The Polls are Closed: Primary Election Results Thread

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The polls are now closed. The poll workers are tabulating results and phoning them in.  Hopefully the candidates are having their signs gathered in hopes of reuse in two months.

The Department of Elections website is here.

Post the results you find interesting below.

UPDATE FROM DELAWARE DEM: I am here at Timothy’s. Come out and drink. Also, be sure to check out the #votede Twitter feed.

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  1. jason330 says:

    With no districts reporting, I’m calling it for Kovach.

  2. jason330 says:

    With no districts reporting, I’m calling it for the bartender not in the weeds – but simply ignoring you.

  3. pandora says:

    As much as I miss you guys, I don’t miss Timothy’s lack of service.

  4. jason330 says:

    I’m missing it too.

  5. jason330 says:

    114 idiots voted for Rose Izzo so far.

  6. jason330 says:

    Mitch Crane off to a good start.

  7. jason330 says:

    Looks like Booth might hold off Bodie.

  8. Krawen Townie says:

    According to @jwstarkey’s twitter feed, Smyrna Middle School had these signs hanging up today.

    Seems a bit misleading since a utility bill, paycheck, or government document with name and address will do – and in the absence of all that you could still cast a provisional ballot if I’m reading Delaware code right. Section 37.

  9. Only 7% reporting, but I’m pretty surprised to see Bullock that far ahead of Taschner.

  10. Delaware Dem says:

    Carper is cruising. So much for the protest vote there.

  11. Delaware Dem says:

    KWS takes the lead with 32%. Still early.

  12. jason330 says:

    GALLAGHER & SPIVACK Suuuuuuck!

  13. Delaware Dem says:

    My Shahan dreams look to be dashed. He is at 12% so far. Gordon in the high 40’s. Clark in the high 30s

  14. SussexWatcher says:

    Numbers are meaningless at this point. LewesReho and Newark areas, w high turnout due to local races, still yet to come in. Anything could happen.

  15. Garlic and Onions says:

    ANTHONY J. DELUCA 152 7 159 39 . 8 %
    BRYAN TOWNSEND 232 8 240 60 . 2 %

  16. Garlic and Onions says:

    only 2 of 11

  17. chlorophil says:

    Urquhart goes down in flames, again. Staton has a real race on his hands for november.

  18. Alex says:

    If Crane can get over the top that would be amazing

  19. SussexWatcher says:

    Can anyone explain why there are 348 electoral districts for Senate and Congress, but just 346 for IC?

  20. Delaware Dem says:

    I am calling it for Carper, obviously, Kovach, obviously, Dennis P. Williams for Wilmington Mayor, and Tom Gordon for NCCo Executive.

  21. george says:

    Can whoever answers SW’s question re. the electoral districts also explain why Gallagher and Spivack are getting a proportionately high number of votes?

  22. college says:

    Blown away that Stewart is winning right now.

  23. Bilbo says:

    Disgusted people would want Gordon back. Hope rational minded dems flock to support Mark Blake….

  24. Delaware Dem says:

    I will be voting for Mark Blake

  25. Garlic and Onions says:

    26 of 41 Districts Reported
    only 15 to go.

  26. george says:

    @college: She’s not “winning”, just temporarily ahead in the vote count. Or so we can hope.

  27. SussexWatcher says:

    Urkel inching up. Fuuuuuck.

  28. jason330 says:

    66% of Dems are voting against Stewart for IC. That should make November more interesting.

  29. college says:

    Dennis E. beats Matthews, closer than expected though

  30. Looks like John Cartier has a solid win over Rich Perillo. Still don’t understand how Taschner is down by so much.

  31. SussexWatcher says:

    Bennett won. People must despise McG.

  32. Alex says:

    @Jason I’m with you man, she’s has to go one way or another…looks like Crane is either done or its going to be a few votes

  33. SussexWatcher says:

    Sean Matthews did better than expected.

  34. Garlic and Onions says:


    10 of 10 Districts Reported

    WILLIAM H. DUNN 585 13 598 45 . 7 %
    KIMBERLY WILLIAMS 692 18 710 54 . 3 %

  35. SussexWatcher says:

    Say hello to Senator Bodenweiser, unless a whole mess of Republicans will vote for a black woman in November.

