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Last Tuesday, Governor Markell signed HB 325 into law. Sponsored by Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf after the chickenshit Sussex GOP delegation struck their own bill, HB 325 clearly spells out that Delaware sheriffs do not have police powers.

But if you thought that the Sheriff of Nuttingham (as El Som likes to call him) would back down, you are either extremely naive or smoking Delusional David’s crack pipe.

It seems as though Barbi and Jeff Christopher are now supporting the murder of AG Beau Biden and other elected officials who supported HB 325. Just so you don’t think I’m making this stuff up, here’s a screenshot of Christopher’s “independent” Facebook page:

The article Barbi posted was written by a Mark S. McGrew, who appears to be one crazy RWNJ (sorry, I won’t link to his website and drive up his traffic). Commenter Aoine posted links to this “story” a few days ago. Interesting that a RWNJ would post commentary on the English-language website of the former news organ of the USSR. I guess politics does make for strange bedfellows.

The article that Barbi and Jeff are promoting verges on sedition.

New Castle County Sheriff Trinidad Navarro is a liar, a coward and a traitor.

Kent County Sheriff Norman Wood is a liar, a coward and a traitor.

Georgetown Delaware Chief of Police William Topping is a liar, a coward and a traitor.

Any other government employees that say a sheriff has no arrest powers or wants to eliminate those powers is a liar, a coward and a traitor.

They are playing a treasonous game to try to eliminate the arrest powers of a sheriff because, right now, today or tomorrow morning, any Delaware Sheriff has grounds to arrest the Attorney General and some of the legislators of Delaware for Fraud, Sedition and Treason, because of Biden’s and your legislators attempt to circumvent the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Delaware and lying about it. That is deadly business and they know it. That is why they must get rid of the sheriffs.

Sheriffs are employed by the voters, citizens of their county, charged with the duty to support and defend the Constitutions of America and the State of Delaware. They can and should arrest anyone, government employee or otherwise, who attempts to violate those constitutions.

Your sheriff can arrest an FBI agent, DEA agent, IRS agent, any State Trooper, the Georgetown Chief of Police or any government employee if he is breaking the law in your county. Go to and type in …sheriffs resist the federal government. All over the country, sheriffs are telling federal agents to pack sand.

Well, I believe that anyone breaking the law can and should be arrested, however, opposing Quickdraw McDraw is not violating any known laws on the books.

McGrew goes even further:

The Sheriff of Sussex County and the other two Sheriffs have the legal and constitutional Right to convene a Common Law Grand Jury, composed of Sussex county citizens at 9am, totally apart from the State’s oversight. It is NONE of the State’s business.

Once the Grand Jury begins to hear the evidence, the Sheriff can go outside and deputize 200 citizens. They can drive to Wilmington and when they arrive, make a call to the Grand Jury and ask if an indictment has been given against Biden. If the answer is “Yes”, the Sheriff can then proceed to the location of Biden and arrest him and transport him to the Sussex County jail and incarcerate him until trial. Anybody, including State Police who interfere, will do so at their own risk.

Then the Sheriff can convene a Common Law trial with a citizen jury, without a judge or prosecutor allowed. If that trial finds Biden guilty of Sedition or Treason, the Sheriff can apply whatever penalty that jury determines, up to, hanging by the neck until dead, one Beau Biden.

McGrew is advocating the assassination of the AG and Barbi & Jeff are promoting this whackjob’s position. Barbi even calls McGrew a “real journalist.”

G-D forbid one of their followers did something and harmed Biden or any other elected official (and I’m including the entire Sussex County Council) – the blood will be on their hands.

Enough is enough. We’ve put up with this clown show long enough. It’s time for the General Assembly to step in and remove this guy from office. He has no intention of following the rule of law and is actively promoting the assassination of elected officials. Are we going to have to wait until someone puts a bullet into Jack, Beau, Pete or someone else claiming that they are defending the Constitution by doing so. It’s time to cut off the head of this snake.

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  1. cassandra_m says:

    … the Sheriff can go outside and deputize 200 citizens. They can drive to Wilmington and when they arrive, …

    Anybody want to bet that Barbi and Christopher don’t know enough people in Sussex with gas money for this caper?

