‘Bulo To Predict ‘Em All For You…

Filed in Delaware by on October 30, 2012

…Wednesday morning at 10 am:

Radio: The Al Mascitti Show-WDEL 1150 AM on your radio dial

Media: Right Here At Delaware Liberal

So, if you think you’ve got any late-breaking Delaware upset specials, now’s the time to persuade me…the piece is completed, but I can always edit it.

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  1. Jason330 says:

    I think Janet Rzewnicki has a real shot at knocking off Tom Carper.

  2. Bill Humphrey says:

    Make sure to ask Al how he feels about Sen. Cloutier using his show to tell voters she would have voted for SB 30 (the civil unions bill), during the same month she completed the DFPC survey (http://bit.ly/DFPCCloutier) saying she opposed SB 30.

  3. Bill: We spent a half hour on that topic last week. I think that we both concluded that there was no way she was telling the truth when she said she would have voted for SB 30. There was no way that she was gonna show up for that vote. She WANTED that A rating from the right-wing Delaware Family whatever organization, and she got it.

    Only question is, will the moderate/progressives who have been fooled by Cathy Cloutier ‘get it’ in time for the election?

  4. cassandra m says:

    I see a few Greg Lavelle signs on Rt 52 on the way to work and WTF is it with that creepy smiley face on those signs? I keep expecting something horrible to happen just like everytime the guy in the hockey mask shows up in that movie Halloween.