I’m Part of the 53% and I’ll Be Voting for Obama

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One of the funny things about the Mitt Romney’s brutal honesty is that some Romney supporters think that this will lock up 53% of the vote. Not so fast.

I’m part of the 53% and I’ll be voting for Obama. How about you?


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  1. puck says:

    The worst part is how much time we will have to spend debating whether 47% pay no taxes.

  2. Delaware Dem says:

    Me too. And the mistake Mitt Thurston Howell III Rmoney, and all Ayn Randian Republicans who think like him, make is that a lot of the 47%, whom they dismiss and deride, are voting for them. Part of the 47% are the elderly who are on SS and Medicare. They don’t pay Federal Income Tax. Others are poor working class whites in the South and in Appalachia and elsewhere who culturally vote for the Republicans over social issues, or because they are racist and won’t vote for a black man. They are so poor they did don’t make enough income to pay federal income tax, and since they are poor, they are likely to be on certain assistance programs.

    Indeed, a lot of the 53%, who make enough money to pay federal income tax, are not voting for Mitt Romney. Those educated elites Republicans hate on so much, well, they tend to make money and they tend to pay taxes and they tend to never vote Republican.

  3. puck says:

    The interesting thing that seems be escaping attention so far is that Mitt’s comments came in his attempt to explain to his wealthy donors why he couldn’t attack Obama’s character harder. Mitt wrote off the 47% and said he needed to make a play for independents, who voted for Obama last time and still kinda like Obama, so he had to go with the “in over his head” attack instead.

    That was before the convention though, and now it turns out independents don’t like Romney either, and he is now pivoting to a rile-up-the-base campaign. So he might not give that same response to that group today.

    But writing off 47% as shiftless freeloaders will burn in political memory forever.

  4. puck says:

    Also lost is that the Mitt Romneys of the world are responsible for 47% not making enough income to pay Federal income tax (assuming that is even true). The more you cut taxes for the rich, the more you increase income inequality. The wealth of the investor class is based on cheap labor.

    To get the bottom half to pay more taxes, raise their incomes to taxable levels.

  5. cassandra m says:

    Count me in as a Me Too. And I wish someone would point out that this was said by a man whose non-medaling Olympic horse got a bigger tax writeoff than most of the 47% make in a year.

  6. Linda says:

    Count me in too. Too bad he didn’t finish the joke about Mexicans. Although his grandfather was born in Mexico he never would have lived up to presidential standards . . . as a Mexican we have a dozen kids but as Mormons born in Mexico they have a dozen wives . . . bastard!!!

  7. Another Mike says:

    I pay taxes, and I believe in taking responsibility for my own life, and I will be voting for Obama.

  8. anonymous says:

    Rmoney, that’s unamerican.

    Republicans aim to use the government for their own advantage, even though they say, they’re against government interference.

    Republicans would not consider those Americans who paid income taxes, Americans who paid into Social Security all their working years. Never mind those who aren’t presently employed, but pay school taxes, county taxes, gasoline tax, cigarette tax, liquor tax, sales tax, real estate transfer taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes. Considering the elderly who worked all their lives improving other’s lives and who now collect their social security – as just people who don’t pay taxes – is republican wrong.

    A person first, has to consider if a job will pay enough on which to live, considering one’s expenses such as rent, food, gas, car payments, auto and health insurances, child care, etc. Republicans are against increasing the minimum wage so that the lowest wage earners can afford to live and also earn enough to pay taxes. If people were paid a livable wage for their work plus made enough to pay taxes, they would.

    A republican quarter billionaire would say even an increase of a $1 an hr. would be too much for a poor person to earn for actual work – while Rmoney makes 20 million dollars a year by hiring the best of the best (at a million dollars a yr.) to manager his investments, blind trust, etc. Never mind the fact that Rmoney refuses to verify the resulting low rate of his own taxes or the fact that he does everything he can – not to pay taxes on his income.

    Republicans also argue that raising the minimum wage would reduce employment. Never mind the fact that a working person needs to make enough to pay for a place to live, have enough to eat, have transportation to work, still afford heath care. (Republicans like to laugh at the working poor, who live at their parents’ home, are on their parents’ heath insurance.) Republicans are also against affordable educational opportunities – to avoid low wage jobs. They are happy to send jobs overseas, hire immigrants for less, have Americans do more work for even less.

    Republicans argue that a higher minimum wage would cause businesses not to hire.
    Some on the right have gone so far as to be against the very concept of a minimum wage.
    Republican Sen. DeMint opposed the minimum wage saying it hurts the poor and destroys desperately needed jobs. Since when would more pay hurts the poor?

    Michele Bachmann, had said that scrapping the minimum wage could “potentially virtually wipe out unemployment completely, because we would be able to offer jobs at whatever level.” Whatever level. Should the poor be grateful for being able to spend their lives working for next to nothing, just to make republicans richer?

    Who would work for $2 – stand over there. OK, now who will work for $1 ?

