Romney Just Lost Virginia

Filed in National by on September 5, 2012

I was just over at (a great site that I don’t visit enough) and saw that Virgil Goode, Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party and long-time Virginia Congressman, has made the ballot in Virginia. As a Virginia local running to the right of Romney, this should be the death-knell of the Romney campaign.  At the end of August, Goode was polling at about 4% and I doubt any of those votes are Obama voters.

This should give Obama a comfortable lead in Virginia, if it holds.  And if Obama holds Virginia, I’m not sure that the Romney math is even possible.  Further, if the narrative shifts away from “this is a close race” to “How much will Obama win by” we could be looking at more exposure for down-ticket races and a better chance at retaking the House.

What can I say, I’m an optimist.

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  1. Jason330 says:

    Thank you Teabags!!

  2. Steve Newton says:

    I don’t think it will hold–Goode was polling 9-10% about a month ago. I look for him to take 2% and maybe Gary Johnson another 1% in Virginia. Will 3% do it?

  3. liberalgeek says:

    3% will do it. And the “if this holds” was a reference to him staying on the ballot. It doesn’t sound like this is the last we’ve heard about the ballot.

  4. cassandra_m says:

    Goode was run off of the ballot in PA in pretty short order. Don’t know if there are appeals in the works to get him back on.

  5. Jason330 says:

    THE intrade electoral college map already has Obama winning in VA. (For a total of 303 EV’s)

    Interestingly, in 2008 the intrade electoral college map predicted the election to within 1 electoral vote (Nobody anticipated Nebraska splitting).

    The bettors got two states wrong. Indiana and Missouri, but since they both have 11 EV’s it was a wash.

  6. walt says:

    You think some nut running on a 5th party ticket is going to split the GOP vote in Virginia? Imagination is a wonderful thing.

  7. Jason330 says:

    Good point. The GOP vote is already split between Republicans who feel obligated to vote for Romney and those who feel they have no choice but to vote for Romney.

  8. Mr Dave says:

    Just curious. Can you name a state that has been governed by Democrats in the last 20 years that is not in economic and demographic decline?
    Maryland might be an example but Id say that’s because of the spillover of the Federal government in DC. It seems to me IL, NY, NJ, CT,MI, CA are not what they used to be.

  9. nemski says:

    Umm . . . Delaware.

  10. SussexWatcher says:

    Does “demographic decline” mean “more a them n—–s an’ w—–s?”

  11. Steve Newton says:


    Goode was run off the ballot in PA because he couldn’t afford the challenge process. In PA if somebody challenges you and there has to be a count, and you lose, you have to pay everybody’s expensese on both sides.

    The Libertarians are going through this now. Plus the judge mandated that if we did not have between 5-10 volunteers available every single day for ten business days during the examination of the signatures we would automatically forfeit and have to pay the GOP.

    So far, needing 20K signatures and having turned in 35K the lawyers have been able to kill off 13K of our signatures on technical grounds leaving us with 17K good and 5K to examine. It will be close.

  12. cassandra_m says:



  13. nemski says:

    FYI the only Republican state that would meet this criteria would be North Dakota and that’s due only to oil.

  14. cassandra_m says:

    Plus the judge mandated that if we did not have between 5-10 volunteers available every single day for ten business days during the examination of the signatures we would automatically forfeit and have to pay the GOP.

    I vaguely remember a Green candidate having to do this awhile back. Overkill, really. I wonder if there isn’t a civil rights lawsuit in this?

  15. X Stryker says:

    Dunno if you’ve been to NY Mr Dave, but it’s seriously awesome.

    Since the beginning of the state’s economic recovery in November 2009, New York State’s economy has added 346,900 private sector jobs and regained all of the private sector jobs it lost during the recession, the State Labor Department reported today. In comparison, the nation has only regained 44% of the private sector jobs lost during the recession.


  16. X Stryker says:

    Walt, you mean the guy who supports the Tea Party and everything they stand for? Who used to represent VA in congress?

  17. nemski says:

    Chlorophil, think of a different way to make your point.

  18. nemski says:

    BTW, chlorophil, I agree with you about the term you were questioning.

  19. chlorophil says:

    ok,…Sussex watcher. I think both terms you used are offensive. censoring either one or the other or both does not lessen their impact. i wouldn’t have actually used either.

  20. nemski says:

    Thanks chlorophil and Sussex Watcher’s comment has been edited.

  21. SussexWatcher says:

    WTF? That word has been used at least five times before on this site without censoring. Phil, I don’t give a flying fuck what words you would have used. Are you my priest?

    My point has nothing to do with those words, but with the very idea of a “demographic decline,” which is fundamentally racist in a secret-code way. Using those words exposes the dipshit’s bigoted fucknuttery for what it is. I hope y’all understand that, at least.

  22. Mr Dave says:

    Isn’t Delaware a low tax state compared to its neighboring states?
    Isnt it the Credit Card State? Would liberals prefer that that industry leave the state? How about Dupont? Would you prefer that company not be in DE?
    Is NY growing in population and is it gaining net tax payers? Its losing two seats in the House.
    Are you saying NC, SC, TX, IN, VA, TN, NE, among others are declining economically and demographically? I doubt that.
    What is VT’s population growth compared to say NH? Isnt VT getting”refugees” from MA and NY? MA is losing a seat in the House of Reps that means it cant be growing in population.
    How important is it that WA (state) has no state income tax in explaining its population growth?
    Isnt it true that a state that isn’t growing will eventually have a a bad ratio of benefit receivers to workers?
    Is the Dem party a party of the upper income and dependent against the middle?
    Are the great beneficiaries of “Wall St” the blue states of NY, NJ and CT?
    Is the only Republican part of NYC middle class Staten Island?
    Just wondering

  23. Jason330 says:

    Keep wondering. There isn’t enough wonder in the world.

  24. Mr Dave says:

    Wonder not answers. Is that the Dem way?
    Obama adulated while dependent Chicago crumbles? I guess the rich in Chicago manage to get by.
    Just wondering but it would be nice to have some answers. Or is that not what this site is about.

  25. Jason330 says:

    Your questions are disingenuous. That’s why they are being ignored.

  26. Mr Dave says:

    So you can’t answer them? Not even one?
    Don’t you think its funny that Delaware’s economy is credit cards, chemicals, mass poultry production and oceanfront tourism. Dont true libs dislike all those things. Do you think true libs would support any of those things today?
    Seems to me a lot of northern states are living off the wealth that was created years ago when those states had a meaningful Republican presence. Delaware also steals money from out of state motorists with an exorbitant 2 mile toll road. Locals can avoid it. Now that’s good Dem policy. Take money from other people But I know these are disingenuous points

  27. socialistic ben says:

    is Obama to blame for all the guns on the streets of Chicago?