Tuesday Daily Delawhere [10.23.12]

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Sorry this is late. One of the things I hate about debate nights is that I am too keyed up to go to sleep at my normal bedtime of 11, right after the end of the debate. I have to stay up and listen to the post debate coverage, and then as I force myself upstairs to bed I am still checking Twitter for another hour. Ugh.

Well, at least that is over with for another four years. Join us next time in 2016 when we will hear from the Democratic nominee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the Republican nominee, Rick Santorum.

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  1. JConnor says:

    mmmmm. Jake’s Kirkwood Highway by VA

  2. Dorian Gray says:

    Holy shit, an Elsmere daily Delawhere! Was the VA hospital one a while back? I’ll be on the look-out for Serpe’s and the original Casapulla’s

  3. That’s not Elsmere, it’s Roselle.

  4. j marie says:

    Yes Roland, Roselle in *unincorporated* NCC. It is also one of the first suburbanized neighborhoods in NCC. I currently have the pleasure as serving as President of the civic assoc.

  5. Dorian Gray says:

    I just saw these comments. Hahahaha. Brilliant! Are you guys preparing for those bastards from Brax Ax to invade. Maybe plan a trade war with Price’s corner. 🙂 No offense but Roselle is a neighborhood in Elsmere.

  6. j marie says:

    Ummmm no it is not. Look at a map. The Little Mill Creek seperates us. We don’t pay elsmere taxes, vote for their town “officials” and their police department does not respond to our neighborhood(thank god!). Brack-Ex is part of us. No offense taken here, but the facts are the facts. Sheesh

  7. Dorian Gray says:

    Elsmere has taxes? And the DMZ is body of water known as Little Mill Creek! Joking aside, I get it. I was in a Civic Association when I lived in Newark (Newark address) but Newark didn’t collect our trash in Windy Hills… Newark cops didn’t patrol, NCC cops did… but to call Windy Hills a town? It’s just funny to me…

  8. Roselle is a neighborhood in unincorporated NCC. It’s not a town, and no one here said it was. I simply pointed out that the shopping center shown in the photo is not located in Elsmere. I’m not sure what’s funny about that.

  9. JConnor says:

    All I said is it was by the VA 🙂 Coulda said By BJ’s or went with the Old Dry Goods location. Or I coulda said it was the strip Center where Council 81 AFSCME had offices back in the 70’s or I coulda said what I said. Pretty much everybody is right. Town and City limits can be tricky to figure and rely on. Example: the east side of Market Street starting at 35th St is Unincorporated County area and it sure looks to be part of the City. I do this for fun, so enjoy:)

  10. Dorian Gray says:

    What’s funny is that I grew up within walking distance of the place and if you asked 1000 people where that was 999 would say Elsmere, just like if you live in Windy Hills it’s called Newark, Limestone Hills is Pike Creek, Forty Acres in Wilmington… Very few people are so pedantic as to ensure accuracy of naming an “unincorporated neighborhood” whose moniker hardly anyone ever uses. Fine, “Roselle” isn’t in Elsmere… the idea of making a point of the difference… no, that fact that there is a difference is hilarious in the broader sense.