    Never mind also, that Rmoney says the government can set the price of labor better than the free market. A party that says less government is better also – sees no problem with using the government – for the benefit of the wealthy only.

    Republicans in government lower American values, lower standards, lower goals of what should be a great inclusive American culture. Instead Republicans attack the poor because they are poor (even while Rmoney asks for free money behind closed republican doors,) – so he can defeat the best interests of all Americans.

    The republican philosophy is clear – The rich should make even more and pay even less taxes for same. The rest of America – even your vote is not considered.

    To his wealthy donors, Rmoney says, “My job is is not to worry about those people,”

    No matter what Rmoney’s birth certificate reads – that’s unamerican.

  9. Liberal Elite says:

    The problem is that much of the 47% will be voting for Romney.

    The WaPo has a really nice must read piece on this:


  10. Liberal Elite says:

    Did anyone notice that it was Jimmy Carter’s grandson who got Romney. Just revenge for the way Romney has been treating the former president.


  11. WWB says:

    Just caught his interview on Hardball.

  12. WWB says:

    I’m not sure whether I’m part of the 47% or the 53%. I know I’m voting for Obama, but which of those groups you are in kind of depends on how you interpret his remarks. He starts out by saying that there are 47% of Americans who will vote for Obama “no matter what.” So that puts me in the 47%. But then he goes on to say that those 47% don’t pay taxes and are just looking for handouts. So that puts me in the 53%…I pay taxes and I have never asked for handouts. I know that 47% is close to the percentage of people who don’t pay income taxes, and that is probably what he was getting at, but based on how he presented his comments it could be interpreted that he was talking about Obama having 47% of the vote locked up, and then he suggested that everyone who was absolutely voting for Obama was basically a freeloader. Either way I’m 100% sure that Romney is the biggest ass the GOP has put up for president in my lifetime.

  13. Liberal Elite says:

    “and then he suggested that everyone who was absolutely voting for Obama was basically a freeloader.”

    Instead of being 100% correlated, these are likely anti-correlated. Most of the takers are from red states. Corporate pork is also more likely to go to conservatives (the big big freeloaders).

  14. Rusty Dils says:

    Over 100,000 readers of CNBC and Yahoo Finance respond to Romney’s 47% comment.

    1. Do you agree with Romney’s statement
    Yes, 75%
    No, 23%
    Not Sure 2%

    More Likely to support Romney 47%
    Less Likely to support Romney 29%
    Will have no impact 24%

  15. heragain says:

    Rusty, would those be Mr. Romney’s immense astroturf twitter following?

  16. Liberal Elite says:

    @RD “Over 100,000 readers of CNBC and Yahoo Finance…”

    Are you a real person, or are you one of the liberals here trying to give this place some comic relief?

    The race just ended… for all intents and purposes… and this is what you offer?

  17. anonymous says:

    The American government should be of, by, for 100% of the American people.

    A presidential candidate, should not consider a person – too poor for their vote to matter, no longer useful; not worthy to collect social security they paid into; too unemployed to count as a person; not deserving of medical care; too unimportant to be an American that counts.

    That person now living in a van is an American; so is the sick person, those hungry children.

    Rmoney says, “….It is my job not to worry about these people.”

    Mr. Rmoney has taken care of his own with 100 million dollar tax free trust funds, for example. But it is a President’s job, to consider what’s best for all Americans, even those with the least dollar wealth assigned them.

    A person who wants to be President, should know there are victims; victims of wars, victims of ghettos, of poverty, of hate, of illnesses, of a multitude of disadvantages, even victims of the Bush administration.

    All things being unequal, America should be the country that knows, each person has a potential for a better life. Rmoney’s life is better, because some of the very people he plans not to worry about fought his wars, served with their lives, designed medical equipment, picked beans in fields, taught children, scrubbed his floors.

    I’ll vote for a President who believes all Americans are entitled to a better life, even when that includes Americans who had lost their limbs, jobs, homes, their health and did not go hungry because Americans have their backs.

    Willard Rmoney calls the struggling ‘entitled’ and turns his back. It’s not his job.

    I call Willard entitled. He made his quarter billion, has many homes, fleet of cars, family wealth, makes 20 million a year on investments, dreams of becoming President of the United States and yet, he says, “It is my job not to worry about these people.”

    These American people. His head counters have them numbered, but they are not to be counted.

    Seems Rmoney is showing us his Bain Capital method – shut their lives down; more riches for the slick and powerful.

    My 100% American vote will also say, it’s not your job. You’re not the right man for America.

  18. Truth Teller says:

    I watched the complete tape 3 times and the thing that struck me as the most damaging and UN American statement was when he gave advice to Iran to use the planting of a dirty bomb in Chicago and use this threat as a bargaining chip against the United states to allow them to continue with their nuclear program.

    I wounder why this aiding the enemy by Mittens hasn’t been given more coverage in the MSM?