Comment Rescue – Denn would be a kick ass Governor

Filed in National by on October 23, 2012

The headline is a paraphrase from a comment down below. But, I think we can all agree, Matt Denn is a Democrat’s Democrat. He’ll make a hell of a Governor if he wants to take that step. In the meantime he just goes around quietly kicking ass and making people remember what government should be all about. Here is a recent youtube ad he recently put out on work he’s done helping families with special needs kids.

Can he turn the world on with his smile?
Can he tale a nothing day and suddenly make is all seem worthwile?

The consensus is, “Hell yes.”

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  1. SussexWatcher says:

    Matt Denn is the reason I hope for Secretary of Education Markell. But in the event of a full term of Jack II, he will have to fight at least one rival off – Chip or Beau. So it’s not guaranteed.

  2. John Young says:

    hoping for a Sec Ed Markell is tragedy in wait.