Poll: Americans Believe That Global Warming Is Linked to Extreme Weather

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Yesterday, everyone was a buzz about the poll that showed Romney and Obama visually neck and neck. But this wasn’t the poll we should have been focused on, this is: Americans believe that global warming is linked to our extreme weather (pdf).

In March 2012 we conducted a nationally representative survey and found that a large majority of Americans say they personally experienced an extreme weather event or natural disaster in the past year. A majority of Americans also say the weather in the United States is getting worse and many report that extreme weather in their own local area has become more frequent and damaging. Further, large majorities believe that global warming made a number of recent extreme weather events worse.

You can read a good article of the study over at the NY Times.


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  1. fightingbluehen says:

    I’m not surprised at all about the outcome of the study. Many past civilizations have a history of blaming the weather on it’s own population. I guess it’s just human nature.
    When should we start sacrificing the virgins?…. lol

  2. Dave says:

    The earth is much like an living organism. Human beings are one of the creatures on the earth who leaves large foot prints. While the impact of those foot prints on the earth may not be precisely quantifiable, there can be no doubt there is an affect. But so do a great many other things have an affect, including volcanic eruptions other natural events.

    The earth is warming and weather change is a consequence of that warming. Can we stop the warming? If we can should we? If can, can we afford it? If we don’t mitigate it, what are the consequences.

    When the debate centers around a single causality, consequence and outcomes kinda gets lost in the debate about whose fault it is instead of what to do about it. Somethings are worth parsing down to the nats a__. Others things you just say yep and move on to solution analysis.

  3. Liberal Elite says:

    The BBC seems to prefer “Global Weirding”


    This is an interesting piece.