The Morning After (Updated with Pictures)

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What damage do you have? Did you lose power? Listen to 1380 am, which is DELDOT’s radio broadcast. They list current road closings and detours for all three counties, including signal outages at intersections. It seems that the Governor will announce at 8:30 if the Level 2 Driving Restriction will be lifted. To echo Lt. Governor Denn and Governor Markell, if you or someone you know are running into any storm-related recovery roadblocks or have unanswered questions, post it here and we will get the message to them.


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  1. PBaumbach says:

    Driving ban lifted, at least to level 1. Yea!

  2. Aoine says:

    Ok. Dewey is open. Rt one anyway. But the bayside is flooded. Some streets at least. Wind still strong

  3. Aoine says:

    Have lots of post apocalypse pictures. Where can I send them?

  4. Delaware Dem says:

    Send them to me. You know my email address. If not,

  5. Wagonwheel says:

    Just back from a tour of downtown Lewes. Except for Lewes Beach, where access is blocked off at the bridge over the canal, damage is slight at the most. There are no downed trees or residual floods, including Pilottown Road along the canal which is now at high tide. Power is restored after having been out overnight for about 12 hours.

  6. auntie dem says:

    So the monster pin oak tree in the front yard has finally stopped dancing and and swaying. Phew. If we’re going to start having annual huricane events it might be time to take him down — I’ll miss the beauty but it is nerve wracking to wonder if he’s going to fall on my house or a neighbor’s house.

  7. Aoine says:

    RT one SB SOUTH of Dewey still closed.

    Hey thanks everyone for the updates in ur respective areas

    It really really helps! Deldem. Pics r being sent u getting them ok?

  8. Delaware Dem says:

    Yes, thanks Aoine. I have posted them.

  9. Delaware Dem says:

    Auntie Dem, I have two large oak trees in my yard. Watched them nervously all night.

  10. Pandora says:

    Power out here and we lost our beautiful front yard tree.

  11. cassandra_m says:

    Oh no, P! Call me if I can help.

  12. Aoine says:

    I will send you a bottle of good Arentinian wine

    To commiserate with you P. ;-(

  13. Paula says:

    Our power stayed on all night (IHM vicinity — Weldin/Shipley). Winds weren’t as bad here as they were during Irene. Oddly, there was more damage to small plants and shrubs (smaller than 4′ high) than to tall trees. Leaves stripped off these smaller plants, and some pulled out of the ground. But just in the front yard.

  14. kavips says:

    I’m still thinking on this but my take on the pictures was how temporal the damage from this storm was. Particularly of those pictures showing Ruddertown of yesterday and today… From those I saw yesterday, I felt yesterday there’d be nothing left. Now, judging from today’s pics above, by next summer, no one will ever know…

    I cannot shake the concept that I thought all hurricanes were a lot more dangerous. This, being the perfect storm, the worst of all history, was just a cough as far as wind speeds went. All of ones life, one hears how terrible they are. But the amount of data particularly from this one as it came up the coast, put a lot of information out there (ie windspeeds) that contradicted the official line that this was going to be an absolute monstrosity and terrible. If you looked at the raw data NOAA put out, you too would have wondered what all the fuss was about. But fuss we got, and that pumped each person including myself to hysteria..

    I’m sad and sorry Pandora lost her tree. But there are a lot of factors and trees do go down all the time (I apologize if it sounds like I’m making light, I’m not.) But truth is, there were areas around Delaware that have been worse hit by downbursts from tiny little thunderstorms…. So we have to put all of this in perspective. It will take some time to absorb all the data, there will be pockets where damage was cataclysmic (NYC and Atlantic City.) I’m grateful for the lack of damage here. I’m grateful we are not living in a New York City now, but, still I’m shaking my head over the drop in reality from my expectations, especially to those living inland.

    I’m wondering, who was responsible for putting those excessive expectations out there, … Was the hype simply the accumulation of everyone’s exaggerated ideas of what could possibly happen, which then feeds on each other to prop up our fears for the worst? I don’t yet know. Or does each person just internalized the raw data, and because of our own makeup,our own fearful nature, we simply interpret it as such?

