else will do the same.

  34. geezer says:

    If Paul Gallagher is now angling for state auditor, I take back what I said earlier. He is qualified to be insurance commissioner by dint of his career in the field. He has no special qualifications to be auditor.

  35. SED says:


    Please check out the results from the Department of Elections. According to the numbers KWS (like or her not) , she won the Democratic Nomination for Insurance Commissioner by the voters (that’s the people of Delaware). According to the results of the Primary by default who wins that election becomes nominee for their party.

    If everybody won the endorsement of their party, then why is the good old U.S. Congressman Mike Castle still not in DC? Because a crazy out-state girl aka “The Witch” beat him in the primary and won the nomination of the Republican party.

    This why former New Castle County Executive Chris Coons became our U.S. Senator. You think KWS is really bad, Christine O’Donnell would have made the state of Delaware laughing stock of the U.S. Congress. Not to mention sided with all the crazy Tea Party members (which over and over have blocked good legislation through U.S. Congress, that’s true incompetence right there for you.) You would have plenty of blogs on Christine O’Donnell to satisfy you for the next year.

    You are referring the endorsement process the Delaware State Democratic Party did few months back in Dover, Delaware. It is great to get endorsements but lately according to the track record of the Delaware State Democratic Party has not been working out. I reference these elected officials Governor Jack Markell, Treasurer Chip Flowers, and Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart. What do they all have in common, they were not endorsed by the Delaware State Democratic Party and still won their primary races. Markell in 2008, Flowers in 2010, and KWS in 2012. I think you need to direct your frustrations at the Democratic Party leadership and not the candidates.

    According to the rumors flying around Delaware Democratic Chairman John Daniello maybe in his last term as Chairman of the Party. Dennis P. Williams (City of Wilmington’s Mayor’s to be once the election is concluded) and John Daniello do not get along either.

  36. AQC says:

    Does anyone get along with John Daniello?

  37. jason330 says:

    Mike Castle “sided with all the crazy Tea Party members” on all the votes that counted. Other than being a gaffe machine, O’Donnell would have been another Mike Castle. That’s the irony.

  38. Charlotte says:

    To the holier that thou Mr Crane.
    The reason that you have not endorsed KWS is because you
    have been witholding your endorsement until you are guaranteed
    a job in the same department that you resigned from because you
    did not get the the Deputy Commissioner or the head of the Captive Insurance appointed positions.

  39. cassandra_m says:

    Mr. Crane is not holding out for a job in the ICs Department. Nor are all of the other Dems who are not endorsing KWS.

    You can provide proof of your claim, Charlotte or be gone.

  40. Mitch Crane says:

    My friend Gene Reed is Deputy Commissioner. I worked hard to influence Commissioner Stewart to give him that position he and would have stayed in that position if I had been elected. I left the Department two years later. The Captive Bureau position, as I stated during the campaign, should be a state merit position and headed by a CPA with insurance expertise. The job that I held until I retired (Regulatory Specialist) is also a merit position and, therefore, is not any commissioner’s to give, unless it is vacant and that commissioner chooses from those the OMB deems certified.

    The only “full-time” employment I was interested in was being Insurance Commissioner. That will not happen and I am quite content being retired and doing consulting.

    I am amazed how “Charlotte” seems so aware of my thinking.

  41. geezer says:

    “The writing on the wall is that Matt Denn wants to be Governor, but who are the other candidates in the mist will come out to stop Denn’s quest for the Governor’s seat. That is the true question. Food for some thought.”

    In the mist? Is that some kind of crack about Flowers?

    Denn is going to be the next governor, no matter which of the wannabes gets involved. If both Carney and Flowers challenge him in a primary, they’ll split the anti-Denn vote, and Denn can beat either one straight-up. I’ve also heard Biden’s name floated, but I can’t envision him tearing up the party to do so.

  42. SussexWatcher says:

    The 2016 Governor’s race starts Wednesday.

    On the Dem side will be Denn, Flowers, and Gordon.

    On the GOP side will be Sher, Copeland and who knows.

    I’d like to see someone with real investigatory chops run against Wagner, but that ain’t happening.

  43. geezer says:

    Gordon? Surely you jest.

