Austerity is Dead, Long Live Austerity

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With the failings of austerity as a large hammer to fix the world economy become oh-so-evident, still pundits and policy makers keep on pushing it through.The NY Times reports that even though austerity “has failed in Greece, Ireland and Portugal . . . it is being severely tested in Spain.” Paul Krugman writes:

Critics warned from the beginning that austerity in the face of depression would only make that depression worse. But the “austerians” insisted that the reverse would happen. Why? Confidence! “Confidence-inspiring policies will foster and not hamper economic recovery,” declared Jean-Claude Trichet, the former president of the European Central Bank — a claim echoed by Republicans in Congress here. Or as I put it way back when, the idea was that the confidence fairy would come in and reward policy makers for their fiscal virtue.

The good news is that many influential people are finally admitting that the confidence fairy was a myth. The bad news is that despite this admission there seems to be little prospect of a near-term course change either in Europe or here in America, where we never fully embraced the doctrine, but have, nonetheless, had de facto austerity in the form of huge spending and employment cuts at the state and local level.


So we’re now living in a world of zombie economic policies — policies that should have been killed by the evidence that all of their premises are wrong, but which keep shambling along nonetheless. And it’s anyone’s guess when this reign of error will end.

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  1. cassandra m says:

    Austerity measures are pretty much the flipside of supply-side economics. Voodoo economics that are largely focused on wreaking havoc on middle and working class people.

    Krugman was on NPR yesterday talking about his new book, called End This Depression Now!