    Threatening the AG with hanging should be serious business and one hopes that the State Police will be all over Christopher and his cronies like white on rice. Where he can observe the official duties of sworn police officers up close and personal.

    Any chance that this Christopher can be impeached to get him out of office?

  2. Mongo says:

    This should be a concern not only for the DSP, but also the Secret Service. This is is a great find. Thanks for posting.

  3. MJ says:

    Cass, I think that the Governor should call a special session for the sole purpose of impeaching Christopher and removing him from office.

  4. Jason330 says:

    Good lord.

  5. Aoine says:

    what the knucklehead “journalist” missed is that under the DE constitution the “Sheriff is the Conservator of the peace IN THE COUNTY IN WHICH THEY RESIDE”

    which means that Jeff has NO JURISDICTION outside Sussex – so he cannot take 200 citizens up to Wilmington to arrest Biden – missed that little gem …..

    also said that they dont need a judge or prosecutor for their citizen jury – so in other words it would be a kangaroo court??

    so , Jeff and Barbi are advocating all the things they say that Delaware officials are doing or Feds will do

    who would present the evidence?? who brings the action – who presides to ensure due process or rule of law?? WOW – these people have NO CLUE as to what this government is about

    Ladies and gentlemen – I give you the new Constitutionialists!! you voted them in – hows that small government, freedom from tyranny thing working for ya 😉

  6. Miscreant says:

    And, where the hell is that “Sussex County jail”?

  7. Another Mike says:

    Sheriff Law and Order should know that under Delaware law, the method of capital punishment was changed to lethal injection in 1986.

    Seriously, though, where to start? This has gone beyond annoying and amusing. These people are calling for their own grand jury (at 9 a.m.?), an untouchable court, incarceration and death. It is time to take action. Our legislators should all be in Dover on Thursday, and there’s no reason not to call.

  8. Dave says:

    While these are alarming mutterings of a mad hatter, I believe the real risk is that Christopher and his minions (or is Christopher the minion?) will talk themselves into forming a “patriotic” militia of some sort, to defend themselves against federal and state tryanny. The more likely scenario is some sort of tragedy similar to the Oaklahoma Federal Building or Ruby Ridge.

    Unfortunately, marginalizing someone is often what drives them into acts of desperation and Christopher has been effectively castrated by passage of HB 325. For person like Christopher that probably affected him deeply. It remains to be seen whether it has radicalized him to the point of being a real threat to the country and it’s leadership.

    It would be interesting to see what Urkuhart has to say about all this in public. In fact all the serious candidates should be asked what their views are on the sheriff, his actions, and his implied threats. After all Urkuhart presided over some of this mess as the past Chair of SC GOP. Bodenweiser and Ayotte also should be asked these kinds of questions.

  9. Laurence H. says:

    I just sat here in complete horror reading this. It is truly time for the Governor to remove the Sheriff of Sussex County, and there be a vote of impeachment held in the House of Representatives. Having been born and raised right here in Delaware and entering my sixth decade of life, I never heard once in my whole life of any sheriff ever arresting anyone, or doing any traffic enforcement, and having a cousin who was elected Sheriff of Sussex in 1980, and he served till 1982 (term of office was only two years in those days) I know first hand from Charlie’s own conduct, performance in office and being around him: A.) the Sheriff’s didn’t even have CARS then, just paid mileage to use personal vehicles. B.) No police uniforms, just khaki pants and white shirt and tie. C.) Did carry revolvers for personal protection. D.) Only carried out paperwork for Courts, and Sheriff sales — E.) Never executed any warrants of any kind. Any NATIVE Sussex Countian of driving age would never pull over for a Sheriff car trying to stop him. Since 1984, all these people have moved here from places where Sheriff’s do perform police duties — but this is DELAWARE where they have not done so in the lifetime of anyone alive today. Why do people move here, and want to make us do things the way they do in the States where they came from. If you love that system so much, move back there. It seems to me that the old maxim “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” The mad power the Sheriff is seeking seems to be corrupting him to this old native Sussex Countian…

  10. Valentine says:

    The author should be arrested and Christopher impeached.

  11. Truth Teller says:

    Barney Fife is not only in violation of state law the one the governor just signed but has threatened a public official and should be along with others who aided in the writing of this threatening post.I am sure that if Barney and his clown posse would turn tail and run when faced with the Wilmington Police department who will be there to protect the AG.

