The Geoengineering of Hurricane Sandy

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So has anyone heard this story? This seems to be another giant bit of tinfoil hat being spread around the wingnut universe — namely that President Obama is somehow responsible for the geoengineering of Hurricane Sandy. In order to disrupt election coverage, to interfere with voting, to skew the polls. I’ve only been able to manage bits and pieces of this lunacy, but somehow chemtrails are involved. Chemtrails!

This guy has taken the time to show you some of the evolution of Sandy, helpfully pointing out where the abnormal aerosols are that are somehow powering this thing. No explanation of how released aerosoled material maintains its movement AGAINST hurricane strength winds. He does note, however, that this might be ripe for lawsuits by the people hit by this storm (approx. 2 minutes long):


It looks like Alex Jones over at InfoWars is a major vector of this lunacy. I can only hope that he is telling his viewers that Democrats vote on November 6 and InfoWars consumers vote on November 7.

Tell us in the comments what you’ve been hearing about this crazyness. A prize for whoever comes up with the best connection between this and Agenda 21.


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  1. Liberal Elite says:


    Anyone stupid enough to buy such nonsense has probably already bought Romney’s many lies, so this makes little difference.

  2. Dave says:


    And I thought it was aliens!!!

  3. Joe Cass says:

    Chapter 6,Subsection S of Agenda 21. Everyone knows that.

  4. cassandra_m says:

    I thought that Chapter 6, Subsection S of Agenda 21 covered the New World Order for golf courses.

  5. Steve Newton says:

    Destroying the golf courses of capitalists IS the point of weather engineering under Agenda 21.

  6. EllieMurasaki says:

    Because interfering with voting in blue states is a sure route to victory for a Democratic president.

  7. Joe Cass says:

    Remember those fun filled days of compiling Agenda 8? Those crazy hats! And when Agenda 13 became Agenda 14 due to superstitions? That could have been better thought out. Mis-steps aside, we can one day stand on the green of the 11th hole, survey our surroundings then immediately craft Agenda 22, when we mandate DISC GOLF COURSES!

  8. Paula says:

    In some states, it’s illegal for attorneys to solicit clients during or right after a disaster (natural or otherwise). New York, for instance, has a 30-day anti-solicitation rule. Sounds like this guy is heading for a disciplinary hearing.

  9. Paula says:

    Except that he doesn’t appear to be a lawyer. Oops.

  10. cassandra_m says:

    @Joe, how could I forget those hats? We pawned them off on the teajhadis for silly money and those guys still think they got the better part of the deal! Just so no pictures of us in those hats appear on Facebook, right?

    And I think you violated the first rule of Disc Golf Courses.

  11. Joe Cass says:

    Cass, you know I’m not happy unless I’m violating rules and common decency.

  12. pakhamai says:

    The US Senate approved the legislation in 2009 (you do the search) that paved the way for Geo-Engineering (ever heard of it?) and SRM (how ’bout this one?) to scale up with complete impunity for any damages to the environment or human health worldwide. Then again, you folks are so invested into this $5billion election circus, you just laugh it off. Fine. But breathe deeper… it will speed up your dementia.

  13. puck says:

    OK Pak-man, I’ll get started on that search right away.

  14. geezer says:

    I’ll tell you what they’ve engineered: An incredibly gullible class of loons.

  15. cassandra m says:

    What’s ironic about this new conspiracy theory is that if the President could geoengineer weather or climate, you’d think we could put this whole climate change threat to bed.

  16. puck says:

    No, Obama wants to make the weather worse to enrich Al Gore and bring about Agenda 21.

  17. Amie Lou says:

    Before leaving comments and sounding ignorant, people should actually research GEOENGINEERING and HAARP. They are both very real. Try looking at legitament documents like ” Owning the weather by 2025″ and the Geneva Convention back in the 70’s that banned weather modification as a form of weather warfare or better yet when representive kuchinich tried writing legislation to amend the patriot act in 2001 to ban Chemtrails as a form of exotic weapon. Agenda 21 is the complete take over of all of our resources to survive and that includes the air we breathe so who would be stupid enough to think chemtrails which are sprayed above our heads would not affect the air we breathe? A great educational documentary put out by experienced professionals In agriculture and weather forecasting is ” Why in the World Are They Spraying”. Watch it, educate yourself. Ignorance is not bliss!!!

  18. pandora says:

    Ignorance is obviously not bliss since you seem very stressed, Amie Lou.

  19. socialistic ben says:

    ” A prize for whoever comes up with the best connection between this and Agenda 21.”

    What did betty-ray…. or bella-anne…. oh wait Amie-Lou (i knew it was something confederaty) anyway, what did she win? hopefully a clue.

  20. Dave says:

    It just so happens that I was a member of the HAARP program office back when it was being built. A mildly interesting program focused on radio communication research but I suppose there could be a secret hanger somewhere where the stored the dead aliens recovered from the crash…No wait, that’s Area 51. Ah ha, Area 51 Agenda 21. Get it! They both start with a capital “A”, they both have two digits and they both have a “1” and they both have similar and mnemonically pleasing sounds.

    There have always been loons but I have noticed since moving to Delaware that there seems to be a plethora of politically active loons. Is Delaware at the center of some geomagentic flux? Have the loons always lived here or is there some moth to a flame attraction which causes them to move here?

  21. socialistic ben says:

    the lunacy has been distilled. Nut jubs like Evan Quickie and CoD are all that is left of the right wing here, because all the sane people were driven out. What youhave left are people who think like Bobby-Sue