The third biggest wanker of the decade and Me.

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Artios is ranking the biggest wankers of the decade. His pick for number 3, Joe Klein, and I actually had a run in of sorts. *cue memory sequence crossfade*

It was back before Obama wrapped up the nomination….

We found the corner of Rodney Square where that were checking in journalists and “VIPs” so we kind of just joined the line and decided to wing it.

Joe Klein of TIME magazine was standing next to us in line fuming about how we (in line) were clearly not journalists. “This is the journalists line?” he intoned, “You are all journalists?” I loudly responded, “Yes. Yes we are journalists.” More for the guy with the clipboard who I was trying to get past than for Joe Klein. Then I took out my camera to look more like a journalists and I was kicking myself for not having a steno pad.

I said to my wife, “I have to take a picture of JOE KLEIN standing around with us proletariat.

He turned about a quarter turn away from me because he heard me mocking him and I just scooted back out in front of him and snapped the picture.

Klein got to the guy with the clipboard first and the guy with the clipboard asked, “You are with the press?” Klein said “Yes.”

“I need to see your press credentials.”

“I don’t have any.” the Iraq war booster said. “I’m Joe Klein from TIME MAGAZINE!” and someone from inside waved him in. Which was cool for me (having no press credentials either).

Then it was my turn. “You are with the press?” the clipboard guy asked.

“Yes. (Geeks Name) from DelawareLiberal RSVP’d for us. Is that the RSVP list?” (notice how I didn’t lie?)

“You need press credentials.”

“We are on the RSVP list…is that it?”

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