Sunday Open Thread [4/15/12]

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So what’s on your mind today? Tax Day this year is April 17, but in honor of everyone who is trying to get their taxes in order today, we have this video showing you how to get a tax rate like Mitt Romney’s. This video is about 1 minute long and put down all drinks first. It’s hilarious!



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  1. nemski says:

    Ha! We thought of filing for an extension just to be like Mitt.

  2. Jason330 says:

    Let’s go Flyers!!!

  3. Jason330 says:

    I don’t know how far the flyers will go, but these past three games against the Penguins have been awesome.

  4. Christopher47 says:

    Ann Romney’s choice s NOT typlical of today’s stay at home moms. Women today don’t have the choice that Ms. Romney did. Women can’t find a job, so they stay home with the children. That’s not a choice. Or women must work to put food on the table. That’s not a choice either. Moms today don’t have the luxury choice that Ms. Romney does.

  5. pandora says:

    My son turned 18 today. I’m feeling really old.

  6. Dana Garrett says:

    If someone pointed out to Mitt Romney that as a potential president he sets an example for others and since he has filed for an extension to submit his tax return he was effectively encouraging most Americans to do the same, I wonder what he would say. “Is that a responsible example, Mr. Rommey?”

    Oh, I know what he would say. He’d say that was a question about a private matter just like he does when asked about his religion. Then later he would probably complain, like his campaign has done before, that the Obamas should release their tax returns before the year 2000 and probably accuse Obama again of supporting the evil religion of secularism.

  7. MJ says:

    Note to the Fatman: just because you drive a Jeep Patriot, doesn’t mean you are one.

  8. mediawatch says:

    Hey, Pandora, my oldest son turns 41 in one month. Hope that makes you feel young.

  9. pandora says:

    LOL! Thanks, mediawatch! Guess, it’s all relative!