Mitt’s Just A Regular Guy

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There’s a Google Doc circulating among conservative websites written by Hal Prewitt who bought one of Mitt Romney’s homes back in 2009. The doc, if you choose to read it, lauds Romney as a regular guy.

Ours is a factual story that provides a rare glimpse and insight into the real Mitt Romney. Does he really relate to the average American?

Yeah, a $5+ million dollar ski house of over 9,500 square feet is something all Americans can relate to.

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  1. SussexAnon says:

    link above is an article from 2009 about the sale of the Romneys’ home. Best line of the article:

    “We showed him (Hal Prewitt) a lot of other places, but if he could see a rooftop (of another house), he didn’t like it,” Morris said.”
    Morris was the real estate agent.

    Hal bought the home ending an 8 year search for the perfect Rocky Mountain vacation home to use as “a launching pad for winter recreation.”

    Yep, thats a real down to earth guy buying a house from another down to earth guy right there. Thats assuming your earth starts at the top 1% and goes up from there.

  2. Jason330 says:

    What no car gondola?

  3. Rusty Dils says:

    I would not use the Term “Mitts Just a regular guy”, to describe Mitt Romney.
    – He is smarter than 99% of the people
    – He works harder his whole life than 99% of the people
    – He has Served, mentored, and helped more people in need than 99% of the people — He has been financially more successful than 99% of the people
    – He understands economics better than 99% of the people.
    No, Mitt Romney is not just a regular guy, but he does understand the needs of the country better than Obama, and much more importantly, has the skills to make the country better

  4. anonymous says:

    Rmoney’s philosophy is poked full of holes like Swiss cheese

    The thing the tea party does, that is also lying, is reverse things. If something is true, they say it isn’t; if it isn’t true, it is.

    The right thing to do – is tax the wealthy, to pay off the deficit.

    That makes sense, rather than listening to Rmoney and following some bankrupting Bain plan, where the rich make out like bandits.

    Somehow, somehow, the tea party (through Fox, Hannity, Rush, Beck, a pack of issue groups, etc.) had convinced some very average Americans that they too are the 1%. I’ve heard it said and it made no sense. Hey republicans voters, 1% doesn’t stand for some random or lst class Americans. 1% stands for Americans who make millions of dollars each year. Hello? That doesn’t mean poor to middle.class republicans with an issue like race, evolution, vaccinations, chicken sandwiches.

    If working wages were increased to a livable wage plus enough to pay taxes too, the working classes could live – and pay taxes, maybe the same rate Rmoney actually paid, whatever that was. Sure, republicans love businesses, but one is sure, they’d be against a livable wage for workers.

    Somebody’s got to untangle what 1%ers are really saying, like when they say that America doesn’t need an EPA or regulations. A Exxon CEO now says he believes people should ‘adapt’ to climate change; you know, give up on a normal environment, property, farms, livelihoods, maybe some member of the family. Since there is too much legitimate proof to deny climate change, Exxon’s CEO now says it’s real, but, but, but that climate change is an ‘engineering problem’ that people should adapt their lives to. Too hot, red alert – stay indoors or die. Can’t grow crops, give up the farm. Contaminated water – don’t drink it’ extreme storms – buy more insurance, upgrade you buildings; roads are gone, move – adapt. That’s what no regulations and not including anthropogenic CO2 in the Clean Air Act can do for the public, as polluters profit by pollution, free to destroy a normal livable environment. What the fossil fuel industry is really saying is, never mind your life and the next generation, what’s important is that the 1% makes billions now, robbing future generations – so vote for Rmoney.

    It is said, Rmoney recently washed his shirt in the sink, dried it with an iron. Not so cute but sure, because Rmoney is just like a 99%er and tea party voters are just like Rmoney, Shocks, we’re one and the same, us mericans. I’m sure he does his own landscaping, cleans the pools, washes the windows, mends the roofs, takes care of his fleet of vehicles, the dog crate. Ann spends her time vacuuming all those houses, scrubbing dozens of toilets, cooks, puts out the trash, worries about the bills. The Rmoney kids study hard so they can get a Pell Grant, a job, work hard, so they can someday afford a place to live too. (Sshheezz, don’t mention the $100 million trust fund now.) Too late.

  5. Geezer says:


    “He [Romney] is smarter than 99% of the people”

    Where’s the evidence for that?

    “He works harder his whole life than 99% of the people”

    Where’s the evidence for that?

    “He has Served, mentored, and helped more people in need than 99% of the people”

    Where’s the evidence for that?

    “He has been financially more successful than 99% of the people”

    No argument there.

    “He understands economics better than 99% of the people.”

    Demonstrably false, as he believes in trickle-down economics.

