Why Romney is Losing

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Romney goes into this election, as he has lived his life – with a great many advantages. The Bush economy and the nation’s short memory of how we got here. The political press in the employ of his major financial backers. One third of the country being died in the wool racists. The list of reason why Romney should win goes on and on. The list of reasons why he will lose is short.

As people begin to write pre-mortem postmortems of Mitt Romney’s campaign, you’re going to see many question why and how, how in the world, indeed, could a candidate of Romney’s vintage be losing. There will be conservatives who are smug about Romney having never been a true crazy right-winger. There will be conservatives who try to throw him a life preserver, like bald demon Reihad Salam at CNN, whose “Why Mitt Romney Is Losing” editorial is full of floaties. For instance, Salam posits a fantasy Romney, one who actually comes up with plans to, say, regulate banks once the weak Dodd-Frank bill is burned by some fantasy Congress. On the left, Charles Blow in the New York Times says of the one-term governor’s strategy of just plain, fucking lying about what Barack Obama is doing, “Romney has to find a line of attack that works because there is a creeping feeling beginning to overtake part of the electorate that his candidacy is in trouble. The problem is that these sorts of desperate, baseless attacks only amplify the sense of panic.”

But there’s one overriding reason that Romney’s candidacy was doomed: he is a completely unlikeable prick.

The Rude Pundit nails it once again. Republicans are genuinely embarrassed that they have to support Mitt Romney.

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  1. Rockland says:

    There isn’t a politician in America that has the heart, or integrity, to be an Angel. Romney needs to learn fast to go for Obama’s throat.

  2. Truth Teller says:

    The Dem,s are finally learning how to play hardball and Mittens runs crying to mommy.

    Yesterday was a true awaking I liked the part where 2 draft dodgers came running down the gangplank of a battle ship neither one of whom served in the Navy or any other branch of service for that matter. And least we forget MITT the TWIT (GOD I LOVE THE BRITS FOR THAT TITLE) was the one with others who stood on stage and remained silent like a coward while a GOP mob booed an active duty serviceman in IRAQ>That also goes for Mittens 5 sons who according to Mittens” had better things to do like work on their dads campaign” than to serve this country while it was engaged in 2 foreign wars.

  3. j marie says:

    Rockland, Mittens doesn’t have any balls. Thats why he has taken on any position the far right pushes on him. And to be honest, Gingrich did such a good job calling him out during the primaries, Obama could just play clips from him and call it a day. Lets not be fooled though, he has his henchmen on fox news and 1450 to spread the big lies for him. Hannity goes after Obama’s college transcripts under the assumption that he applied as a foreign student and had bad grades. Savage says Democrats operate like a cult. As far as heart and integrity- Bernie motherf*ckin Sanders- the independent senator from Vermont leads the pack! There are plenty on the D side, but as for the R’s- you voted them all out as RINOs.

  4. anonymous says:

    I thought I was witnessing a republican faux ‘mission accomplished’ moment (with a what the hell is going on here, response of course.) Nice they could get a huge battleship backdrop. Did these 1% warriors change out of some borrowed combat fatigues as well?

    I guess when you want to serve the Millionaires’ Club, as Presidents of the United States, posturing will do for certain voters.


    Here’s an uncut R/R version:


    The big question is, is Rmoney ‘capable’ of being one of the Presidents of the United States?

  5. Jason330 says:

    “you’ll get nothing and like it!”.

  6. bamboozer says:

    The problem for Mitt is few people actually believe he can do anything about the economy, and thier right. He’s still pushing the pathetic “job creator” myth and still pretending there can be more big tax cuts for the rich that will not explode the deficit yet again. We’ve seen this before, it’s the same package of lies Reagan was selling thirty years ago.

  7. kavips says:

    Perhaps I’m a overly conscientious individual, but, I was rather perplexed that an an esteemed editor of English Textbooks no doubt, would have missed the error of misusing “died in the wool” in place of “dyed in the wool” when discussing racists….

    I guess the mental stretch of “dying in cotton” could somehow be used to apply to a dead racist, but, wool, was rarely used in the South…. It was too hot.

    Anyways, it made my night… (It’s always the little things…lol.)

  8. jason330 says:

    I blame George Bush. I knew it was wrong as I was typing it and didn’t double back to fix it.