BREAKING: Sandusky Jury Reaches Verdict

Filed in National by on June 22, 2012

Accused of 48 counts. I think he’s gonna be found guilty of the vast majority of them. Especially since his own defense attorney said he’d be ‘shocked’ and would ‘probably die of a heart attack’ if Sandusky wasn’t convicted on a preponderance of the charges.

I’ll let you know as soon as the verdicts are announced.

UPDATE: Sandusky convicted of 45 out of 48 counts. Will serve a minimum of 60 years in jail.

It’s now time to go after all the Penn State officials and the local police who KNEW about Sandusky’s proclivities, and hold them responsible. Their enabling, which, of course, was designed to protect Saint Joe Paterno and their cash cow football program, must not be allowed to go unchallenged.  By allowing Sandusky to continue with his sick predatory behavior, they have all proven themselves to be every bit as sick as Sandusky himself.


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  1. Aoine says:

    Fucker guilty on 45 charges- i hope he rots

    And all those bastards that knew and did nothing- they should rot with him – they should go to jail too.

  2. MJ says:

    There’s a special place in Hell for scum like this and he’s on his way there. My hearts pray that his victims can now start to heal.

  3. Another Mike says:

    It is clear that the higher-ups at Penn State knew what was going on. The university will face tens of millions in civil suits.

  4. kavips says:

    Perhaps he and the Monseigneur will share a jail cell…

  5. Liberal Elite says:

    Why is this dominating the news??

    There are so many more important cases that are not in the news.

  6. Jason330 says:

    As far as Penn State is concerned, this is a classic example of groupthink. When the norms of behavior emphasize best outcomes fr the institution over reasonable and just outcomes for society and individuals give awayawy thier ability to make ethical choices to the group, this is what happens.

    Clearly there are parallels between Penn State and modern Republicanism. The question is, will. Odern Republicanism ever be confronted with a Sandusky type moment that brings the depths of the groupthink into sharp focus. Right now I doubt it.

  7. If there isn’t room on the news for the systemic covering-up and enabling of serial child abuse, not sure what there’s room for. Although I’m sure the Catholic Church agrees with you.

    BTW, I hear that Jon has told Kate that he’s very, very, sorry. Perhaps that’s what you meant, but that’s already in the paper.

    BTWBTW, I rarely link directly to Kos, but this guy wrote exactly what I was thinking:

  8. heragain says:

    This is important because it’s important. Rock Hudson didn’t have the “worst” AIDS ever, and unfortunately not the first, but the public knowledge of his illness went a HUGE way towards de-stigmatizing it.

    Likewise, the bravery of Sandusky’s victims in putting him away may help other victims speak up against their molesters, no matter how powerful. That’s important.

  9. Liberal Elite says:

    @ES “If there isn’t room on the news for the systemic covering-up and enabling of serial child abuse, not sure what there’s room for.”

    Sure… But that’s the underlying story that really isn’t being reported. What we get instead is more like the coverage of the OJ trial.

    If any good comes of this, maybe the next guy will think twice before acting (or ignoring).

    But I find the coverage of this whole thing very annoying.

  10. I see your point, but I think it’s been reported pretty well. Surprisingly well, considering that there is no previous precedent on this type of thing happening in conjunction with a major university athletic program and as iconic a figure as Paterno. There has been a lot of context and coverage of Penn State’s institutional cover-up and failures, the local police looking the other way, the way that Penn State sorta runs the town, the responsibilities of Paterno, Spanier and others.

    I think the press also did a real good job of trying to protect the privacy of the victims.

    The BIG question is, will that coverage cease now that the marquee event has run its course? I don’t think so, but my track record on these kinds of predictions is spotty, at best.

  11. Truth Teller says:

    Now that the Philadelphia case against the Monseigneur is over it is now time for Attorney General Biden to bring charges against the Bishop and Messeigneurs Lemon and Cine for their part in the child molestation cover up here in Delaware.There is more than enough evidence from the civil case to proscutute them all.

  12. Roland D. LeBay says:

    @Truth Teller–

    Are you a francophone? I ask only because the English-speaking world uses the word “Monsignor”.