  12. Aoine says:

    Wilmington pd. , NC CO PD, secret service , DSP, the clown is a well CLOWN
    he cannot measure up. Was mever a police officer of note- turned down for many jobs

    This was his big shot- his way to prove himself a ….. Man os suppose

    And he screwed the pooch- now he is complaining his kids r teased in school? Really?
    If u were mot such an ass jeff and a laughing stock this would not have happned
    Always the victim I suppose- but its ok for u to lie threaten and steal

    U. Ike ur buddy Torres. R. Nothing. But bullies with badges
    Neither of u should never be allowed a badge or gun again

    And like Pete said – god forbid that what u have done or said fosters violence or tragedy on a member of the public or one of the deputys- u will have. Innocent blood on your hands. Not that an asswipe like u cares

  13. Carl says:

    You really are that STUPID, aren’t you?

  14. Aoine says:

    Well we ma y be stupid CONSERVATIVE friend but no one passed a law to clarify the role of an LIBERAL office holder in the state

    Nor has any LIBERAL office holder in the state posted threatening articles on their FB page either

    So just who is the stupid one i all of this? STUPID is as STUPID does

    On a lighter note i suppose you are so angry coz the STUPIID Liberal SUPREME COURT didnt rule in your favor either. – awwwww. Calm not temper tantrums are sooo u becoming.

  15. puck says:

    “no one passed a law to clarify the role of an LIBERAL office holder in the state”

    True, until June 30.

  16. socialistic ben says:

    Aoine, carl is a mosquito, there is no sense in trying to talk to a mosquito.

  17. Anon says:

    I think this passage was one of the scarier ones in the article. I honestly believe some of these people are stockpiling weapons and ammo and looking for a fight.

    “It is this serious: Get behind your sheriff, legally, with guns, arm yourselves to the teeth and confront these treasonous rabid dogs. Tell them to obey YOUR constitution or get out. You, the people of Delaware still have that Right. If they want a gun fight over their attempts to lie to you, cheat you, steal from you and ruin your lives, let them be the first to fire a shot. Let them show the entire World how blatantly corrupt and evil they are. Call their bluff. Don’t fire unless they fire at you and then finish off every last one of them. Because that is what they are doing to you.”

    But Barbi Christopher loved this article and encouraged everyone to read it. There has to be some crime her and Barney Fife can be charged with, so we can get him out of office, other than stupidity.

  18. Aoine says:

    @puck- true. So far . Time will tell

    The Christopher family and their minions have stockpiled weapons already
    We hope they dont use them
    Best be prepared
    As for crimes. How does Sedition , treason,inciting rebellion / riot sound

    But they r looking to be martyers – so lets just take anons advise and ignore the mosquitos
    Unless they bite- then they get swatted
    Right. NOw its just buzzing

    Or course spraying to defeat them and. NEutralize them is wonderful toop

  19. Dave says:

    Barbie Christopher is obviously Jeff’s proxy. I think he is smart enough to choose his words a bit more carefully. Barbi doesn’t have to do that but as his wife, the message effectively comes from him.

    The strategy for Jeff at the moment is figure out how he can leverage all this to his benefit either for future political office or maybe even to become a feature writer/reporter for Pravda or part of the Fox News stable.

    Of course, all that may be difficult with the Torres thing hanging around his neck.

  20. Geezer says:

    Aoine: Can you point me to more information about what Torres did with respect to the Latino community in Sussex?

  21. MJ says:

    Jeff can’t even write a coherent sentence. How do you think he’s going to get a gig on FAUX? 😉

  22. Aoine says:

    Acting as a LEO while serving papers
    Misleading latinos into believing he was a cop
    Intimidation tactics
    Complaints have been formally filed

    Contact MJ OR cassandra for my contact i fo and u can contact me directly

  23. You guys are always good for a laugh.
    Let’s see just one of you PROVE anything in that article that is not true.
    I proved my point: Your Attorney General is lying to you.
    Just because you choose to be ignorant of the Constitutions in this country and your state, does not make you right.
    Here is what I see as your way of thought:
    “Constitution? Big deal. We signed dat stoopid thing just to shut dem conservative bible thumpers up. Just cause we signed it don’t mean nothing. And “Oath”? What up with dat huh? We take an oath just to make people think dey can trust us. Man, I done took me an oath in boyscouts. It ain’t stoped me from mugging old ladies on da street”

  24. liberalgeek says:

    “Mark S. McGrew” sounds like a Dr. Seuss character.