    “he does understand the needs of the country better than Obama”

    Demonstrably false, as he shows every time he has contact with anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

    Why don’t you take your content-free bullshit somewhere else? Conservative blogs are notoriously lenient with printing such bullshit.

  6. X Stryker says:

    You forgot a few.
    He has driven more miles with a dog on his roof than 99% of Americans.
    He thinks more about the proper height for trees than 99% of Americans.
    Unlike 99% of Americans, he spends more time hanging out with team owners than actually watching sports.
    He’s laid off more American workers than 99% of Americans.
    He keeps a greater percentage of his money in overseas tax shelters than 99% of Americans.
    He’s changed his positions more times than 99% of Americans.
    He’s planning to rip off 99% of Americans for his own benefit.

  7. puck says:

    Pure genius that Mitt, financing his education by selling off stock, living on the edge and not entertaining. Now why didn’t I think of that? Stupid me, I took out a loan and paid it off.

  8. Independent says:

    It’s sad that you would judge a man by his possessions rather than his character. As an independent who has voted for several Democrats, I believe that action speaks louder than image. If you actually read Mr. Prewitt’s article, you will notice that he highlights many of the actions of Mr. Romney. These are things that were not done in front of cameras, but in private. If you feel that the character behind these actions is somehow diminished by the square footage of the structure in which they occurred, I suppose there can be no virtue in the Pentagon, no heroes in a mall, or no actions worthy of respect in any structure over a certain square footage. And money alone does not equate what you seem to think it does. John F. Kennedy is one of the greatest Presidents our country has ever had, as is George Washington, and both were far more wealthy than Mitt Romney’s $200 million net worth. As a Christian, I have always been taught that it’s one’s character, not appearance, which shows their true virtue; and to judge them based not on their outward appearance, but on the heart. A house means nothing, but what they do in that house does.

  9. Hal Prewitt says:

    Those who wish to disparage our story by attacking us and the home, take comfort we wrote it because of your loud and incorrect statements that are often based on false assumptions. Please consider, each of us never knows what we don’t know.

    We are real, the story we told actually happened and once again we are not part of nor was it written or approved by Mitt Romney’s campaign. In 2009, we began telling the story to our friends (more are liberal). It was they who found it valuable; the liberals who helped us write the story and said it should be heard by Democratic, Republican and Independent voters. Our conservative friends were less impressed.

    Yes, we are financially rich, but very different than you apparently imagine. I wish you and every person in our country could, as we have, experience the American dream. Our success comes from building and not taking from others. Being successful and in touch with every American are not mutually exclusive. I started with nothing, oldest of four boys raised mostly by a widowed mother. We are proud of our accomplishments and the fact that I no longer have to sleep in my pickup truck or worry about having money for food. Google my name and read my history.

    The home is beautiful, but far more important and often falsely reported or overlooked are the facts the Romney’s selected a public non-gated neighborhood and actually chose not to build a true luxury estate. The home was built with a focus on his family. There was a bedroom for each child. There are no maid, butler or nanny quarters. Clearly Ann and Mitt raised their kids. No gold faucets, no fancy silverware. No swimming pool, tennis court or movie theater. The kitchen was simple and typical of most homes with kids, very much like those in which we were raised. We chose to remodel the kitchen.

    It is a home noteworthy not for what they built, but more for what they did not and easily could have.

    A few facts not in our story. Some people have claimed Mitt was too cheap to hire movers as the reason he moved himself. Very unlikely he acted to save money or because it was economical. We found no indication of that in his actions or home. While he was working, the garage door became ajar. A simple problem to correct, but he was busy so he called a service company to come fix the door. It is a fact, not only did he load the truck, he drove it to his new home. This was real work and not what most of us would call a “fun” experience. Clearly it was not beneath him to roll up his shirt-sleeves and get the job done. The fact he made these decisions speak directly to his character. Not the stereotypical actions of a millionaire and more importantly not the image most Americans have of Mitt Romney.

    Our story is provided by witnesses delivering facts and not initially his supporters nor anti-Obama. Private details, how he acted out of public view and when not running for office. We distinguish between knowing something (I was there) and being told or reading what somebody else thinks happened. Most negative posts we read here appear to come from people who have never met Mitt Romney, get information from others and have zero direct personal knowledge of the subject they make claims about.

  10. V says:

    Really? There is no way this is legit. This guy HAS to have better things to do with his time than come here an post.

  11. puck says:

    Hal, nice comment and thanks for dropping by, but I’m still not feeling the regular-guy connection. You are just digging Mitt deeper.

