It’s About to Get A Bit Crazier in Sussex

Filed in Delaware by on April 12, 2012

County Council has been off this week, taking a breather from zoning ordinances, variance requests, and the usual county business.

But next week is going to get wild. Sheriff Woody, also known as Jeff Christopher, is bringing in former sheriff Richard Mack to lecture the county council on the duties of the sheriff. In his spare time, Mack is challenging Rep. Lamar Smith (TX) in the GOP primary next month.

Mack is a member of the Oath Keepers. You remember them, don’t you? They’re the ones who believe that the members of our armed forces don’t have to obey orders from President Obama because they don’t believe he’s the legitimate Commander in Chief.

Mother Jones did a fantastic article on this terrorist patriot wingnut group in March 2010.

Founded last April by Yale-educated lawyer and ex-Ron Paul aide Stewart Rhodes, the group has established itself as a hub in the sprawling anti-Obama movement that includes Tea Partiers, Birthers, and 912ers. Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, and Pat Buchanan have all sung its praises, and in December, a grassroots summit it helped organize drew such prominent guests as representatives Phil Gingrey and Paul Broun, both Georgia Republicans.

So now Sheriff Woody, St. Bodie Girl, and the other crazies that are now in control of the Sussex GOP are bringing so-called patriot in to tell County Council that they are violating the law and that they better watch out.

If you have some time next Tuesday, come on down to 2 The Circle to watch the circus. I’ll have the popcorn stand.

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  1. puck says:

    I wish I could be there to put a flower in the barrels of their guns.

    On second thought, no I don’t.

  2. Jason330 says:

    Since the county Sheriff is the highest and most powerful law keeping office in the country, with powers that make the FBI subservient, it makes sense that we have such sane, level headed county sheriffs like Christopher.

  3. Joe Cass says:

    Just give them guns. Lots and lots of guns; no ammo! but lots of guns.

  4. JOAN DEAVER says:

    Members of Sussex County Council received this message via the county email system. (I have omitted the sender’s phone number and email address.)
    “The Sheriff IS the Most Powerful Authority in the County
    Sender’s Fullname: Carrie Taranova
    Sender’s Email Address:____________________Sender’s Phone Number: ____________
    Sender’s Subject:The Sheriff IS the Most Powerful Authority in the County
    Sender’s Message: I don’t know what is going on up there, but your Sheriff is the most powerful authoity of the county and has the power over courts, judges, Atty General, governor, any Federal agencies or agents that have NO power in any state regardless of the lies they bully everyone with. He even has the utmost power in his county over the US President and can even arrest him if he tries to interefere in state affairs.It is the Sheriff’s DUTY to protect all his county FROM any Federal entities or any other upsurpers. The Sheriff belongs to the people, is pre-Constitution, and is only answerable to the People, not the state, DC or anyone else. It is the Polcie who are illegal, if you knew the true American law. That is why the Sheriff must be of uttmost character. Your Atty Gen needs to be Arrested for Treason, along with others who go up against the Sheriff. Your situation there has been making national internet headlines because it is Treason and you have userpers that need taking down. Hopefully y’all know the truth of the power of the Sheriff’s office. You need a visit from Sheriff Mack, called the “nation’s Sheriff”.He teaches states and counties about the power and DUTY of the Sheriff.”

  5. Dave says:

    If I can get out of my DC obligations at OPM and the FAA, I may show up for that. It should be a circus! I wonder what kind of hat Bodenweiser will bring this time?

  6. Aoine says:

    wonder how much of our tax dollars will be propping up the back wall in uniform this time around???

    instead of serving papers and actually DOING their jobs – they are in council, in uniform holding up the back wall

    yup – smaller, more efficient government at work under the American Taliban

    be afraid, be very afraid……..

  7. Jason330 says:

    Whatever the bill is for that, it is going to be peanuts compared to what SC residents are going to have to pay for liability insurance to cover these clowns.

  8. Dave says:

    Well, I for one will happy to see Mack playing puppy dog to Christopher as it will further cement that Christopher’s agenda is not self protection when serving papers. Rather it is to create a sovereign sheriff who rides into town to save us from tryanny. Maybe Bodenweiser will provide the white hat. Not sure who will contribute the white horse.

  9. Geezer says:

    From the link to this troglodyte’s web site:

    “Make sure that every sheriff in the country has received a copy of “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope”.

    We should look at this as an opportunity. There is no provision for recall in the Delaware Constitution. That should be remedied as soon as possible, and this is the case we should use to push for it.