    There once was a troll from Peru
    By the name of Mark S McGrew

    I could rhyme that all day.

  25. cassandra_m says:

    Just because you choose to be ignorant of the Constitutions in this country and your state, does not make you right.

    The only people here ignorant of the Constitutions are the Dr. Suess characters who show up not knowing what a sworn police officer is.

    And that their Grand Wizard isn’t one.

  26. MJ says:

    Mark, don’t drop the soap when you’re in the prison shower.

  27. traveler says:

    What you wrote and the cases you use to prove your point are accurate. Try not to threaten people in your presentation; you’ve presented a decent case except for the use of threats.

  28. Aoine says:

    traveler – in case you missed it – Mark suggested that the SUSSEX sheriff drive to Wilmington to arrest Biden

    Wilmington is in New Castle county – the Sheriff there is a Democrat and Latino and NOT a fan of Christophers antics – given the abuses by the Sheriff and his Latino officer (now terminated) in Sussex and the non-existance of a MOA for mutual aid

    well, Jeff is out of his league and his jurisdiction, yet again

    i do not have time to hightlight the fallacies in his articles – there is simply not enough digital space on the net for that

    however – if this is a tongue in cheek comment – well, fire away

  29. Dave says:

    McGrew is a sheriff wanna-be. He has quite a resume. Here is the link. Had to use the cache site since he took down his site in the last couple of days, whose purpose was to test his electability for “Constitutional Sheriff of El Paso County, Texas.” Anyway his “resume” as it were:

  30. Mongo says:

    Has anyone reported these threats from Christopher to real law enforcement, including the AG’s office? If so, what was their feedback, if any?

  31. Aoine says:

    Been done Mongo – was the first order of business

    other than that – no comment 😉

  32. Aoine says:

    followed that link to the Neaanderthals page – (mcGrew)

    ROTFLMAO – doesnt he know that native Spanish speakers can TELL when someone uses Google Translator to translate text???
    OMG – claims to write legal briefs but cannot spell correctly

    had NO knowledge of the law either – -wow, Jeff and Barbi are skimming the scum off the bucket now

  33. Mark McGrew sent me an email
    out of the blue
    this DL post was one of the ‘eighty’ cited around the globe
    all reporting
    on how our AG Biden
    was a lying so and so.

    or so he said
    I didn’t click on any of the links.

  34. Dave says:

    It’s pretty obvious that McGrew is a fringe character. Christopher’s association with and seeking out these fringes (the ones who are really out there in never never land) reinforces my sense that extreme behavior on his part is a real possibility.

    His frustation and anger could result in a feeling of martyrdom (first the county, then HB 325, then Torres), pushing him over the edge resulting in some extreme action to “show them.” I hope I am wrong, but people probably thought that their feelings about McVeigh were wrong as well.

  35. anon says:

    Christopher’s wife is on that Facebook page saying this:

    Barbi Christopher: Apparently the “hate Jeff Christopher” Facebook page, is now saying that the Sheriff is advocating violence against the AG and Legislators. Really? The last time I looked, Sheriff Christopher did NOT write the article! And, he does NOT advocate violence against anyone. That hate group is just unbelievable! They need to stop spreading lies.

    Uh, Barbi, I know you’re kind of slow, but when you post “I-LOVE-IT!!!!” in response to an article “advocating violence,” whether or not you wrote the article you are supporting what’s in the article and you are “advocating violence” through your approval.

    Barbi Christopher: Those two articles are very powerful in content!!!! I-LOVE-IT!!!!

    At this point the authorities should have no choice but to intervene to protect AG Biden, our other elected officials and the people of Sussex from the clearly dangerous Sheriff Christopher and his wife before the Sussex County Sheriff’s office becomes the next Waco compound.

  36. xstryker says:

    I don’t know if you were intending to write poetry, there, Nancy, but I quite liked it nonetheless.

