Markell Gets Kudos

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Earlier this week, The Fix ran a post call The nation’s 10 most popular governors – and why. Sadly, Gov. Markell didn’t make the list though his approval ratings for the end of 2010 were very excellent. (I could not find end of 2011 numbers.) Then yesterday, The Fix ran a post about the governors they had missed in their previous post. Here’s what they wrote about Markell:

The incoming National Governors Association chairman is certainly a rising Democratic star, and his approval rating has consistently been in the high-50s and low-60s. Markell has also done difficult things, including raising taxes and negotiating budget-cutting concessions from public employee unions and has remained popular all the while. At the same time, his approval rating, at last check, isn’t higher than the other names on our list, and he comes from a strongly Democratic state.


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  1. Jason330 says:

    I saw that post. Jidahls (sp?) numbers surprised me.

  2. Doug Beatty says:

    Some state workers are none too happy with our Governor. The notion of him running basically unopposed is not a happy thought for some. I know several who wouldn’t even say FIX much less watch or read about FOX.

    Fox is indeed the choice of fly over country. I try to be open minded and remember that their ratings indicate some agreement in the populace. Name calling? I don’t have to do that to make a point but sometimes I can’t resist either so I understand.

    I was also present twice when the USS NIMITZ made headlines. What I read and what I saw where disparate events. In the Washington Post. All news is meant to sell advertising. Whatever information or meaning we derive is a bonus.