  12. Geezer says:

    One thing I despise is the notion that doing nice things for others makes someone a good person. I always argued with my family about Frank Sinatra, whom some of them knew. The guy was a pig and a thug, but he liked to think of himself as a nice guy, and he did lots of things for others in service of his self-image.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass what Mitt Romney did for other people. His policies are the policies of a plutocratic piece of a diseased asshole. I don’t give a flying fuck that he did a nice thing for somebody once. Let him do it full-time. That’s not the president’s job.

  13. Geezer says:

    Oh, and Hal: Fuck off. Your argument boils down to, “He could be a much bigger asshole.”

  14. skippertee says:

    Sinatra was a punk. He always had his goons nearby when he picked a fight.

  15. V says:

    if this is really Hal (and he comes back) I def have questions. I know he has a HUGE family, so I can see lots of “rooms for each child” (looks like 5 bedrooms for the sons, wives, 1 bedroom for Mitt and Anne, then 18 rooms for each grandchild) but if it’s just simple bedrooms, and simple kitchen, an no movie theater, pool etc. WHAT ARE THE OTHER ROOMS. That house is like 5-6 houses put together. There’s got to be more stuff in there. An office? a music room? a den? that thing is like a hotel. He’s writing like it’s a simple woodland cabin.

  16. Geezer says:

    Skip: Exactly. I thought the same thing in that clip of Chris Christie calling out somebody on the boardwalk a couple of weeks ago. What kind of dick do you have to be to start a fight when you’re accompanied by bodyguards?

  17. Hal Prewitt says:

    So much hate. I don’t get you. Why do this? We have no bodyguards nor did I appear here to fight, only to help explain our first person experience and maybe answer serious questions. I don’t think I somehow can change your minds and cause you to vote for Mitt.

    Our story was not about political issues or the beautiful home. We never described it as simple woodland cabin. If that all you got out of it, you missed what we wrote. Please don’t create something we did not write. Nevertheless, I will answer your house question. The home appears bigger than it actually is. It has 7 bedrooms. One of which was used for small kids. The rest of the home contains living, dinning, kitchen, tv, exercise, washing, visitor restroom, small mud/storage rooms, garage and yes a small office. It is not 5-6 houses together.

    And, yes I have much better things to do with my time than come here and post. If we cannot have a civil discussion, then I will not be back.

  18. Independent says:

    You don’t exactly have to search out this site to find it. I found it quite easily without even seeking it out. I simply did a Google search of “Hal Prewitt Mitt Romney” to find out more information about the story. Not only was this one of the first links on the first page of my search, but it was the ONLY one with the word liberal in it and so naturally I checked it out first. I doubt Mr. Prewitt spends his time searching out every website that addresses his story, but how he found this one appears quite simple. Frankly I’ve learned more about the character of those who post on this page than I did about Mitt by reading the article, and Mitt not only has the character edge but has it by a mile. Civility and respect should be offered to all humanity, not just those with our same income or who happen to agree with us.

    And thank you, Hal, for elaborating further about your story and even providing more details. I found this website in my efforts to simply verify if the story was accurate or some fabrication, and verified that it was true quite quickly. I honeymooned with my wife in Park City shortly after the Olympics and thought it was gorgeous. Currently unemployed and as the father of 3 kids in a lower middle income family, I in no way feel that you or Mitt Romney would be unable to understand what I am going through (I do not believe that money blinds, but greed and envy does, and neither you nor Mitt Romney strike me as greedy or envious). I strive to live the American Dream and hope to some day make it happen, but plan to do so by taking the risk myself and not passing it on to anybody else, and not look to the government to bail me out if I fail. If I need help, I will seek it from people who choose to help me, such as family and friends, and not people who are blindly forced to, such as taxpayers.

    Thank you for not only sharing your story, but standing by it and even defending it, even when the attacks on it are so baseless and transparent that they hardly even warrant a response as the majority of rational people recognize such overt prejudice. I wish you, your wife, and your family the best as you continue to enjoy a life well lived thus far. Keep up the good work.

  19. V says:


    Thanks for answering my questions about the house. I’ll admit there was a little hyperbole involved re: simple woodland cabin, but the point was that the house pictured above (by FAR) was larger than the home I imagined when reading your posts about it. Plus I think we probably have a different opinion on how big a “house” normally is. If I used my home, it probably WOULD be about 5 of them. But anyway, that was my point.

    I have no problem with your assertion that Mitt’s a good guy. I bet he is great to his friends, to people he has certain types of business deals with (like you or others that have bought real estate property from him), and I’m sure he loves his family. I just don’t want him to be my president. I don’t think he has that sort of compassion and kindness for people he doesn’t know. Or never will know. Sort of like how I (I’m a girl) have male friends who are GREAT friends but I know they are bad boyfriends so I wouldn’t date them. Or how I have friends I couldn’t live without but know living with them in the same apartment would be a nightmare. Your anecdote about him is lovely, but I simply don’t think it qualifies him to be president. It’s just not relvant. And if you think it is relevant we’ve got to revisit stuff like when he tied his terrified sick dog to his car for a tri-state drive. Wouldn’t that be fair?