  37. Anon says:

    It’s funny that Barbi took her comment down now. If she wasn’t advocating violence then why take it down? I know Barbi and the sheriff are reading, they are both too vain to avoid any press about themselves. So why did you remove your post Barbi? Too chickenshit to stick to your opinion? Wouldn’t suprise me at all to see that she was a coward like her husband.

  38. MJ says:

    Anon, that’s why we have screen shots of everything.

  39. Aoine says:

    I cannot post the words i want to use to discribe Barbi. But…..
    Enuf said on the blonde “bomb”….. Brainless to boot
    She thinks its all a game – all some type of fun
    She does not realize that what she did is advocate violance the. Tries to say that FB page is a hater page
    Ummmmm noooo every time i looked at it – it was all lonls to articles and. Othing but the truth supported. By links- nothing hateful there

    No articles regarding trials amd juries and hamgings. – nope thats more like HIS FB page
    Not sane citizens

    Get off the cross honey- we need the wood

    Whoever said they r vain – well u know them well…..maybe too well

  40. Mongo says:

    That is no longer funny. I’m afraid this mess will get a lot worse before it gets better.

  41. MJ says:

    Mongo, it was never funny.

  42. Greetings fans!
    I guess nobody has noticed that my article in it’s entirety is not shown to you. I have posted it on the next comment.
    Nancy Willing got a copy but did not want to check the links I provide to prove that what I say is true: Your Attorney General lied to you and is committing fraud and treason.
    I also notice that nobody here can offer any facts to refute what I reported. Just insults, petty criticism and threats. And that is ok.
    I do not write for ignorant people to learn something, because I know they won’t learn. It is a mental deficency of some kind.
    Your Attorney general lied to you and I guess that is ok, beause you voted for him, and most likely will again, if he’s not in jail. I understand how difficult it is for some people to admit a mistake.
    I also notice that most everyone here hides behind a phony name. What are yuou afraid of? You act like little girls hiding behind a locked door insulting passersby. That is ok too. I understand that some people are cowardly bullies. A real bully would taunt you to you face. Like I do.
    I don’t hide from anything. My name is posted here as well as my email and my web site. From there it is easy to get my address and phone number. Golly, I guess I really annoyed your Attorney General, because he hasn’t even written to tell me thank you for the article.
    You think I threatened his life and if that is true, now we know he doesn’t have the guts to come after me.
    Every thing I publish has a specific purpose, to achieve a certain goal. Even this note to you people here. It has a purpose and a specific goal, which I am confident you will never figure out until it is too late.
    So, with that in mind, read the complete article, in it’s entirety, with the proof that your Attorney General is a liar and he is commtting fraud and treason. And you may learn why the owner of this site kept that knowledge from you. Of course you can be just like Nancy Willing and ne totally “Un- willing” to look at the facts.
    By the way, for the truly ignorant among you, Pravda is a Russian publication, the largest online news service in Russia and is considered “major media” and very respected in Europe and other parts of the World. Russia’s 1991 Constitution grants A Free Press, just like we are supposed to have here, but don’t. The only place in the World that you will see hegative comments about Pravda is in the USA, by people who have no idea that Russia stopped being USSR in 1991 and created a Constitution that is almost identical to ours, which unlike here, is respected and enforced by their elected representatives.
    When you read my article, pay attention to the quotes from Luke and consider how that compares to what you have been shown about me.

  43. MJ says:

    DO NOT FEED THE TROLL!!!!! He’ll get what’s coming to him.

  44. PainesMe says:

    Tinfoil caps! Get ya tinfoil caps – shiny, reflective, two for ten dollars!

  45. MJ says:

    McGrew, we do not allow sock puppets. Your last post was marked as spam. If you want to post something, do it under your name as you did before. Otherwise, you will be gone from this site. If you don’t understand that, I will translate it into Russian for you.

  46. PainesMe says:

    @A Concerned Citizen/McGrew:

    The Pravda you linked to is actually Russia’s most popular tabloid. The respectable journal’s website is

    Swing and a miss. Womp womp.

  47. Oh Holy whatever Godz any of you may ascribe to this is simply amazing stuff to read. This Sheriff is was past being a nut job and may well have an even bigger ego than my idiot brother.