Delaware Political Weekly: April 21-27, 2012

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1. Tom Gordon ‘Contemplating’ Run For County Executive

Were voters forced to choose only between disgraced former County Exec Gordon and disgraceful current County Exec Paul Clark, they’d be contemplating whether death by hanging is preferable to death by lethal injection. Just what the County needs, two ethically-challenged individuals who view NCC as their own fiefdom. Instead of debates, maybe we should have a series of pissing contests or graffiti challenges. Who can despoil the landscape the most? Unsolicited advice to Bill Shahan: Contrast the specter of two candidates in it only for themselves and their enablers with a campaign aimed directly at the voters of the county. You’re welcome. Pay me whatever you can afford, I’d be happy to collect in person…with armored truck in tow.

2. Rakestraw Retires, Celia in Mourning.

I feel Celia’s pain. It can’t be easy losing your sole surviving source after 36 years. But there are two big stories arising from Rakestraw’s ‘retirement’ as Rethuglican National Committeewoman, and Celia’s reaction is not one of them. (1) Rakestraw’s presumed successor, Ellen Barrosse, is a social conservative activist whose lone interests appear to be making abortion illegal and opposing stem cell research, the latter of which should amuse Mike Castle to no end. She is the founder of A Rose and A Prayer, known in Legislative Hall as A Rose and A Thorn, an organization which brings a bunch of Smiling Stepfords down to Dover bearing flowers whenever legislation of interest/concern to them is being considered. Says all you need to know about the place of women in the Delaware Republican Party. However, if it already didn’t…well, let me quote from Celia:

A four-man alliance, acting very much as though it wants to be a new generation of leadership for the state Republicans, decided to back Ellen Barrosse, a businesswoman probably best known politically as the founder of the pro-life A Rose and A Prayer.

The aspiring foursome is Charlie Copeland, once the state Senate’s minority leader who is a du Pont family member, Greg Lavelle, the state House’s minority leader, Colin Bonini, a state senator who ran for treasurer, and Michael Fleming, a past chair of the New Castle County Republicans.

That’s right, (2) it’s the menfolk dictating to the wimmenfolk. Make no mistake, Celia is channelling Rakestraw here. And possibly, just possibly, Moneybags Michele Rollins, who will not have the tiara placed on her head this time. Look on the bright side. Perhaps it will free up some of that Rollins fortune to help care for her destitute grandkids.

Like Monsignor Lavelle’s beloved Catholic Church, whose leader, Pope Ratzinger, is now going after those Uppity Nuns, the Rethuglican Party appears well on its way to planned obsolescence. Don’t let me stop you.

3. Romney Wins Delaware

So, it ends with a whimper, not a bang. With Newt Gingrich’s Secret Service detail stuck in a state where the dancers have to wear pasties. Is Captain Hancock still around? (For the uninitiated, and I’m not making this up, Captain Hancock was a one-man crusader against strip clubs, massage parlors and dirty book stores during the libertine 1980’s). His career path  was inevitable. Just as it was inevitable that there indeed would be a proctologist in Delaware named Butt. And just as inevitable that the Newt/Calistra book tour would end in a state where the dancers must wear pasties.

4. Joan Deaver Files

The rare sane voice in Sussex County, Joan Deaver has filed for reelection to the 3rd Sussex Councilmanic District. She is running against Don Ayotte who, uh, is not a rare sane voice. Fortunately, Ayotte has run afoul of what passes for sane R’s  in Sussex, which is pretty tough to do, leaving him with only the true Tea Partiers. Which may be enough to give Deaver a strong challenge. If you value sanity in your public officials,  you just might want to contribute to Deaver’s campaign.

5. Sometimes A Good Cigar Is Just A Smoke. And Sometimes…

a candidacy is just a candidacy. Growing organically out of someone’s desire to serve the public, or to at least make money off the public. However, that’s almost never the case in the City of Wilmington when there is a mayoral primary. Case in point: Former State Representative Rourke Moore filed as a candidate for the 1st Representative District this week. Those paying close attention know that this seat is currently held by Dennis P. Williams, who is running for Mayor. Charles Potter, a Williams ally, has also filed for this seat. Moore previously and briefly represented the 2nd Rep District, as he temporarily interrupted the Plant family dynasty there, somewhere around 1984, if memory serves. Moore is, or was at the time, right off the assembly line at Carper Cryogenics. Very ‘manageable’, far more manageable than Potter. Did I mention that Carper lives in the 1st RD? It gets better. Moore currently works as a temp for, wait for it, Karen Weldin Stewart’s Insurance Department. So, his entry would (a) help coalesce opposition to Potter, who is viewed by many to be a loose cannon; (b) draw out voters in the 1st who oppose Williams, and who will vote for one of his opponents; and (c) perhaps help Karen Weldin Stewart. Sometimes a good cigar is a smoke. Sometimes, it just blows up in your face. Or somebody’s face.

6. Rev. Bullock In Primary for County Council President

He’s dipped his toe in the water previously, both as a D and as an R, but I think this is the first time he’s jumped in. Reverend Christopher Bullock has filed to run for County Council President. Bill Dunn and Renee Taschner have already filed. There’s no denying that he has the cadences of a preacher down cold. Not a bad skill to have when running for office. An interesting candidacy, for sure. Whether it will reach beyond the black community is key, b/c the black community, with its notoriously-low turnout, will not get him elected.

7. Democratic Legislative Primaries Keep Poppin’ Up

David B. Brown, Jr. of Kenton has filed for the newly-created 11th R. D. seat in Kent County, and will face fellow Democrat Lynne Newlin of Clayton in the September primary. Reliable sources inform me that Brown is the son of David B. Brown, Sr. And, uh, that’s all I know so far.

