BREAKING: Gilligan Retiring

Filed in National by on June 30, 2012

According to a tweet by @jwstarkey House Speaker Bob Gilligan has announced his retirement tonight. Let the scrambling begin.

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  1. PainesMe says:

    So I’m assuming we’ll see a filing by Bill Dunn first thing Monday morning. Who else? Mike Spence?

  2. I talked to Bill Dunn. He said he has “soul searching” to do.

  3. MJ says:

    Say hello to Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf.

  4. PBaumbach says:

    Speaker Gilligan has been GREAT for Delaware. For me the high point was his leadership with House Bill 1, applying FOIA rules to the General Assembly.

    Thank you, Speaker Gilligan, for your years of service to our state.

  5. Aoine says:

    He is a scholar and a gentleman and has done an amazing job all these years

    It was a pleasure to see his leadership and commitment to the people of Delaware

    check out the FB shot!

  6. Love love love for Speaker Gilligan. It’s enough to coax me out of retirement. Thank you, Speaker Gilligan, for your leadership. You will be missed.

  7. M.Opaliski says:

    Speaker position moving to Sussex County, last one was Rep. Brad Barnes from the 35th who died while in office, in 1987.

  8. Josh says:

    If Bill Dunn, doesn’t file, I think that Jordan Seemans, will. In which case I got a check ready for, Jordan Seemans for State Rep.

  9. PainesMe says:

    Josh –

    Wishful thinking. I’ve got it on good authority that Jordan is no longer a resident of the 19th RD.

  10. Josh says:

    Well that’s depressing.

    I’m surprised no one thinks that REP Keeley, will make a run for the speaker’s chair… Does anyone else?

  11. PainesMe says:

    A possibility. As are Melanie George Smith and Bryon Short, if you ask me. Will be interesting to see how the leadership shakes out. I like Pete’s odds though.

  12. John Young says:

    Interesting he just filed to run 12 days ago. Wonder what was so sudden. He said repeatedly he just “knows” it’s right with a great deal of certainty.

    So how was he feeling 12 days ago?

  13. anon says:

    I’d love to see a woman as Speaker, I think Keeley would be a great choice.

  14. Gilligan ran a FOIA bill as his last bill – fitting seeing as how his first bill as speaker was also a FOIA bill.

    It was an interesting evening. Touching goodbyes in the Senate for Bunting and Sorenson and then hearing about Gilligan. It was known ahead by many insiders since they were all squeezing into the chamber and balcony right at 9PM for the big announcement.

  15. Rockland says:

    Goodbye Lib-tard.

  16. Gilligan has been a great Speaker, one who effectively helped push through so many important reforms during his time as Speaker. All we can do is to wish him a happy, healthy and lengthy retirement. He’s earned it.

    I think Schwartzkopf is definitely the next Speaker, and I doubt that he will receive a serious challenge. To me, the real intrigue will be House Majority Leader. The Majority Leader has to be someone who thinks real fast on their feet and knows the rules of the House backwards and forwards. And someone very engaged in the legislative process.

    To me, Melanie George Smith would be the obvious choice, but she’s not what one would call a ‘glad handler’. She is a very serious and astute legislator, and would be, IMHO, perfect in the role. I hope the Caucus recognizes substance over backslapping.

  17. Rockland says:

    Delaware scored a C – for corruption. Bob is wise to retire before he’s investigated and thrown out in disgrace.

    Wake up folks..

  18. SussexDem40 says:

    With all of Melanie’s new responsibilities as a new mom, I’d be surprised if Melanie seeks the Majority Leader position. I think she wants to be JFC chair, which should be hers for the taking.

  19. Good point, SD40. Although JFC Chair might take up more time as the committee meets when the rest of the General Assembly is on break. Other than her, I don’t see a slam-dunk candidate for Majority Leader, though.

  20. Jab says:

    Don’t forget about Darryl Scott. He has cartainly has leadership potential.

  21. Scott’s an interesting name. Don’t think the #1 and #2 positions are both headed downstate, however. He’d be a big upgrade at Majority Whip.

  22. MJ says:

    Rockland = bullshitter. Here’s video proof.

  23. John Young says:

    A nice thing that happened in session last night. The flawed and specious attempt to move school board elections to the general (HB 360) failed to pass, in fact after committee it just rotted on the vine so to speak.

    Hurray for reason!

  24. Joanne Christian says:

    Hi John–Don’t know if you saw what I posted under “Saturday Open Thread” yesterday. Dropping co-sponsorship by Rebecca Walker was huge. And greatly appreciated.

  25. Josh says:

    I agree that REP Melanie George Smith, will be the next JFC chair.

    That said I wonder who runs in the 19th. Since Mr. Seemans, can’t and Mr. Dunn’s heart is in land use issues.