  44. john kowalko says:

    Your post and attitude expressed in that post (totally without basis in fact and honesty) is an insult to a person of the highest integrity who has done nothing to deserve such vitriol and lies. I know Mitch Crane personally and professionally and if my reputation for integrity is appreciated by the bloggers and commenters on this site I would ask them to reject, refute and challenge your inappropriate small-mindedness and obvious willingness to spread hate-inspired false rumors. Furthermore if you wish to discuss my challenge to your character or lack of same and maintain your anonymity you may call me personally and I will keep your identity confidential. I look forward to your gut-check.
    John Kowalko

  45. SussexWatcher says:

    He wants it. Why not throw his hat in?

  46. geezer says:

    Because I don’t think he’s that delusional.

  47. metoo says:

    Your shilling for KWS won’t get you anywhere. She is NOT the Democratic nominee simply because she “won” the rigged illegitimate Democratic primary. She’s merely the leftover who got just a few more votes than Mitch Crane because her buddy McDowell arranged it so votes that should and would have gone to him went to the two sham candidates instead. Both were promised jobs in the DOI if their presence on the ballot resulted in a KWS “win” and you’ll no doubt see them there after January. That was the ONLY reason both of them were in the race. But be that as it may, it remains that 67% of voters rejected KWS. That’s a long way from the supposed “mandate” she now claims the voters gave her. Obviously, no one who has a clue about what she is wants her in the IC position, including the party.

  48. I agree that Charlotte’s position is completely unfounded and stupid.

    Crane ran on his own principles and obviously is not endorsing the incumbent for same, just as he states. Charlotte’s construction of a fantasy endorsement ‘holdout’ out of a few nuggets of fairly widely known information is pretty silly.

    Crane was known to be angling for a raise and position advancement while a merit employee. That eventually took the form of IC candidacy years after he’d left. No one expects he’s angling for more at this point.

    Must.resist.feeding.troll. Maybe Cassandra will make troll disappear for unfounded lies and slurs of Gallagher….dream on.

  49. Charlotte says:

    I could care less who wins the insurance commisioner’s race.
    KWS or Gallagher are no friends of mine.
    I am just calling them like I see them.

  50. cassandra_m says:

    Hey Nancy, not everyone gets disappeared for unfounded lies and slurs — witness the fact that you still post here.

  51. metoo says:

    Cassandra, what I wrote is neither unfounded nor lies nor slurs. You know the source, which I’m sure you’ll agree is more than reliable.

  52. cassandra_m says:

    I’m not labeling what you said as either unfounded or slurs — my comment was just reminding Nancy that if that were the criteria for banning, she’s be pretty much at the top of the list.

  53. metoo says:

    Thanks for clearing that up. Maybe enough of the voters who rejected KWS will vote for Mobley in the general. It’s not impossible. We won’t even need the whole 67% who voted against her in the primary, just a simple majority. Anyone would be better than this incompetent incumbent.

  54. heh

    FYI troll, I just heard from someone who would know that Charlotte also has a reliable source for her comments. Maybe I should not be surprised at the news but I am. For shame Mr. Crane.

  55. cassandra_m says:

    How insidery!


    I heard from that same liar, too. Figures you would buy it hook line and sinker.

  56. geezer says:

    “Charlotte also has a reliable source for her comments.”

    Oh, please. This is exactly the kind of crap Gordon peddled to me every time I ever spoke with him. Smear, smear, smear, usually based on just such unknowables as what the subject is thinking.

    Here’s an idea: Find ONE positive thing to say about Karen Weldin Stewart that wasn’t written down for her and you by the hand inside her puppet head.

    Here’s another: Find ANY evidence of the truth of this smear. Then I’ll listen.

  57. metoo says:

    I wonder why not one of her opponents ever made moron Karen Weldin Stewart speak off script in public appearances. The only time she did that was early in her tenure when she was let out of her cage by mistake and unsupervised. It would have been good if someone had gotten her to talk off topic, unprepared and without those 3×5 cards the DOI staff always makes up for her in answer to pre-submitted questions so she would be less likely to show how clueless she is. Even the most skeptical would have been convinced that she’s a totally brainless puppet.

  58. john kowalko says:

    My phone number is 737 2396 cell: 547 9351. If Charlotte or her rumor affirming confidant wishes to call please be my guest. I will guarantee confidentiality but not the prospect of a major belittling response (from me personally) if it is the bull**** I believe it is. Put up or shut up.
    John Kowalko

  59. metoo says:

    @john kowalko: Don’t spend any time waiting for Charlotte or any other of KWS’s sycophants to call you. You can take for granted that anything coming from them will be lies and smears. That’s the way that atrocity of an IC has always run her campaigns. Be careful or she’ll accuse you of assaulting her like she did Gene Reed and Mitch Crane.