I think Will McVay is behind this….

Filed in Delaware by on June 9, 2012

… even though he denies it in the News Journal story. What is the “this” that I am talking about? Go visit www.ellisparrott.com. Go now. I’ll wait.

In the 32nd RD, which is the district that Brad Bennett currently represents, though he is not running for reelection to his tendency to drink and drive, we have a Republican primary featuring Ellis Parrot, a 65-year-old retired justice of the peace, and Will McVay, a 27-year-old computer programmer and software engineer, as well as a frequent commenter here at DL. It would seem that Mr. Parrot did not secure his domain name in time. But someone did, and set up the fake site with the Rick Roll video that got old at 3rd Netroots Nation convention in 2008.

So ask yourselves this: who is the likeliest culprit?

Not that there is anything illegal or untoward about this.

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  1. Steve Newton says:

    Well, if he is behind it (and I honestly don’t know), kudos for him getting himself into the WNJ.

  2. socialistic ben says:


  3. Will M says:

    Must be a slow news day.

  4. Jason330 says:

    I’m never gonna give up being amused by Rick rolling.

  5. Angel says:

    This made me giggle. I think if Will had done it, he would have made the video an ode to hating the two party system, and then bragged about it. Either way, hat tip