Disrepecful republican reporter is sadly typical of modern republicans

Filed in National by on June 15, 2012

This reporter, Daily Caller’s Neil Munro, is a first class a-hole. I don’t care how much you dislike President Obama, he is still the President. Have some respect for the office you douche-bag.

The Daily Caller has since put out a statement that they are “proud” of their reporter.

Everything is okay as long as you are a Republican.

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Jason330 is a deep cover double agent working for the GOP. Don't tell anybody.

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  1. Delaware Dem says:

    The Daily Caller’s hard pass has to be pulled then, if they are proud of this incident. Let their access to these events be dependent solely on the good humor of the press secretary.

  2. jason330 says:

    I would love if this idiot ruined the game for the whole the partisan right-wing press.

  3. jason330 says:

    Fox News: “President Rudely Interrupts Reporter’s Question With Rose Garden Statement”

  4. Will M says:

    Dick move to interrupt the statement, but more back and forth would be following along with that “transparency” the president promised before he was elected, and before he laughed at the question from his first internet town hall about legalizing marijuana and sicked the DEA on everyone.

  5. Mongo says:

    If I ever did something like that when I was a reporter, I would have reassigned to a lesser beat — that is, if the editor didn’t fire me altogether. But this isn’t a real newspaper, so this nutjob, fraatboy conservative will get speaking gigs, and tappearances on Fox News. At the very least, the White House should revoke his press pass.

  6. Zafo Jones says:

    Interesting. If this were 2007 and a reporter stood up and just started shouting , “NO WAR. NO WAR. NO WAR…” I’m not sure that I wouldn’t have been celebrating her for her courage. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech, even it is to protect the voices we don’t agree with. If this guy REALLY believes what he preaches to and feels it is an issue that is crucial to our immediate future, then kudos to him for saying ‘screw decorum’ and opening his mouth.

    That said, he’s a redneck moron. F that guy. But, yeah. Go you.

  7. socialistic ben says:

    haha well said, Zafo, Well Said. Dont take any guff from those swine!

  8. Baba Louie says:

    “Freedom of speech is freedom of speech, even it is to protect the voices we don’t agree with.”

    Everyone shouting at the same time is not “freedom of speech”. It is just noise.

  9. X Stryker says:

    That kind of disrespect is best saved for congress.

  10. MJ says:

    The Daily Caller isn’t a news organization, it’s teabag/Koch Brothers bullshit. They should never have received press credentials.

  11. socialistic ben says:

    does The Nation have white house press clearance?

  12. Truth Teller says:

    I found it interesting that both Wallace and Shep Smith of Fox Noise found this jerks actions over the line and disrespectful toward the President.Could this be a glimmering light at the end of the tunnel? Just Asking.

  13. The Straight Scoop says:

    The way to counter stuff like this is toask the reporter why he hates America so much as to disrepect the office of the president, then declare that people who do stuff like that are anti-American. Then when the right claims we’re using hyberole, issue a semi-apology in which we say we apologize if anyone was offended but repeat the claim as “exhibiting anti-American behavior.”

    Hey, the far right does it all the time when they call liberals “socialists,” so why not?

  14. Jason330 says:

    At this piont simply asking for Republicans to behave like human beings wouldn’t be very fruitful.

  15. socialistic ben says:

    Dana, that’s totally different. Iraqi reporters dont have to respect the American President