Friday Open Thread [6.8.12]

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Bacon Friday! Here is your open thread

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  1. Idealist says:

    Nate Silver’s election forecasts are up. Obama is at 61.6% chance to win reelection.

  2. John Young says:

    mmmm. Bacon.

    Warning, if you even watch this video, your heart may fail.

  3. cassandra_m says:

    If you were planning on placing a bet on I’ll Have Another to win the Belmont tomorrow, you are out of luck.

  4. SussexWatcher says:

    Michael S. Tedesco has filed to run for the 32nd House seat (Brad Bennett) as a Democrat. Tedesco ran as an unaffiliated candidate for the 34th House seat (Don Blakey) in 2010, and got 5.7 percent.

    When did he file? Because of Elaine Manlove’s inability to manage her staff, we don’t know. The Kent County site says he filed on the 6th (, while the state site says May 21 (

    A shoutout to the Elections Department … get your shit together before you embarrass yourselves even more.

  5. Jason330 says:

    I don’t like Nate’s 538 analysis for the simple reason that Democrats do better when they take a 50 state strategy. This seems to argue for a narrow electoral college strategy that will have Obama, like Gore, trying to pander to Ohio and Florida.

    The model suggests that the campaigns might do best to concentrate their resources. As much as campaign operatives love to talk about how they are expanding the map, contemplating unusual parlays of states in which they reach 270 electoral votes, the election is very likely to come down to a mere handful of states. In many ways, the relative ordering of the states is more predictable than how the election as a whole will play out.

  6. Idealist says:

    Mitch Crane was just endorsed by the New Castle County Democratic Party!