  20. Hal Prewitt says:

    Thank you for the admission. I understood your point from the very first post. If I am angry, it is harder to think clearly. If I yell, it is harder to hear. I value and desire to have a civil discussion with you.

    Forget about the house. It is not important. What every American can learn from the our story is extremely valuable and of immense importance in decided our next president.

    He was exactly that, as to what you are concerned about. That is one of things we were surprised about. Compassionate and kind to us. He acted without any reason we know of. No media or reporters, there was no one around to report. Compassionate by the fact did things that costs him in effort and dollars, when there was no financial need on our part and he did not benefit by his actions. Clearly, it easer to be compassionate when someone is needed. Doing so without a reason speaks directly to his character. He was very kind, made a gift of some items that were not part of our deal. He did not know us and still to this day doesn’t. He was under no obligation to act the way he did. As we wrote, we were not supporters, knew little to nothing of Utah, Mitt Romney, his family or values, beliefs, religion and his capabilities. We did not ask for his autograph or take a single picture. I don’t have his phone number nor do we corresponded by email. We are not friends, at least how we view friends.

    If you wish, I am happy to discuss “stuff like when he tied his terrified sick dog to his car for a tri-state drive. Wouldn’t that be fair?”

    Sure, but I was not there and I would bet you weren’t either. So what we truly know or better yet don’t know will make it difficult. Lets try anyway. First, I would be very doubtful of anything we have read in the press. They were not there either and clearly may have an addenda.

    I can image the dog was placed up there because there was no room in the car. I heard the dog relieved (pooped) him/her self rather than being sick, but it likely does not make a difference. Mitt wash the dog and box off while still on top of the car. Anyway, I think that is the key points of the story.

    Now, lets try to identify some facts and resolve wither Mitt is a cruel and bad guy. Pretty good chance he bought the dog for the kids, Ann or himself. Also, getting a dog usually means we like and maybe love them. You agree? If so, there goes the concern about wanting to be cruel. Maybe you or I would not have put the dog on top of the car, but I think we can agree it was not intended to harm the dog. It is also a good bet, if it was Ann and/or the kids would have been yelling about it. Yes? I have not heard the the dog was harmed, so that is not a issue we have to discuss.

    Last, is the question about washing or trying to clean up. I bet it made a big mess, the family and anyone who saw it happen said some interesting words. Bet Mitt regrets doing that. Don’t know about you, but I have done some very dumb things in my life. If the dog on the roof story happened close this way, I would not disqualify Mitt from being president. There are far more important issues. He learned from that experience and I sure won’t make that error again.

    Our story is very relevant. He or his family had nothing to do with creation or distribution. Reread our story. Open your mind, start fresh and without looking for some reason to fault the man. As we were and our democratic friends, you will be amazed what you will learn.

    Are there issues you would like to discuss?

    Regards, hp

  21. Geezer says:

    “Civility and respect should be offered to all humanity, not just those with our same income or who happen to agree with us.”

    Fuck off.

  22. Geezer says:

    Mr. Prewitt: My point was that you can’t judge people by anecdotal acts. I, for example, am perfectly capable of being a nice guy, even though I’m usually not.

    Mitt Romney shows me, every day on the campaign trail, that’s he’s a spoiled brat of a rich kid who can’t stand to be told he was wrong. I really don’t care that he sometimes doesn’t act that way. That he so often does is enough for me.

  23. puck says:

    “The home appears bigger than it actually is. ”

    It’s like a reverse TARDIS!

  24. Independent says:

    Wow…thank you, Geezer. Can I infer from your response to my statement that you believe income alone IS a sign of character? If so, you must be rich, because I have very little money and am unemployed and we are of very different backgrounds when it comes to how we interact with others. I hold no ill feelings towards people who can’t think of a civil way to disagree and so jump the gun to the absolutely most vulgar language possible, but sincerely hope that those with whom you interact on a daily basis are treated to more civility than you have shown me. I’ll be sure to tell my 3 toddler boys that there’s a man on the east coast who hates their dad without even having ever met him or interacting with him beyond a few dozen typed words. The questions they ask about why will give me a chance to teach them something you apparently never learned.

  25. GH says:

    Hal, I too came to this site to verify the story. Hal, thanks for contributing your story, even through the verbal abuse you have received from un-educated, disgruntled, envious and uncouth individuals such as Geezer who is incapable of carrying on a conversation. It never amazes me how big people feel hiding behind a pseudonym.

    V, however, provides hope to me that maybe two sides can have a logical conversation, and maybe even still agree to disagree at the end.