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Still too soon to talk about guns & ammo?

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I know it totally hurts the NRAs feelings to talk about the easy access that maniacs in this country have to guns and ammo. I know the NRA’s flunkies in congress might tear up if someone suggests that allowing maniacs to buy 20 guns a month and thousands of rounds of ammo online isn’t such a good idea. We have to some compassion for the poor victims of gun control talk. I know all of that. It is just so mean and thoughtless to make anyone think about our absurd gun politics.

That’s why I’m worried that this legislation might be a little lacking in empathy for the NRA.

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Here Smitty, Smitty, Smitty

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Here Smitty, Smitty, Smitty

(I’m testing Cassandra’s theory)

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What does the political media get…

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for 50 years of bending over backwards to prop up conservative nonsense, shallow “he said/she said” reporting and a devotion to incuriousness posing as objectivity?

Scorned. And they richly deserve it.

These findings from a Daily Kos/SEIU poll are not surprising.

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DelawareLiberal Personnel Change

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I just wanted to do a quick post to announce that DelawareLiberal.Net has parted ways with one of our former contributors, MJ.  We wish MJ luck in his future endeavors.

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It’s Hard To Keep All Those Estates Straight

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Mitt Romney on his Overseas adventures: “And I realize that there will be some in the Fourth Estate, or whichever estate, who are far more interested in finding something to write about that is unrelated to the economy, to geopolitics, to the threat of war, to the reality of conflict in Afghanistan today, to a […]

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Tuesday Open Thread [7.31.12]

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View from the ISS at Night from Knate Myers on Vimeo.

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The Political Event Calendar for the Week

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On Wednesday, August 1, 2012, we have State Representative John Kowalko announcing his reelection bid at the Newark Senior Center, 200 White Chapel Drive in Newark. It starts at 11 a.m.

Later Wednesday night at 7 pm we have the monthly meeting of the Progressive Democrats for Delaware at the Delaware Democratic Party HQ’s, 19 E. Commons Blvd, in New Castle. Kathleen MacRae, the Executive Director of the ACLU of Delaware, will be speaking about efforts to repeal the death penalty in Delaware; and Erik Raser-Schramm, the director of the 2012 Coordinated Campaign, will speak on their efforts in the upcoming election.

On Thursday, August 2 at Timothy’s of Newark from 7 pm to 10 pm, there will be a fundraiser for Democrat Paul Baumbach for his race to succeed Terry Schooley in the 23rd RD. Here is a like to the Facebook site for the event.

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India in 2nd Day of huge power outage

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600 million people without electricity is a hell of a lot of people without electricity.

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‘Bulo On Al’s Show Today At 10!

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I’m back, and I’m ready to talk the latest in Delaware political doings! From 10 am to 12 noon, today, WDEL-1150 with my favorite sparring partner, Al Mascitti.

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Giant Killer?

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Sam Waltz of the public relations firm Waltz & Associates starts off his fellation of Charles Lamont du Pont Copeland in the Delaware Today thusly:

When Republicans go to the polls in November and review the ballot, they won’t find the name of the man many GOP leaders figure to be their biggest giant-killer. Charlie Copeland, 49, is sitting this one out. Taking his time. Picking his spot. Taking care of business.

Pardon me a moment….

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Romney campaign cussing over gaffe filled eurotrip

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A Romney spokesperson cursed at the traveling press corps in Warsaw, Poland on Tuesday when the press tried to ask questions of the presumptive Republican nominee, reports CNN.

Traveling press secretary Rick Gorka told reporters from the NYT and CNN to “shove it” and invited them to kiss his ass.

Here’s part of the transcript, from CNN:

NYT: “Governor Romney do you feel that your gaffes have overshadowed your foreign trip?”

CNN: “Governor Romney just a few questions sir, you haven’t taken but three questions on this trip from the press!

Gorka: “Show some respect”

NYT: “We haven’t had another chance to ask a question…”

Gorka: “Kiss my ass. This is a Holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect.”

I’m sure that this doesn’t move any undecideds, but it does add to the picture of a Romney campaign spinning out of control.

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Tuesday Daily Delawhere [7.31.12]

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Tuesday Daily Delawhere [7.31.12]

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I wonder how John Carney will vote on this?

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I wonder how John Carney will vote on this?

I wish I didn’t have to wonder.


House Dems To Force Vote On Middle-Income Bush Tax Cuts

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