  36. SussexWatcher says:

    Mayor is pummeling Rogers.

  37. mongo says:

    Bodenweiser won. Booth has given his concession speech. God help us.

  38. Krawen Townie says:

    DeLuca isn’t doing too well with 7 districts out of 11 reported in.

    ANTHONY J. DELUCA 479 12 491 41 . 2 %
    BRYAN TOWNSEND 678 23 701 58 . 8 %

  39. chlorophil says:

    Ernie Lopez beat urquhart, its already over. speeches given.

  40. Valentine says:

    Glad Marie beat that racist, homophobic pig.

  41. Susan says:

    I was REALLY hoping Dave Brady would take out Harris McDowell.

    Dave was a great State Rep.

  42. jason330 says:

    Congratulations Representative BAUMBACH !

  43. Seems pretty clear to me that Gordon/Bullock/Stewart had a more effective machine than anybody.

    And, I’ll say it. I was worried that Crane wasn’t spending enough time in NCC. Kent and Sussex combined have less than 40% of the state’s D’s. More than anything, that explains the good showing by Gallagher and Spivack. People who didn’t want to vote for KWS had alternatives other than Crane. Crane needed to spend lots more time up here and less in Sussex.

  44. Delaware Dem says:

    I’m calling the County Council President race for Christopher Bullock. Ugh.

  45. george says:

    Looks like Harris McDowell will be back too, and his plan for drawing votes from Crane with the two shill candidates is working. Without them Crane would have wiped the floor with Stewart. Piss poor showing on her part clearly shows voters are on to her. Get ready for a Republican IC as of next year. No telling what dirty tricks they’ll be pulling on the R candidate before November, though.

  46. SussexWatcher says:

    A new gen has taken over in E Sussex. Old farts need not apply. Hope Staton and Lopez both keep it civil.

    Frederick only barely squeaked by Mike Miller. What a joke.

  47. Garlic and Onions says:

    Why so long for the Deluca Results?

  48. Delaware Dem says:

    I have called the SD11 race. BRYAN TOWNSEND WINS!!!!! Check out the front page of DL

  49. jason330 says:

    AYOTTE beat WANGEN. It was a foregone conclusion that some but was going to win that one.

  50. SussexWatcher says:

    Mike Vincent holds off pro-sheriff teabag to keep seat. No D opponent in November – just like four years ago.

  51. Alex says:

    @ElSon Its a shame I know. I just hope the lobbyists in DC back a GOP alternative. I’d rather have a fresh start with anyone else than her again, even though she’ll be a huge favorite. I mean how do you actually run against an insurance commissioner even though its such a huge part of the actual November congressional discussion regarding Obamacare and who and what it pays? She’s far more powerful than people realize and I’d almost rather have a GOP candidate just be honest and say “I’m here to save the insurance lobby” than have her maintain the status quo.

  52. SussexWatcher says:

    Lopez SMASHED Urquhart. Wow.

    Well, against Ayotte, at least Deaver’s re-election will be easier.

  53. Valentine says:

    I’m not sure 55% constitutes a smashing.

  54. george says:

    Yes Stewart is more powerful than people realize. Why? Instead of working for a living since she was fired from the DOI in early ’93, she spent all the years since then making connections and building a base in the state and in the insurance industry while living off contributions to her three campaigns and borrowed money she never paid back.

  55. SussexWatcher says:

    Just realized that George is never going to leave now …

  56. george says:

    Yes Stewart is more powerful than people realize. Why? Instead of working for a living since she was fired from the DOI in early ’93, she spent all the years since then making connections and building a base in the state and in the insurance industry while living off campaign contributions and borrowed money she never paid back.

  57. george says:

    Sorry about that…computer glitch. Yes, I give up. Stewart will be happy to hear that. The corruption in Delaware is just too much for anyone to try to fight against. I feel bad for Mitch Crane and Delawareans to have to have to live with those conditions. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the Repub wins in November.

  58. Andy says:

    Comment by SussexWatcher on 11 September 2012 at 8:53 pm:

    Bennett won. People must despise McG.

