The Polling Report [6.24.12]

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Here are all the polls that have been released since our last polling report last Wednesday. As you can see, not much has changed. A close race nationally, save for that Bloomberg-Selzer poll that had the President winning in a landslide. Pew has Obama at 50, with a 4 point lead. Rasmussen, of course, has the mirror image, with Romney leading by 5 at 48%. The rest of the nationals are all 1 point leads or 2 point leads or outright ties.

In the states, Wisconsin flips back to Lean Obama, and Michigan flips back to being a toss up. Iowa and Florida remain toss ups, and Washington stays Strong Obama, Nebraska stays strong Romney, and Montana still leans Romney.


NATIONAL–PRESIDENT (Gallup Tracking): Romney 46, Obama 45
NATIONAL–PRESIDENT (Rasmussen Tracking): Romney 48, Obama 43
NATIONAL–PRESIDENT (Associated Press/GfK): Obama 47, Romney 44
NATIONAL–PRESIDENT (Pew Research): Obama 50, Romney 46
NATIONAL–PRESIDENT (YouGov): Obama 44, Romney 44
IOWA–PRESIDENT (We Ask America—R): Obama 45, Romney 44
MICHIGAN–PRESIDENT (Mitchell Research): Obama 47, Romney 46
MICHIGAN–PRESIDENT (We Ask America—R): Romney 45, Obama 43
MONTANA–PRESIDENT (Rasmussen): Romney 51, Obama 42
NEBRASKA–PRESIDENT (Garin-Hart-Yang for Project New America): Romney 52, Obama 40
WISCONSIN–PRESIDENT (Marquette Law School): Obama 49, Romney 43
FLORIDA–PRESIDENT (Quinnipiac): Obama 46, Romney 42
NEW HAMPSHIRE–PRESIDENT (Rasmussen): Obama 48, Romney 43
FLORIDA–SENATOR (Quinnipiac): Sen. Bill Nelson (D) 43, Connie Mack IV (R) 39
WASHINGTON–GOVERNOR (GS Strategy): Jay Inslee (D) 38, Rob McKenna (R) 38

A new Bloomberg poll finds a plurality of Americans, 43%, say they want to retain President Obama’s health care law with only small modifications, while 15% say the measure should be left alone and 33% say it should be repealed.

The Supreme Court is expected to rule in the next week “on the constitutionality of the law, the centerpiece of which is the mandate that most Americans buy insurance or pay a fine.”

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