Sex Robots

Filed in International by on April 20, 2012

You can read about it at Huffington Post, of course. Really not safe for work, but a good way to increase our hits from Google.


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  1. Jason330 says:

    I’ll have to hold of on a sex robot trip until I find out from the college of bishops if robot sex is kosher or until they perfect a robot Heather Graham.

  2. puck says:

    Attributed to Henny Youngman:

    Her: “For $50, I’ll do anything you want.”

    Him: “OK – paint my house.”

  3. Jason330 says:

    Sounds more like Dangerfield.

  4. puck says:

    I already have enough things to research.

  5. Joanne Christian says:

    Didn’t Stepford Wives already cover this?

  6. nemski says:

    Disappointed that no one has found Delaware Liberal googling sex robots, but vagina manger, man, people are digging that.