    Not to pick on Rick Jensen, but he was the first mention last Tuesday of this storm that I personally heard. “With the winds pushing all that water up the bay, which narrows as a funnel, and all that rain coming down the Delaware River, when the both meet at high tide, it will wipe out everything on both sides of the river.” I believe I heard last night, that Frank Gerace of WDEL was on hand in Battery Park to see it happen, and the most excitement he had, was being stopped by the police for being out in violation of the Governor’s order…

    As I said, I’ll be thinking over this awhile. Any thoughts anyone has to the contrary or as a correlation, will be appreciated.

  15. kavips says:

    Crap. I forgot to add. Anyone know anything about Bethany Beach?

  16. Aoine says:


  17. Aoine says:

    kavips – you clearly dont know Hurricanes

    what is vital to know is that on the North-east side of the storm the winds are the worst

    they reason for the hype is NO ONE know where the storm will land – we were VERY lucky

    if Sandy had hit us further to the west – say tracked over goergetown – then the beach towns would have been gone – I mean gone gone forever gone

    multitudes of deaths – here is the thing – swing that storm a little to the west and the scenario would be VASTLY different

    one prepares for a storm by getting folks OUT – all the folks in the affected areaa

    you little this is temporal is BULLSHIT and i hope no one listenes to you – it is this attitude that causes death

    we were spared the worst of it by about 60 miles – go tell new Jersey folks and New York folks your temporal tale – theu were slammed with the storm surge – usually on the North eastern part of the storm

    yes – science can predict somewhat – but get cocky and folks die – NOAA and the Governement agencies were correct in what they did

    you shoudl learn somemore about meterology – have you seen the pics of the Indian RIver Bridge from today – north side approach?? and the fact that there are NO picture of Fenwick tell you anything??

    in this instance I take exception to your short-sighted and narrow minded post – NO one knew where landfall would be

    when you become God and know where the storm will hit and know who will be to the northeast – THEN critize government for protecting lives

    people like you cost others their lives – grow up

  18. Aoine says:

    Sorry for the typos – Im just livid that someone with no apparent knowledgE of wInds and tides and storms would be so fucking stupid

    did you even know the moon was full and what that does to the storm surge??



  19. AQC says:

    Wow Aoine. I took some issue with his post too, but you seem to be taking it way personally.

  20. Aoine says:


    no one in – rt 1 NB and SB ……closed

    Rt 54 is open but only to Fenwick approach from the west – then it is closed – national Guard will let you south to Ocean City but not NORTH into Fenwick
    Bay is over the road – and that is at low tide

    Rt 26 – all neighborhoods east of the canal is under 2 feet of water – AT LOW TIDE

    Water intrustion over Rt one south of South Bethany –

    think about that – Fenwick is under water even at low tide – would you want people there during the height of the storm?? – what if someone had a medical emergency – no access in or out and who know for how long that will continue, my experience tells 24 minimum to 72 more hours – the roads need to be cleared of sand and debris.


    for the rest of you – the Rudder will be open this weekend – WORD!

  21. Aoine says:

    @AQC – maybe because I know people die

    been out all day assessing this – im wiped

    Pandora – send that wine back!

  22. Liberal Elite says:

    @k “I’m wondering, who was responsible for putting those excessive expectations out there, …”

    “‘Unthinkable’ devastation
    Storm’s death toll climbs to 37, including 17 in N.Y.”

    “Northeast Suffers Huge Damage in Storm’s Path; Millions Without Power”

    “State-by-state storm damage”

    Damage in the $$$billions.

    “Storm’s cost could hit $50 billion, but reconstruction could end up boosting economic growth”

    Yea.. Who WAS responsible for warning us?

  23. puck says:

    How did Liberal Elite get away with posting 4 links? I’m moderated at 2 and sometimes 1. I guess he really is Elite.

  24. kavips says:

    I’m started laughing at Aoine’s first line. We’ve heard his side put moderately; any other opinions?