    McGlumphy is a Republican in sheeps clothing check out his voting record on Dover City Council. That’s why he lost

  59. Well, we took down Tony DeLuca. It’s not impossible. But it’s damned hard.

  60. SussexWatcher says:

    V – Potato, potahto. He got more votes than Townsend.

  61. chlorophil says:

    So are all of you willing to vote for the Republican in the general for IC?

  62. Bilbo says:

    Well it will be entertaining and provide plenty of News Journal stories to watch the county descend into a cesspool again. Excited for B. Townsend, but giving Gordon power again is a fool’s errand.

  63. mongo says:

    Senator Bodenweiser?! Given the lackluster campaign of the Democratic challenger, we could have Bodenweiser in the Senate, and Sussex County will be even more of a laughing stock for the rest of the state. Bodie is the darling of the far-right, Sherrif Christopher-loving, 9/12 Patriot types. Some people need to light a fire under Jane Hovington. I haven’t seen one sign for her, nor have I seen anything on Facebook, etc. Is the county party going to roll over and hand this seat to the nutjob fundamentalists?

  64. SussexWatcher says:

    El Som: Would you do a Lessons Learned post soon for other candidates/volunteers from Townsend’s effort, both strategic and tactical?

  65. DEvol says:

    I’m physically sick that Gordon is the apparent winner for County Executive and KWS for IC. Guess that’s TWO R’s I’ll be voting for in two months.

    I’m interested in how the numbers for Shahan and Husband were so close. Shahan had signs and websites; Husband seemed to be the quiet candidate yet they both got about 10% of the vote. Husband is a good guy and I’m glad he made a good showing tonite, despite not getting “endorsed”

  66. Delaware Dem says:

    I am calling it for KWS. Thank God I am at a bar.

  67. Delaware Dem says:

    So, I will be voting for 2 Republicans this fall: Mark Blake and Ben Mobley. Well, actually 3. Christopher Bullock was once a Republican

  68. Bilbo says:

    Go Mark Blake!

  69. SussexWatcher says:

    If Shahan, Husband and Clark have any decency, they will donate the max from their campaigns to Blake first thing tomorrow, and encourage their supporters to do the same.

    I live in Sussex, but what you northern folks are going through will impact all of us. If Gordon wins, he’s not stopping there. Thank goodness we’ve got Matt Denn backstopping the Governor’s office.

  70. Jpconnorjr says:

    Here I come!

  71. Dana Garrett says:

    I am on the verge of losing bladder control thinking, relishing that DeLuca lost. Now we need to start advocating that Karen Peterson becomes the next Senate Pro Tem.

  72. WWB says:

    Bodenweiser took out Booth? Wow. Could the Dems have a shot at that seat now? I also fear that Lopez beating Urquhart puts that seat in play for the R’s. Staton vs. Urquhart should have been no contest. But Lopez comes across as reasonable, and as an independent friend of mine said the other day, referring to Lopez: “People like me will vote for him.”

  73. SussexWatcher says:

    How write-in campaigns work: Votes don’t count unless the person declares himself a candidate by Sept. 30.

    Go, Mayor Castle!



    The Dems have a shot in the 19th only if thousands of Sussex Republicans vote for a black woman. So, no, not a chance.

    Lopez *is* reasonable. I’m fairly close to voting for him. Something about Staton just makes me skeptical.

  74. SussexWatcher says:

    One ED yet to report. Some poll worker or computer tech getting an ass-chewing right now.

  75. Stayton drew some negative attention when I read a letter written to the Delaware State News this spring about the inner workings of a certain meeting of the Delaware Real Estate Commission which Andy was chairing. I will bring it to light before November rolls around.

    Sorry for the sad faces around here….NOT.

    At least we all agree on happiness in Paul Baumbach and Bryan Townsend’s getting a shot to make a big difference in Dover next year.

  76. Alex says:

    @El Somnambulo cheers to that. PLEASE INTERVIEW THAT DUDE. PLEASE.

  77. @So, I will be voting for 2 Republicans this fall: Mark Blake and Ben Mobley. Well, actually 3. Christopher Bullock was once a Republican

    DD I know why you are on this schtick but remember, Margaret Rose Henry was also once a Republican and look at the progressive agenda she has masterfully steered through the Senate for the good of all.