Lynn Rogers has filed to run in the other newly-relocated House district, the 20th RD. He will face M. Marie Mayor in the September Democratic primary. Rogers is the owner of Rogers Sign Company and is a past Chief of the Milton Fire Company. In the ’70’s, he had a beard, which I consider a good thing.

Last and least, perennial delusional candidate Micheal Miller is back, this time running for the (do you detect a pattern here?) newly-relocated 6th Senatorial District seat in eastern Sussex County. For those of you who have forgotten his most recent foray into electoral politics:

A graduate of Cape Henlopen High School, Miller ran unsuccessfully for a seat on Cape Henlopen School Board in 2009.

In June 2009 – one month after the school board election – Miller was involved in an argument at Shields Elementary School. He was ultimately banned from school property and prohibited from making contact with school personnel.

‘Nuff said.

8. Rhodunda To Try Again in the 10th.

Hey, I thought that he’d beat Dennis E. Williams back in 2010. However, when the best that can be said of you is that your personality is funereal and your campaign style is indifferent, it’s hard to rise to the occasion. Robert Rhodunda didn’t, but has filed for a second shot, perhaps at two-time incumbent Williams,  or perhaps at another D, Williams’ former campaign manager Sean Matthews. Back in January, Matthews announced he would primary Williams, but has yet to follow through and file. Wouldn’t be the first time that has happened.

That’s it for this week. What’d I miss, and whaddayathink?


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  1. heragain says:

    El Som, wasn’t Miller the guy who was active in his church and the D candidate for Senate against Castle, a term or two before Carper tried ? I’m trying to remember our list… we had an Oberley, that the Clintons stumped for, but didn’t we have a Miller, too?

    Our leadership bench has been pretty darned shallow, time to time. If people are going to primary, could we get them to sign on for SOME understanding of the platform? Maybe just an “I agree to the TOS.”

  2. Miller indeed ran twice against Castle. If you click on the link in the blurb, you’ll get his back story.

    I don’t think fealty to the Party Platform, especially if Delaware has a Party Platform, should be a prerequisite. If the platform reflects the Carperization and Corporatization of the Party, I’d much rather have someone running as a D AGAINST that platform.

    The voters can decide.

  3. John Manifold says:

    Guns and fetuses.

  4. heragain says:

    El Som, you know more about it than I do, but my sense has ben that the platform, as written by the platform committee, is usually more progressive than the elected officials. Seems like things like those committees are just offered to encourage the rabble, while the machine goes on by. but ymmv.

  5. jason330 says:

    “Perhaps it will free up some of that Rollins fortune to help care for her destitute grandkids.”

    You scamp. So Celia and Rakey think that Charlie Copeland was the kingmaker…? I wonder what Charlie’s planned parenthood founding grandpa would have to say to Charlie about his choice?

  6. Well, the rumor’s out there that Charles ‘Bouvier de Flandres’ Copeland is mounting a challenge to Laird Stabler for Rethug Committeeman. How soon until he and Monsignor Lavelle order R women to throw away their birth control?

  7. jason330 says:

    The one thing you can say about Charles ‘Bouvier de Flandres’ Copeland in this is that he aligned himself with the “winning” side. Sure, winning here means being part of a rump wingnut party with no real power. But with that rotting ecosystem, he is somebody.

  8. LOOKOUT says:

    There was a couple of things in play with Tom Gordon. He was a Policeman and he went into politics. Politicians don’t like people to come into their profession and jump ahead of them so they put the United States attorney with false charges on Tom. Tom had to fight for his life and won. No policeman that turned politician is going to go bad all of a sudden like how it was being painted. Tom has a very good track record in office and there is nothing anyone can do to prove other wise. That’s how I see it and Tom Gordon is good in my book.

  9. mediawatch says:

    Tom Gordon was a police chief, and he ran the county like it was a police state. Not a democracy, a police state. If you like being an enforcer, I guess that’s good. But I like to think that most of us prefer democracy, and that’s not what Tom Gordon is all about.

  10. cassandra m says:

    The enforcer tag rings true — largely because of his reaction to Chris Coons during the last primary for NCCo Exec. Lots of anger there and maybe it was anger because his entitlements to the office got interrupted.

    Tom had to fight for his life and won.
    @LOOKOUT — this strikes me as dead wrong. He may have gotten off with a slap on his wrist with the Feds, but he returned with a really big stain on his reputation. Running for NCCo Exec against Coons and even floating a trial balloon now just seems like verification of his own delusions rather than any real effort at trying to repair his reputation. I’d bet that ‘winning’ for him is getting that job back.

  11. Linda says:

    I got beat up pretty badly on here yesterday for stating my opinion but I cannot resist this byline it is priceless and pretty much on point. Fact is you can’t blame the player only the game and on my gosh is this game corrupt! To stick someone in this position without enough experience would be a travesty IMO . . . we can’t keep what we got. To put a newbie in – – well we saw what happened to Kovach it was painful to read/watch and he was only a “minion” in the game. Is Tom the answer, IDK, but I am willing to give him my vote.

  12. Linda says:

    Also, I am not really sure but maybe someone on here can answer this question, can Tom only serve one term if he should win? If there were term limits across the board all of this mess could so easily be avoided!!! IMO again.

  13. anon40 says:

    Fact is you can’t blame the player only the game and on my gosh is this game corrupt!

    Sorry, Linda. That’s just a cop-out. (No pun intended.)

    Gordon & Freeberry were/are corrupt assholes who played fast & loose w/ the rules. They were only spared jail time thanks to an equally corrupt democratic judge.

  14. MJ says:

    Miller is the one who complained to me at the Giant in Rehoboth about how Carney stole the congressional seat that was actually owed to him by the party. And his kid was expelled from Cape schools, although he claimed during the school board race that he attended the high school.