The Eagles: Weak One

Filed in Sports by on September 10, 2012

There was a lot wrong with the Eagles in yesterday’s win — a lot. The offensive line had a miserable day and the turnovers were absolutely horrendous. However, as Inside The Iggles writes, “So while we dissect the shortcomings this week–as we well should–let’s keep in mind the Eagles won a game they should have lost on Sunday. And that’s something they simply couldn’t say a season ago.”

One of the things I noticed was how the TV announcers were lauding the Cleveland Browns defense in calling the right plays time and time again. Being an Eagle fan, all I thought of was Andy Reid’s inability to call the right play at any time.


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  1. Jason330 says:

    “…a game they should have lost..?” I don’t think anybody had the Browns beating the Eagles. Oh, wait. He means a game that they typically would have quit in. Yeah. I guess so.

    BTW – Nemski, Did you happen to see Akers break the record for longest field goal?
    Reid is a d-bag.

  2. nemski says:

    Yeah, I saw Akers kick on Red Zone, once FIOS got it working. Did he break it or did he just tie it?

    My Eagles prediction this season – no matter how dismal the season will be, Andy Reid will still keep his job. Dismal by definition is not winning the Super Bowl. The only way this prediction will not come true is if Eagle fans stop putting their fat asses in seats at the Linc. As Long as the Eagles sell out, Reid has a job.