  78. TeleMan says:

    We supported Andy Staton, seems like a sincere, decent guy and he ran a good campaign. Does anyone know what the Dem Vs. Rep split is in this district? Can we assume there was a greater Rep turnout than there was for the Dems? Can we assume that Lopez will get a large share of Urquhart’s votes? Looks like it will be a horse race.

  79. I am a little relieved that Jim Martin’s votes didn’t hurt David Brady enough for the loss. That would have hurt.

    If what was reported here earlier, that Brady bought information from the DEM party for his 1st District voters and got instead the 3rd District voters, can we cause a stink about it? Jim Martin told me his voting list was very much out of date as well – lots of bad information.

  80. Brooke says:

    I was with Renee tonight. I’m just…

    What do people think will happen?

  81. Josh says:

    I’m going to sit back and see how most of this plays out only a handful of candidates I liked won today. Thank goodness I invested no time in many of the campaigns. Glad to see Darius Brown finally won. Maria Cabrera got in. Sammy Prado and Loretta Walsh have been re-elected.

    Disappointed as anyone about IC but when I saw the four candidates with a no knowledge of the past four years in April Mitch, came off as very arrogant KWS as incompetent and the other two were my only options.

    I’m sad to lost Paul, that said who knows what’s next.

    Bill Dunn, would have won the CC President race I don’t know what he was thinking. How Renee, lost is obviously the city ruled the county overall.

    Townsend is good news for the state. Glad Kim Williams won as well. Hopefully all the Democratic winners will move us FORWARD for the future.

  82. Josh says:

    One last thing the under vote in many of the races was pretty high at the polling place I worked. Especially for City Council At large. I stayed out of the politics of it this year. Worked for the state all day. Saw Clark and Renee, until about 15 minutes prior to close. Early in the day saw a Dennis Williams Fire Truck and Montgomery. Crazy to watch. Also saw Paul Gallagher, and Marcy Spivack.

    When I say I saw them it was to make sure they were the requisite 50 feet away.

  83. John T says:

    Delaware could be turning more conservative with Evan Queitsch and Eric Bodenweiser serving in the state senate together. Economic sanity is coming to Delaware.

  84. jason330 says:

    Evan Queitsch? Wasn’t he just disbarred ? That guy?

  85. John T says:

    Rose Izzo lost. Scott Gesty is the best choice.

  86. Alex says:

    If there is one thing I hope this site can put together, its a movement to discredit Donna hell or highwater. We’ve know the future group anyway at this point, digging up insurance lobby dirt would be God’s work.

  87. anon says:

    No, Evan Queitsch is this guy:

    He sucks.

  88. SussexWatcher says:

    Who is Donna?

  89. Delaware Dem says:

    John T, I will run naked up and down Rt. 1 if Evan Quietch wins. That is how confident I am in saying he has no chance in hell in being elected.

  90. JP Connor says:

    Great to stop by Timothy’s between Victory parties. Cass I am so sorry to have missed you but I am sure you had a conspiracy to probe. George, Europe called and said your hole was ready to crawl back into. Mr. Daniello, warmest congratulations on a wonderful job. And finally Tony DeLuca, you were a punk when I first met you and you remained consistant. I hope you retire with a bunch of other washed up Punks. Congrats to Karen, Tom, Chris, Dennis, Brian, and Hanifa and to those I missed. Remember “Victory is never total and Defeat is never final”

  91. george says:

    Victory may not be final either, JP.

  92. JPConnorjr says:

    Your hole is calling honey, crawl in like a good little idiot:)

  93. george says:

    You’re a schmuck. 32% of the vote is nothing to gloat about, with her majesty the incumbent beating the real candidate by just 1000 votes. And without McDowell’s plants Gallagher and Spivack she would have lost big time because their votes would have gone to Mitch. 67.1% of the voters didn’t want her. Put that in your schmuck pipe and smoke it. Mobley is going to beat the pants off her in the election because

  94. george says:

    ….people would rather have an honest Republican than a corrupt stupid and arrogant Democrat as IC. She has nothing to be proud of and nothing to celebrate. She should be embarrassed. Her departure from the DOI was only delayed for a few months tonight.