    As everyone has said The Speaker has been an outstanding pubic servant for the past 40 years.

  26. Mike Matthews says:

    Wow. This was big news down here in DC among the Delaware delegation to the NEA Representative Assembly. Rep. Gilligan will be missed. Who will fill his shoes?

  27. John Young says:

    Great job Rebecca Walker!

  28. calfinredible says:

    think this is a biggy. may end paul clarks career (thank you lord)

  29. SussexDem40 says:

    There are politicians, and there are Representatives and Senators. Bob Gilligan is a statesman. There is not many of those anymore. He will definitely be missed.

  30. SussexWatcher says:

    Can someone block Nancy’s buddy from spamming every thread with his site?

  31. walt says:

    Ginger?…or MaryAnn?

  32. bilbo says:

    Sussex- I agree, please stop spamming that smear site.

  33. tobyz says:

    bilbo & Sussex- agreed. It is getting ridiculous. Please block them. Nancy too for that matter. She’s a one trick pony.

  34. tobyz says:

    Did anyone hear about Larry Mitchell’s name being thrown in for Speaker? Just heard a little rumble.

  35. Bumped into a bleary-eyed Markell staffer at work yesterday. He said simply, “Gilligan was a GREAT speaker.” His emphasis on GREAT.

    One word that has not been mentioned enough when it comes to the Gilligan/Schwartzkopf team is ‘professionalism’. The word is sometimes used as a pejorative in politics, but it was the professionalism and competence of the D leadership team in the House that essentially helped push through the most progressive agenda I can recall. Some bad things, too, granted.

    But I, for one, admire competent policymakers. And Gilligan has earned the plaudits of Democrats everywhere, the citizens of our state, and even R’s who are (a) not delusional; and (b) paying attention.

  36. tobyz says:

    El Somnambulo- Gilligan will be hard, if not nearly impossible, to replace. I tend to agree that Schwartzkopf is the most likely pick. He has already been the go-to guy for the media. I am not sure who else could really command that much respect from the whole legislative body.

  37. walt says:

    “Littlebuddy!” We’ll all miss you.

  38. Tobyz: Bumped into someone at work today who also mentioned Larry Mitchell’s name. Claims that many in the Caucus don’t trust Schwartzkopf. Been away too long to know for sure. I’ll be sure to post any and all unsubstantiated rumors that come my way.

  39. Bill Dunn says:

    Before we start letting people like “Tobyz” define Who Bill Dunn is, maybe we should let me tell you who I am????

    If anyone has any questions, by all means, give me a call….


  40. Bill Dunn says:

    I look forward to the campaign!!!

  41. El Somnambulo says:

    Neither Tobyz, nor ‘people like Tobyz’, sought to define who Bill Dunn is, as far as I can tell.

  42. SussexWatcher says:

    Bill Dunn is a defensive man who overuses question marks, but deserves kudos for putting his phone number out there.

    That’s defining someone.

  43. mediawatch says:

    Putting out the phone number is an easy way for Bill to gauge his prospects.
    If no one calls, he might as well hang it up.

  44. tobyz says:

    El Somnambulo: I just know what I’ve seen of Bill in countless forums, community meetings, party functions and debates over the years. To me, and everyone has a right to their opinion, he is angry and defensive. Even his facial expressions when he hears other candidates speak are this way. I have rarely seen the “angry young man” approach work, especially when the candidate is older and should have more to work from on besides idealism.

    ‘People like Tobyz’ have spoken in every election Bill has been a candidate.

  45. PI says:

    Kim Williams of the Red Clay School Board looks good gor Gilligan’s seat. She has the respect of Red Clay administration, teachers and parents. She doesn’t have a chip on her shoulder (like BD) and is ready to do what it takes to garner support and votes.

  46. puck says:

    I’ve never seen Bill behave in any way as you describe, so I don’t know where you are getting it from.

    But to be fair, our incumbents are truly maddening, especially on NCCC. If you don’t raise an eyebrow or two when they speak, you are dead inside. Or on their team.

  47. AQC says:

    Wasn’t Bill only a candidate for office once? And, he came really close with very little money or time?

  48. Idealist says:

    If you’re going to spam, at least do it in the open thread.

  49. tobyz says:

    Again, just my opinion. That is just how I see Bill. Others may see him differently.

    Looks like the thread spammer is back.

  50. Venus says:

    I agree with tobyz. Dunn and his comments and posturing always seemed so surly to me. But I’ve only seen him around the last 5 years. Maybe others know him from earlier. It will be a race though.

  51. tobyz says:

    I hear Gilligan is backing Kimberly Williams. Anyone know what she does, besides the RCSB?

  52. PI says:

    She is a realtor.