Tuesday Open Thread [4.24.12]

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First Read: “Even though the general election campaign is now underway, […] there are five primaries today in Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. As a result, this is the first primary day where Romney doesn’t face any real competition. So when we watch the returns, we’ll get a good idea of the true anti-Romney vote tonight. Does he get at least 50% in all of these contests? What about 60%? 70%?”

NEW HAMPSHIRE–PRESIDENT (WMUR/University of New Hampshire): Obama 51, Romney 42.
NATIONAL–PRESIDENT (Gallup Tracking): Obama 47, Romney 44
NATIONAL–PRESIDENT (Rasmussen Tracking): Romney 47, Obama 44
ARIZONA–PRESIDENT (Merrill/Morrison Institute): Romney 44, Obama 42

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  1. mediawatch says:

    It doesn’t matter of course, but Mitt will easily win NY, PA, CT and RI and Newtie will claim that his win in DE makes him the only Republican who can beat Obama.

  2. Liberal Elite says:

    I think turnout would be a better indicator of how well Mitt is liked. What’s the level of enthusiasm?

    Does his party even bother to make it to the polls? If not, it’s a really bad sign.

  3. ek says:

    We got 3 robocalls for the primary; Mitt Romney, Ann Romney, and Barbara Bush. It was the trifecta of wrong numbers. There are no registered Rs in the house.