It’s Getting Mighty Deep in Sussex

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Seems as though Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher repeats his lies about his ongoing battle to become the county’s super cop so much that he’s beginning to believe them as truth.

In the latest edition of the American Free Press, Jeffy-pooh claims that Attorney General Beau Biden has stripped him of his powers of arrest.

“Now my deputies and I have been relieved of all arrest powers and can’t even make a traffic stop,” he said.

Jeff, you never had them in the first place.

Sheriff Jeff Christopher of Sussex County, Delaware, when he was elected to the office in 2010, thought he was handpicked by the people to represent them as the highest-ranking law officer in the county. Instead, he has found himself in the middle of a fight for the future of American law enforcement as a result of a nationwide effort to abolish the sheriff’s office altogether.

No you didn’t Jeff. If you did, then you are not only lying to the people of Sussex County, but you’re lying to yourself. Funny how you didn’t mention being the “highest-ranking law officer in the county” on any of your campaign material.

During an interview at the Las Vegas Sheriffs Conference in January, Christopher told AFP that the impotence of his office was brought home to him when he was hit in the eye and kicked by County Councilman Vance Phillips but was unable to arrest him.

Um, this was not a sheriffs conference. This was a group of over-zealous boys with guns who more than likely used taxpayer money to attend a meeting organized by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. This is not a recognized group of law enforcement officials by anyone other than Sheriff Mack (the founder of CSPOA) and the attendees. And Jeff, you lied about what happened during that “altercation” with Vance Phillips. Hell, even the two witnesses wouldn’t back up your claims about being kicked and stomped on.

So what about this news story. The AFP is the bastard child of the The Spotlight, and was founded by Willis Carto, who was the founder of the Liberty Lobby. Let’s see what this group was all about, shall we?

Liberty Lobby was the subject of much criticism from all quarters of the political spectrum from the first day of its founding. Liberty Lobby described itself as a conservative political organization, but its founder, Willis Carto, was known to hold strongly antisemitic views, and to be a devotee of the writings of Francis Parker Yockey, who was one of a handful of esoteric post-World War II writers who revered Adolf Hitler. Yockey, writing under the pseudonym of Ulick Varange, wrote a book entitled Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics, which Willis Carto adopted as his own guiding ideology.

Many critics, including disgruntled former Carto associates as well as the Anti-Defamation League (a group that fights antisemitism and Holocaust denial), have noted that Willis Carto, more than anybody else, was responsible for keeping organized antisemitism alive as a viable political movement during the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, when it was otherwise completely discredited.

Evidence for the antisemitic stance of Liberty Lobby began to mount when numerous letters by Carto excoriating the Jews (and blaming them for world miseries) began to surface. “How could the West [have] been so blind. It was the Jews and their lies that blinded the West as to what Germany was doing. Hitler’s defeat was the defeat of Europe and America.” Carto’s letters eventually became the subject of a federal civil lawsuit (LIBERTY LOBBY, INC., et al., Appellants, v. Drew PEARSON et al., Appellees. No. 20690. United States Court of Appeals District of Columbia Circuit provides an accurate account of the case – Liberty Lobby ultimately lost in the United States Supreme Court with a denial of certiorari.

Other cited evidence of the group’s antisemitic views includes the charge that the group’s file cabinets contained extensive pro-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan literature. In 1969, True magazine ran a story by Joe Trento entitled “How Nazi Nut Power Has Invaded Capitol Hill”.

But wait, there’s more!

Starting in October 1966 two American journalists, Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson, published a series of stories under “The Washington Merry-go-round” that recounted the findings of a former employee, Jeremy Horne.[4] Horne said he had discovered a box of correspondence between Carto and numerous government officials establishing the Joint Council of Repatriation (JCR), a forerunner organization to the Liberty Lobby. The JCR stated that their fundamental purpose was to “repatriate” blacks “back to Africa”. Ex-Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Tom Brady and various members of the White Citizens’ Councils who had worked to established the JCR, also contributed to the founding of Liberty Lobby. Other correspondence referred to U.S. Congressional support for the emerging Liberty Lobby, such as from South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond (Dixiecrat presidential candidate in 1948) and California U.S. Representative James B. Utt.

So not only does Jeff Christopher associate with people who view the Federal government as terrorists, he gives interviews to on-line “newspapers” that have a history of both anti-Semitism and wanting to send all of the country’s Blacks back to Africa.

Really nice, Jeff. Looks like you got some ‘splainin’ to do.

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  1. Aoine says:

    and Sheriff Mack hosts the CCIR on his page – they are listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Here is what Mack says about CCIR:

    “CCIR – California Coalition for Immigration Reform – These good folks recently did an eblast of the CSPOA message to all of their subscribers. They also went the extra mile to sponsor a recent fund-raiser which was supported by the good patriots there. We urge you to join this dedicated patriot organization. You can find their web site here:

    here is what they really are:

    lay down with dogs………….