  25. Liberal Elite says:


    Sometime you need 4 to drive home a serious point… (and it was moderated)

  26. anonymous says:

    Locally. lots of areas aren’t being adequately reported such as coastal Delaware River and Bay. What about Fenwick. Ocean View etc or inland bay communities? My questions are. What part has climate change played in sea, air temps or wind currents etc to create the mega storm. Also, who designs a major multi use highway bridge feet from the ocean where both ends end below sea level. Think about this. An evacuation, when a brand new multi million dollar bridge is non functional. Useless. Luckily there was plenty of time and hype. What if tornados or short notice need to evacuate was added to the immediate situation for example. First order of business. A bridge should be functional not a giant heap of metal that needs to be closed and maintained when needed most. What. A coastal storm is a surprise? Or does the renurishment sand get washed away every year due to coastal storms plus the rising sea level., climate change factors.

  27. Aoine says:

    any questions?? still recognize this fact too…………

    there are no photos from Prime Hook -no photos from Fenwick either

    and its not like they didn’t fly over and take some….

    glad I amuse you Kavips

  28. Aoine says:

    Mandatory evacuation was from saturday night 8pm to Sunday night 8 pm. – 24 hours to get out

    The evacuation route out of Bethany is westbound 26. Not NB 1.

    Out of Fenwick is Rt 54 west.

    Indian river bridge was closed by 10am sunday ……its not an evacuation route never meant to be as either end dumps you onto a barrier island known to flood

    so thank goodness and government for the hype

    As to the climate issues…..above my paygrade……. 🙂

  29. Miscreant says:

    Aoine is spot on in that assessment.

    I traveled the county extensively today checking on properties. There was significant wind damage to homes on the back roads that would not likely be photographed or reported because it’s not as sexy as reporting on a million assholes packed like sardines in Philly and NYC. Most of the people down are more self-reliant than our city dwelling brothers and sisters, and are less likely to scream like a raped ape if their backyard grill is blown over by the wind.

  30. Aoine says:

    ABSOLUTELY, thanks Miscreant!

    In Delaware when they say get out- that means get out coz if you dont and you need help we will not come get you because we probably are not physically able to reach you

    Most other places they order an evacuation and you refuse to leave – several hours later when the wind picks up and the rain is a torrent yu rethink and call for help- they will come and get you- thats when folks get killed.

    We may be fools and rednecks and not so sophicticated by city standards down here- but we are very self sufficient and realize that when it comes down to it……

    We really are on our own- and are prepared to be so for a long time.

    We pick up our own grills, gas up our cars, have several jerry cans ready to go, canned goods, candles, a generator, a freezer full of dear meat, and beer lots of beer.

    Failing that, we can go get some meat on the hoof

  31. Joe Cass says:

    Meat on the hoof. The unspoken Sussex delicacy.

  32. geezer says:

    ” A bridge should be functional not a giant heap of metal that needs to be closed and maintained when needed most. ”

    As pictures plainly show, the “giant heap of metal” is just fine. The highway on either side of it is not — or do you think we should build a 20-mile-long dike to protect you?

    There is another option, of course — get the hell out when you’re told to. Unfortunately, experience shows that only about 60% of people heed the warnings.

  33. anonymous says:

    Rt 1 bridge sound? Does it meet coastal and climate needs, infrastructural necessity. A bridge with ramps at sea level – feet from the ocean. At times under the ocean. The bridge of DEnial. Continue spending tens of miilions on dredging and bulldozing sand instead. It sells pizza and tee shirts. Provide oceanfront sandbox for millionaires. DNREC can collect for a day at dredged up ‘beach.’ Keep the people in a State of DEnial. Question. Who builds a bridge with both approaches at and below sea level and calls it sound. Pretty but soundly flawed and foolish. And dangerous. Dangerous enough to be useless when needed most as when there is a state of emergency, a need to evacuate.

  34. geezer says:

    I’m not sure you understand the geology of the region. The road is just above sea level for roughly 20 miles. At some point it’s going to wash out, unless we build a raised highway from Dewey to Fenwick. As I mentioned above, that’s why people should get out when ordered. What part of “mandatory” don’t you understand?