  95. jason330 says:

    I’m not so sure. The Dems might have blown their best chance. If either of the other two had been convinced to drop out KWS would have been trounced.

    Now she is the Democratic candidate in a Democratic state.

  96. JPConnorjr says:

    Woulda, coulda, shoulda 🙂

  97. People who are blaming Gallagher and Spivack miss the point. Crane helped create the vacuum that enabled Gallagher and Spivack to suck up so many people sick of KWS.

    When you’re running as the voice of the consumer, but you don’t run a grassroots campaign in NCC, and spend the last few weeks of the campaign touting that you are the ‘endorsed’ candidate, you’re running the wrong campaign and sending mixed messages. Hell, GALLAGHER definitely had a better grassroots campaign in NCC than Mitch, and it showed.

    More on this on today’s Al Show from 10-12. I’ll eat crow over this race and my Taschner prediction. But, I’ll be crowing about the Townsend win.

    In other words, if you’re a fan of the ‘Godfather’ theme, you just might want to tune in. WDEL-1150.

  98. Jpconnorjr says:

    ES the Tiensend win was huge and you are to be congratulated . A true game changer!

  99. WWB says:

    Sussexwatcher: I voted for Bob Frederick because I sort of know him…I taught his daughter and coached her in soccer, and he always seemed like a reasonable, likable guy. I also have heard more of his positions than I did of Staton’s. With the race being Staton vs. Lopez I am going to give Lopez a good hard look. Sometimes I think if we elect some R’s with sense it might eventually send a message to the wingnuts.

    TeleMan: Breakdown by registration in the new 6th senate district favors the Democrats by about 1000 votes but more R’s turned out yesterday. There were 345 more votes cast for the 2 Republicans in total than there were for the 3 Democrats. I have thought from the beginning that this district was drawn for a Dem to win, but with Lopez as the Republican choice it’s a new ballgame. I agree with you…it’s gonna be a horse race.

  100. SED says:

    It is amazing to see all of these posts on Delaware Liberal bashing Karen Weldin Stewart for the last few months. Saying that she is no good and is not a true Democrat. Ladies and gentlemen last night the real endorsement came out and supported KWS as their choice “THE PEOPLE OF DELAWARE.” Not the State Leadership of Democrat Party (Delaware Democrat Chairman John Daniello and his out of touch people). This Democrat State Leadership decided to back an individual who not only ran a horrible campaign but a EXTREMELY NEGATIVE which was huge turn off to many people.

    The lesson learned last night, that the power and influence for the Democrat Party comes out of the City of Wilmington. Kudos to the People of Wilmington.

  101. Jpconnorjr says:

    BTW , Cass where is the arrest on that phony photoshopped picture?????? Waiting patiently here;)

  102. Geezer says:

    SED: Two-thirds of Democrats rejected her yesterday. Unless you’re of the mistaken impression that the population of Delaware is 14,770, the people of Delaware will have their final say in November.

    I don’t recall anyone basing their criticism on her failure to be a “good Democrat.” (Check the name of the site again, sport. It ain’t “Delaware Democrats.”)

    They based it on the fact that, to the extent she has any abilities at all, they aren’t serving Delaware consumers.

  103. Joe Cass says:

    SED, feel free to wallow in the sty. I’ll be right here with a hose and towel. “true Democrat” is/was never the point. Good governance and transparency should be the goal of every voter. Personally, I always look to “who funds who” and draw conclusions from there. You can extract yourself from the mud by November.

  104. WWB says:

    Is SED a Democrat? I don’t know any Democrats who refer to the Democratic party as the “Democrat” party.

  105. Liberal Elite says:

    @WWB “…any Democrats who refer to the Democratic party as the “Democrat” party.”

    It’s a well known right wing slur. They think it funny.

  106. WWB says:

    Liberal Elite–I know. That’s exactly my point. What’s SED doing on here ripping the people who have been ripping KWS? By referring to our party as the “Democrat” party, SED reveals him/herself to not be one of us.

  107. Liberal Elite says:


    Yea. You got SED’s number. And of course, lying for the greater good, is also a well known Conservative activity. Morals and ethics don’t count when making a political point.