“It’s Global Warming, Stupid”

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Our cover story this week may generate controversy,” wrote editor Josh Tyrangiel on Twitter. “But only among the stupid.”

I agree.

Read the Bloomberg article here.

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  1. fightingbluehen says:

    Of course it’s global warming. What else could it be? We’ve known this for years. That’s why Mayor (marathon) Bloomberg was so proactive during the last decade shoring up NYC to hold the flood waters back….right? If you are so sure that global warming is making the sea rise and hurricanes more frequent and deadly, then why wouldn’t you take action to protect your city? I’ll tell you why. It’s because global warming is a political movement, and the people touting it don’t even believe it.

  2. Jason330 says:

    My stridently contrarian, red neck brother in law
    told me that we have to “get serious” about global warming.

    Case closed.

  3. pandora says:

    I really think FBH should put their feet up and have a nice drink – maybe a nap. At their current rate of hysteria in the comment section I worry they won’t make it until Tuesday.

  4. auntie dem says:

    You can bet that the Koch Bros. are making a ton of money off this disaster somehow. Which means they will continue their propaganda campaign that global warming is a hoax and the low information voters will believe them.

    OMG, we need a constitutional amendment declaring that corporations are not people and they cannot unleash their wealth on the electoral system in the name of free speech.

  5. fightingbluehen says:

    Why am I a THEY all of a sudden? I still feel like one person. Socialistic Ben called me Rusty the other day. Who am I, Sybil or something?

  6. geezer says:

    What FBH says is true: Bloomberg has rejected some of the obvious, if costly, steps that would deal with the rising sea level.

    (Just as an aside, you don’t have to believe in climate change to acknowledge that sea levels has risen nearly a foot in the past century. Whether it’s part of a larger problem or not, it’s a problem in New York City right now).

    I couldn’t find the original article I read about this, but this story gives an overview without delving into Bloomberg’s hypocrisy:


  7. anonymous says:


    If some corporate entities or persons claim climate change is a harmless hoax, they should have to stand behind that claim. As it stands, the Super PAC money can come from sources unnamed backing more damages.

    At least now, when the tobacco industry targets children, they’re held responsible. Why aren’t the fossil fuel industries and their politicians held responsible for their claims? Ask the politicians.

    Another problem is, most politicians worry about getting elected for the next few years and are afraid to even mention the words, climate change. The largest problem facing the country, the world – and politicians aren’t mentioning it. Republicans can take complete credit for the “hoax’ lie however, still being strongly touted by many tea party republicans. Scientists, on the other hand, have for decades, concluded climate change is real. And even worse, it has been underrated with worse case scenarios not yet studied. Now it is happening sooner than expected. For decades, politicians, as well as the informed public, have been told of greenhouse gases, a warming planet, warming oceans, melting polar and mountain top ice, changing currents, acidic oceans, changing weather patterns, extreme storms, droughts, crop losses, forest fires, rising sea levels, floods, migrations, etc, to be caused by climate change.

    If FBH were knowledgeable, he would know that some fossil fuel interests and even republican politicians agree, climate change is real. Of course they know/ have known, it’s real. What the monied interests and republicans now deny, are the causes and responsibility for loss of life, property damages, environmental losses, etc. On top of that, they want to keep releasing anthropogenic CO2 for free; not calling it a pollutant that changes natural climate systems. It’s the major part of Rmoney’s agenda; what Rmoney is actually running on – no CO2 tax, plus billions in fossil fuel subsidies, a fossil fuel dependent America and no tax breaks for clean energy. In short, no plans for a future, except increasingly damaged climates for present and future generations around the world. And millionaire Rmoney knows, the poor and middle classes will be hardest hit. No 3rd or 4th mansion to fly off to.

    This is exactly why this is the most important election ever. The overtaken republican party, now the tea party, will continue to deny reality, putting immediate greed before all life on the planet. Never mind the mid Atlantic ocean is 2.3 degrees F. above the long term average; that it is the second hottest year for ocean temperatures; that warm waters are jet fuel for hurricanes. Never mind the melting and the changing Arctic temperatures and currents. Never mind that the Arctic ice cap has receded to an all time low; that Greenland is melting; that the North polar region will soon be ice free. Never mind the droughts, floods, fires, sea level rises, temperature changes around the planet. 291.04ppm CO2 is the result of the burning of fossil fuels, with coal plants being particularly offensive as a major contributor. Too much anthropogenic CO2 equals a warming planet, changing climates. Not yet included in the scientific equations: the free release of methane gas caused by melting permafrost, warming shallow seas, etc. Republicans even realize, released CO2 lasts up to 200 years, doing it’s damage; but expect more of same as republicans in Congress fight for continued free releasing of the air pollutant CO2 which changes the air’s normal composition, causing the planet to warm. And expect republicans to say, they are not responsible for the climate hoax they played and the continuing damages they cause the American people as well as people and all life around the world.