  35. kavips says:

    Fenwick Island today. Fast click to most extensive damage around 9:24.

  36. Miscreant says:

    As a point of interest, most of the material that raises that road to just above sea level was dredged out of Rehoboth Bay beside it. The road was probably a good idea at the time from a transportation standpoint, perhaps if only to connect the dots between points A and B. The “pizza and tee shirts” was a by-product, and came later.

    Another point of interest… that’s the second inlet on that strip of road. The first one, which was located near the old Coast Guard station (now beautifully restored beyond its former glory) a couple miles north, was closed by Mother Nature, who also conveniently opened the new one. The ‘State Highway’ (DelDOT) and the Army Corp of Engineers just built around the new hole. DelDOT managed the area before they turned it over to the Division of Parks. If I recall, George Howard Bunting worked there as a State Highway lifeguard back when dinosaurs roamed.

    One more point of interest… Today’s new bridge is actually the third one at that location. Mother Nature took care of the first one during a storm.

    I do know enough about the area, and Mother Nature, that if they advised me to evacuate, I would. History has taught me not to fuck with her.

  37. Aoine says:

    And as we all learned in the 70’s…….


    Let me reiterate AGAIN anonymous- the evacuation routes from that area are all WESTWARD!

    RT 26 west from Bethany

    RT 54 west from Fenwick

    And to the north- from points north of the bridge- ie Dewey and rehoboth

    RT 24 west

    WEST is the way to go- not north thru the barrier islands and not north to the bridge

    WEST is the way to go – not south to ocean city either – another barrier island

    The IRB simply joins two spits of land together on nice days…..its not meant for exigent circumstance or costal evacuations
    Understend the fuction and you understand why what happened happend.

  38. Aoine says:

    @joe cass- yes meat on the hoof- commonly found at the Starboard

    In season

    June. July and august

  39. anonymous says:

    The engineers needed to understand the ‘geology’ of the area. The road is where it was built. In this case., too low, with the bridge ramping coming down immediately to a historically troublesome area, a turbulent area. Ocean side right near the forces of the inlet and an unstable area that requires constant continuous sand pumping from the permanent dredging operation on the other side of the inlet which pipes sand under the IR inlet fromm the north side of the inlet to the south side of the inlet otherwise that area would wash completely away. An area one would think should be avoided while designing the bridge ramp. That someone would choose to land a bridge ramp at that location has nothing to do with the word ‘mandatory.’ Let’s just pretend it’s a swell design., the new bridge was fully functional during the storm. There is no problem there., no sir ree. Great design. There’s also no such thing as rising sea levels., extreme storms or a melting Arctic region. Yes Virginia Santa lives on a oil rig where the frozen North Pole used to be.

  40. Liberal Elite says:

    @g “The road is just above sea level for roughly 20 miles.”

    At some point, it’s going to be below mean seal level.,_1870-2008_(US_EPA).png

    Within the lifetime of our own children, we will see a 1-2 foot rise in mean sea level.

    This means that even little storms can wreck havoc, and those pesky storms appear to be getting stronger every year…

    Why plan around today’s sea level?

  41. Aoine says:

    @kavips – you are a fucking mental midget and a lazy one too – which is worse

    here – sorry there are no KATRINA like bodies floating in the streets for you!/CoastalPoint/photos_stream

    after a house floods with sea water – do you think you just wait for the water to recede and move right back in….?

    with the mental accuity you have shown here so far – I would bet you do

    stay the fuck in New Castle – you have no visible skill we could use in Sussex.

  42. Aoine says:

    whoops I forgot one sorry Kavios – you can see the damage at ummm about…………….

    the whole thing from 0.00 to 0.41

    its Wall Street Journal footage – I think its real

    little different than “your self-guided stroll” down Route One – at the same same time and day

    bet you’d buy a pig in a poke too

  43. kavips says:

    Why yes, it was different from Fenwick Island.. Thanks for posting.