  2. Anon says:

    So MJ does this mean you aren’t going to be fan of this page on Facebook?

  3. Another Mike says:

    So, since this guy was elected, there’s no way to just get rid of him? He is constantly putting the county in a bad light.

  4. Aoine says:

    Seems to me there is a theme here with the sheriff and his “friends” – anti-semetism, anti-gay, anti-black, anti-immigrant, anti-hispanic, anti anybody that is not a WASP…

    hmmmmmm – lay down with dogs, get up with fleas….

    looks like my Mom was right

  5. Aoine says:

    OMG – want a good laugh – click on that facbook page then follow the links – amd I am SURE that the sheriff had NOTHING to do with that page – they have former felons as friends, like Doug Cambell (sp) etc – what fun now…

    ROTFLMAO – all those folks that post that Delaware is backwards – ok – leave then – no one is making you stay – and take your trailer with ya

    they have no concept that sheriff’s in DE are NOT police officers – they assume that they are – this only proves the point that the teajadists are low-intelligence/no-intelligence voters – and just think – under Hitler they would have been eradicated.

  6. Anon says:

    Yeah that one is more like it.

    Did anyone else google the nut bag that sent Joan Deaver the email she posted on previous entry. Some of the comments she has out there on other stories are classic. This is the type of person going to bat for sheriff dipshit. Well her, Bodie, and the fat man.

  7. kavips says:

    The more he puts Sussex County in horrible light over his shenanigans, the more we can all point to him as being a representative of the Republican Party and its splinter group: the Tea Party.

    Had Sussex County switched like the rest of Delaware over to the Democratic side, they wouldn’t now be paying the price….

    You elected a clown. Expect him to entertain you…

  8. MJ says:

    Carrie Tarranova (the person whose email Joan Deaver posted) makes as much sense as Barbi Christopher.

  9. Aoine says:

    you should see the emails from that other nutbag and “special” Sheriff’s Deputy Ed Funk

    ohhh he’s “special” alright

    he cannot find his way out of a wet paper bag

  10. MJ says:

    Is it my imagination or does Jeffy-pooh’s head look bigger?

  11. I sure would like to get clued on on the status of HB 290…anyone? Please?

  12. Jason330 says:

    Someone needs to find out where Colley keeps the balls of the Republican caucus members.

  13. MJ says:

    Jason, I would say something, but I’d probably have to apologize for it.

  14. anon says:

    Where was the post from Joan? So many damn threads on this place.

  15. Aoine says:

    That’s OK MJ I will say it:

    you mean the Republican Caucas members HAVE balls? or is that HAD?
    before the American Taliban rode in to town

    and now they are all too scared of a vocal minority to stand up and fight the bullies

    Maybe they should go see Bully – unless the bully is swatted down hard and often they will not be defeated and simply grow out of proportion – the mistake was coddeling this viper in their nest called the T-Party, now the troglodites have grown too loud and been empowered.

    find your balls boys and clean up your own mess

  16. MJ says:

    Actually, Aoine, I was going to suggest that their balls were in his mouth.

  17. MJ says:

    And now my rethuglican apology – I regret if anyone was offended by the previous comment.

  18. Aoine says:

    ROTFLMAO – Look what I found!! the same knucklehead that was grandstanding in council AND supports the sheriff thinks that the recyclying law is “enacting of polic powers by the STate of Delaware”

    AND is suing with a few of his nut-job friends in the Court of Chancery LOLOLOL

    but the Sheriff’s power grab is quite alright – thank you very much

    what a pack of idiots

    Listen Forrest – go back to Northern VA where you came from – there are still some fires to put out – werent you a member of your union?? or do I need to dig up more dirt on you you loon?

  19. Aoine says:

    and thi sis exactly what these clown think is “police powers” – recycling – REALLY??

    22. Plaintiffs believe SB 234 also represents impermissible expansion of the police powers of
    the State of Delaware. SB 234 states, on pages 3 & 4 of 15, “all persons providing solid
    waste collection services in the State of Delaware shall also provide:
    (1) Single stream curbside recycling collection services to all of their Delaware singlefamily
    residential customers, including delivery of a container for the purpose of
    storage and collection of recyclables that is adequately sized for the customers use
    such that recycling is encouraged and disposal of recyclables is discouraged; and
    the recyclables collection service shall be provided at a frequency of not less than
    once every other week.”

    I hope the State makes them pay for the cost (personally) to defend this frivilous lawsuit

  20. MJ says:

    That suit in Chancery looks like the Board of Directors of the Positive Growth Alliance. We all know that Christian Hudson is a whack-job.